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Earth Day Dallas 2018

Posted: May 10, 2018 in GREEN, Uncategorized
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Dallas holds one of the largest Earth Day festivals in the world!

A film festival begins the week before Earth Day and several week nights you will find dinner banquets being held for targeted interests to discuss the advances in certain industries.

As Earth Day weekend arrives, music stages and vendor booths are set up. These first few years of the festival have averaged between 1500-2000 vendors and 30-50 films and 10-20 music acts.

In the past I have arrived late and struggled to do everything I wanted because there is so much going on. This year I made sure I arrived by 10am and had a few things written down that were scheduled at specific times.

There was a thunderstorm predicted to pass through from noon to 4 so there were only a few hundred people when I arrived. Growing up in Nebraska, I have no fear of a moderate rain storm but wet weather will stop most Texans from driving. It was unfortunate for everyone involved because Saturday’s attendance would be way down. I would not be back on Sunday but I’m sure Sunday would be way over the average attendance if it cleared up.

I took advantage of the short lines and began at the Electric Vehicle (EV) car show. Porsche, BMW and Lexus EV’s were amazing.





Outdoor activities like yoga and a few of the music acts were delayed by the rain so I went to several presentations on Industrial Hemp.




After the panels ended, I spent an hour browsing the vendors. The new Virtual Reality display had a curved big screen with a control that you could use to look around you 180 degrees.





I ended the day by going to watch Louie Psihoyos’ newest film “The Game Changers”. It does a wonderful job of interviewing Vegan’s with superior human abilities and physique. He makes sure that there are plenty of scenes with scientific tests that present facts about the health problems with meat. It also reminds us about some of the problems caused around the world by big agricultural feedlots which are the result of the demand for meat products.



The finali of the night was a Foo Fighters concert next door but the $70 ticket was more then I wanted to pay to see their show so I headed home. The only thing different then past years worth mentioning is that there must have been an increase in the food truck fee because the entire food truck section in the midway was empty.

Favorite Links of 2018


*turn on our social media alerts to follow the action live. 360 videos and event highlights are starting around noon Saturday and continue until Sunday night.
Saturday morning 9am: 

Boarded the train for 100 mike journey into Dallas. I could feel the stress from home melting away. A train ride is much simpler and more enjoyable then flying and more scenic than a cruise boat. Each have their benefits but for a short journey, the train is the way to go.
11am – Arrived downtown and boarded city train to Fair Park.

11:45? – Arrived at Dallas Earth Day.

Saturday 4/21

The SI crew left Thursday night so I had to go to Seans when I got home Friday in order to catch a ride with him to Topanga.  First thing in the morning Sean arranged a moving project for a friend and then we were on our way to Topanga.  When we arrived the roadsides were full of cars for a mile in each direction so I had SP drop me off at the gate so I could get our entry passes taken care of.   After we got in, I browsed the vendors and enjoyed the entertainment before reporting to run the recycling crews.


As I got things going, there was a second coordinator who was not much of a collaborator trying to bark orders so I had to avoid him all day with my crew.  The festival was great. The Topanga canyon park is a beautiful area surrounded by lush green mountains with very few signs of established homes.

Seven of our SI friends were able to join Will and I. Our usuals, hippy hemp weaver Scott and Mr. David with his guitar and donation bucket where working the crowds. Then we had a elderly nomad named Dale working the sales booth. Dale played the Johnny Cash style folk music typical of someone with his long silver hair flowing out of his cowboy hat. Then there was Ria from England via San Fran that Will had worked with upon his first arrival to California in 2010. She would spend the weekend assisting me as well as Hempwick Mike and Venice nomad Mike.


The highlight of the first day was hanging with Ziggy Marley, grandson of Bob. His Reggae was great but I was not feeling his hip hop songs. There were not very many vendors out of the normal but our host, Lisa, had a permaculture display that was unique.  I was busy running around making sure my recycling team was keeping the bins empty so there was little time in between to enjoy the festival.  At the end of the day, we made sure all the bins were locked in the roll off container and then carpooled up the mountain to the ranch for after hours fun.


