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1/23/19 – On my way to volunteer at PCB / Mexico Beach Florida with sponsor Dehning Enterprises (Ryan Dehning). If you have any remodeling needs in the Lincoln Nebraska area please look up Dehning.  😉

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1/24 – I spent the day researching what is really going on behind the media cover up in the disaster areas.

Here are the links of the day.


In summary,  i’m discovering that USDA issued checks for repairs but they can not be cashed until the government shut down opens the USDA offices.


FEMA issued $425 checks (1x only) for emergency food and utility bills. They also provided labor forces to install tarps over as many damaged roofs as possible but they only last until a strong wind takes them down again. It is the best short term immediate repair at least. There were hundreds of thousands affected by this storm so the few FEMA trailers that were available were dispersed quietly to prevent large scale chaos.

Locals are forced to stay in hotels because they have limited utility service and holes in their roofs. This has driven up the room prices while limiting space for construction workers. At the same time, campgrounds are closed due to damage or the government work shut down so there is limited camping for workers in RVs.


Insurance companies are denying a lot of claims citing a flood insurance loop hole and they are setting $15,000!!!! deductables which leave owners without enough money for the actual repairs.

Without places to stay within budget,  there are not enough workers so people have to wait so long that they are just giving up and moving away. I’ve been told people are scheduled 8 months out from a work date!!!


Today we traveled over the central and eastern disaster areas.

I have explored a lot of natural disaster areas over the years of volunteering but this is the largest storm in US history on a scale of hectares affected. Everywhere in aprox. a 100 mile wide by 300 some mile area north rectangled zone had major infrastructure damage. It is just mind blowing. If you ever watch war films you can visualize the imagery.



There are a lot of people from the Wewahitchka area sending me information and stories about damage that can not be repaired. There are so many different reasons.

We spent about an hour talking to people at the library where FEMA had a command center set up.


We visited two county building commission offices and got liscense applications and packets in order to contract full roof replacements.

By mid day I had not received any leads on qualifying volunteer projects and Ryan was not able to get a liscense until completing an exam which would take at least a week so we decided to head back west tomorrow.


We spent the day in Biloxi MS and set up a plan to get Ryan’s paper work done so I would be able to update all the people who told us they were interested in our help.


Heading back to my TX office to regroup at the Hawkins Learning Center!










So much is wrong with so many places. I have spent months in many eco villages and other communal areas all around this country and here is what I conclude so far…


When choosing a location to live you must consider the quality of the survival basics such as water, food and shelter.


I only trust rain water I collect for drinking. (Everywhere has been over-ran with chemical pollution and do you really think a bottling company cares about your health?) People dump chemicals into their drains plus more chemicals are added to treat those chemicals plus fluoride etc. Even rain water is tainted in large industrial areas with bad air pollution so I avoid those areas as much as I can.


I avoid all processed foods, grow my own veggies and try to only purchase local farm grain, fruit and dairy products.

I limit my use of energy sources and maintain a solar and wind powered battery bank and I bike or use public transport or carpool as much as possible.


Considering the basics of survival when relocating a home base is what it all comes down to and I encourage everyone to examine everything closely.

Location wise….

The northern 2/3 of the US is too cold to promote a physically healthy lifestyle. The northwest (Idaho, Montana, Seattle, Oregon etc.) is a great environmental and artistic rich culture BUT it is very clear as you look around that a majority of those who live there very long become physically sick early in life. These areas are also the main areas for mining and natural gas drilling problems.

The eastern portion of the country is over populated and constantly facing earthquakes and sink holes caused by the removal of oil, gas and burning coal near the surface so I stay away.

The southern 1/4 of the US (excluding coastal and lake side areas) is too hot during summer. Everyone is active from 5-9am and 8-10pm so getting things done outside like gardening and fitness is very limited. You find most people in doors in gyms or doing their own thing being antisocial until the sun starts to set. These areas are mostly over ran with oil wells and rivers are polluted with farmland chemicals. The exposed oil pollution through Louisiana, southern ARK and TX have caused many problems now but one of the most serious is the mutated mosquito which carries very serious diseases and it is not deterred by normal organic repellent solutions. I witnessed many bites while there and they do not go away quickly like a normal itchy mosquito bite.

The Havasu and southwestern desert area is hot and arid and the lake does not have much for recreation unless you have a kayak, jet ski etc. The lake access points are commercialized with parking fees and park entry permits. There are a few free spots but no one really uses them. Most lakes in