We all spent the night telling stories around the fire and grilling dinner. Our three musicians played some great tunes and eventually one by one, people retired to their quarters. Ria and I had our choice of porch hammock, Van or camp fire area. The temp dropped to a brisk 40 so we both cuddled up around the coals under the stars.

Sunday 4/22

I started my day by doing some yoga in the prairie while Dave and Daryle played some tunes. Once Will was ready we piled in the van and headed back to our stations at the festival.

Everything went as planned for this amazing festival but I was bummed none of my 40+ friends came to my going away party. I invited everyone I had gotten to know in LA over the winter and made it very clear for months that this would be my last social gathering before moving to Texas.

As the closing ceramonies completed we started the dirty job of sorting detailed levels of the recycling like petro coated paper from bio compostable paper and food scraps. We completed the brunt of the work just before dark and then helped the other teams finish packing up the stage.

Will wanted to finish what he was doing so Ria and I walked to the Ranch with a big pan of Mac N Cheese provided by the kitchen for the volunteer staff.  When we arrived at the Ranch, Lisa’s partner, Ben, asked us to help him move a hot tub about 15 feet to a spot in the garden so it could be used as a rice pond. We organized an Egyption system and eventually rolled it into place after a lot of effort from Dayle, Ria, Ben and I. The blanket loaned to me was damped by an evening drizzle so I stoked the fire pit and laid it out to dry.  We then went in to reward ourselves with some great Mac N Cheese, wine and conversation led by the visiting Northeastern US Tribal leader, Tom Doston. He and I discussed options for many garden projects I had in mind for reservations in the midwest and Tom offered to get involved with fund raising when I was ready.   It was approaching 2am by the time everyone started winding down. It was misting again so the fire went out and my blanket was half way soaked but it was all I had to keep me warm in the porch hammock. Will went to his hammock, Ria headed for the van and the others took comfort inside the house.

Monday 4/23

We woke up to the sounds of Dave and Dayle singing and loaded up the van. It took us until sunset to get the festival grounds back to normal and collect our contributions and then we went back to the ranch for one last dinner and some wine.

Will was getting a bit loopy so I drove us back. We dropped Dayle off at his sleeping corner in Venice and then I got out at the airport train depot so I could take it the rest of the way home.

Monday came and went with no hello from Julia so I had a feeling she was uncomfortable with her friends knowing about me as more then a friend. I turned my attention back towards meetup for the weekend.

Work had one fun twist this day…A hello from a fashion rep of Snoops. We continue to nudge towards getting connected with the gonja father.

For the evening, Will and I went to join the Topanga Earth Day committe. The group was full of wonderful earth spirits with unique wellness skills.

After the meeting we acompanied the host to her house to chill around the fire. Lisa Ciaci had an amazing canyon farm. She had 4 rental cabins all occupied and paying 70% of the properties mortgage. The rest was paid by weekend ranch Bed and Breakfast and spiritual ceremonies.

The inside of the main house was redesigned in a southwestern flare, complete with native american items from different western tribes. The furniture was all natural hand made farm wood items. I left Will and Lisa to cuddle in private and found my way to a spare bedroom after a great conversation about Frida.

The next morning I got out and did some yoga and then walked around the farm with pups and the horses. I picked up some recycling laying around and selected a few rocks for the garden. One of the committe members rented a cabin so she said hello as I passed by. We ended up talking about their food garden that was not protected in a winter greenhouse. I asked if I could save the strawberries by giving them refuge at Shhmokewear and so a trade was born.

As the time came to part ways, we stopped at a local diner for breakfast and then headed towards the Santa Monica court house to make payment arrangements for my bullshit crosswalk infraction. I had to choose between dodging an on coming car and not entering the crosswalk with someone 5 lanes away on foot. There just happen to be a cop looking to fill his quota in view and a $234 donation to the city was born.

I was given 60 days to make payments or schedule a court appearance to plead for community service. In LA there is no phone support and no printed fees. It is reviewed and then assigned a value and delivered by mail 3 weeks later.

We spent the next few hours walking around the Meditation Gardens on Sunset and then along the upper Santa Monica boardwalk trails. We had seafood gumbo at a nice Caribbean grill, visited our Shhmoke shop and booth on Venice beach and then took 3 hours to cross town through evening traffic. We ended up stopping at a Papa Johns and ate Pizza while enjoying the view of others in the traffic.

As the night of the 6th winded down I got a message from Julia explaining her life was a mess and the stress kept her from feeling like seeing me this week. Who knows how long that would last?

Wednesday was a normal work day and usual volunteer night coaching the local kids soccer skills.

Thursday I did some extra gardening, biked to watch a local high school soccer practice and then enjoyed a camp fire under the moon.

Friday, the 9th, I finished up our Holiday sales email and didn’t get to the bus until 5:45p. The bus ride home took me past all the beautiful Xmas lights in downtown and the holiday carnival at the Staples center. I was tempted to get out and explore but had my mind set on biking to the beach under the full moon and enjoying the Blues club at Hermosa. I knew that if I found an after party I would still be up to enjoy the lunar eclipse. I also had the option of going to the Moon Tribe Rave but wanted to focus on meeting a girl by home for the weekends.

Sung and I went to a Chinese buffet and I gave his number to a waitress he liked, then I biked to Manhattan beach and found a great Dave Mathews cover band to dance with all night. I only saw one girl of interest and of course she was married.

Saturday we cleaned house, watched Barcelona destroy Real Madrid 3-1 and then headed down to the AdultCon convention with Will to push our products to adult stores.

Will did not clarify he wanted to be there at 1p and it was 4p when we arrived. Instead of going by himself and meeting us there he used it as an excuse to not go at all even though we had until 9 pm to solicite shop wholesalers.

We were already in the car and didn’t like Will’s negative energy so we just went to the hispanic central farmers market for some dinner. I love the potatoe cakes stuffed with cheese! I also got a pound of dried fruits for $3.50.

When we returned home I just edited travel pictures and watched some movies.

Sunday morning I had a good reply to my workout partner listing After we exchanged some emails we decided to set up a TR tennis meetup.

Sean helped me find some good tablet laptop deals and then I was off to the holiday festival at Manhattan Beach. I edited more photos at the water fountains and then biked the strand until I found a good group playing volleyball. I sat and edited more while waiting my turn to get in the rotation.

As the time approached for the music to start thousands of people continued to amass until the beach and 4 surrounding street blocks were full of nearly 30000. The energy was amazing. My new volleyball friends shared their picnic goodies with me and then a few of us did some yoga as the amazing sun set with xmas lights from the pier in front of it. I got some amazing photos!

I then jogged the beach for awhile before wandering the crowd. Sean didn’t know what I meant when I texted him vball so he got frustrated and went back home after failing to find me at the festival. I was talking to a wonerful girl named Chelsea Mackin about food freedom when Sean paged to tell me a laptop seller replied to setup an exchange at a restraunt half way. My current laptop screen that had been broken by our buddy Neil has reached a point where I can no longer use it effectively.

The exchange went smooth with Dana and her 20 something boyfriend. She was nervous as I explaind we would have to break the seal on the unopened box test it. I showed her I had the money to ease her nerves and I encouraged her man to join us in the car to plug it in and boot up.

By the time we got back from Long Beach the fireworks where done so we went home to test the laptop. It only had Windows Starter and I gig of ram but it had an upgraded processor so I decided to sell it and find another cheap one with Ultimate and 2gig ram.

Dallas Earth Day Review

The first attempt at an Annual Earth Day Festival in Dallas was a success. The weather was perfect and the attendance was high! Parking was readily available and the location in the newly renovated green spaces of downtown was perfect.  If you were not there in the first hour, skip the crammed parking lot and head straight to a $1.50/hr. meter that is enforced until 6pm. THERE WAS A LACK OF RECYCLING DROP STATIONS and FOOD Vendors DID NOT PROVIDE COMPOST BINS!

Vending booths were located in a central parking lot with a beer garden and entertainment stage #1 by the Art Museum. In this location there were shade umbrellas, green plants/flowers on the tables and plenty of seating.

The center park walkway was only 2 blocks long so they blocked off 1 extra block on both ends for a total of 4 blocks of events. Area #2 had great information booths, shady trees, clean park benches and performing Pirates!

Area #3 had a Live Theater on one side and an Opera House on the other with more information booths and a water fountain. The grass was fresh new sod and silky to the touch. It was an enjoyable bare foot walk and nap in this area for us. Playing in the fountain and then following our ears to some good live blues music. The stage was a permanent outdoor amphitheater with extractable speakers and weather proof sliding closures for the stage. There was a lack of shade and the freeway was hard to drown out on the other side of the wall. Fresh air flow had to be sacrificed for the sound proofing features.  😦  Sitting by the sound control booth or by the walls were the only shade options. On a hot day you will need to play in the water to cool down. You will find clean bathroom access in the Opera House and there are 20 port-o-pots in a dedicated lot as well in area #3.

Area #4 was the after party area. Volunteers gathered with the rest to party to the sounds of DJ The area was centered around another water feature and restaurant square offering 4 varieties of food and tv’s to watch the Mavs blow a 23 point fourth quarter lead! We laid on some rocks with our feet in the water while reading books, sipping margaritas and then ate some dinner.

The festival closed at 5pm but many vendors were caught breaking festival etiquette by taking down their booths hours earlier. Apparently this was another area of improvement for the festival rules committee. You always take a deposit and and enforce a clause for early departure stating that the deposit will not be returned in case of leaving early. When a booth tears down early they lower the morale of the festival not to mention that their workers get in the way of traffic flow by moving equipment around. The festival was 25% empty by 3pm and 40% by 4pm!!!

End your night with some big name concerts! We ended our night with a great George Thorogood concert at Billy Bob’s in historic downtown Ft. Worth! The standing room tickets were only $15! The location on the sides of the dance hall were worth $15 but don’t be surprised there is no dance section open in front of the stage. It was all assigned seating for the floor goers! Thumbs down.

Over all it was a great festival with minor areas of improvement.
1. GREEN festivals must operate on renewable energy and this was not the case for Dallas.
2. There was ONLY 1 demonstration of renewable energy offered by It was a bicycle generator powering a booth with a video/tv demo and loud speaker  of the unit. This was good but I was not offered info on the product quickly and thus have to search for more info. It was great to see this small reminder that all workout gym’s should have bike generators running energy back into their grid. There needed to be solar, wind, bio-fuel and other misc. demos!!!
3. There was a major lack of recycling drops and compost bins.
4. THERE was no digital information solution in place! Digital information options saves TONS of paper waste, trash expenses and unneeded recycling. Well established Green Festivals use QR solutions! Vendors create their QR code with an app such as QR DROID and then have their QR code printed on booth displays so visitors can quickly scan their info. NO PAPER IS NEEDED other then the display this way. For those without a smart phone, vendors have a small business card to hand out with the code on it! Limited prints of visual flyers are printed for showing examples to those interested on site and then kept by the vendor for the next demo! FRENTZ’s Consulting ( can train your festival team how to use and setup this system. Email tim Frentz @ today for help!
5. There was a lack of attendance at the after hours party. More incentive needed to be offered then just the 25% of the tab being reinvested into sustainability solutions!
6. THERE was limited partnering. There was free entry into the museums which was great but there were some big shows in town and there was no use of their shows in advance advertising to draw more traffic to the Earth Day festival. We went to George Thorogood but only after finding out about the show from another lead!

THE TOP LINKS from Vendors:

1003 Windsong Trail Richardson, TX 75081 – 469-233-6767
email: Harvey@  –  Partners:
Home Cooling Solar Powered Vents


Responsible Recyclers are listed on: and and

Dallas GREEN Social Group

Healthy Food Movement of North Texas and

Good Info on World Food Movements

Texas Energy Audit

Take Care of Texas  (A great GREEN Internet Community)\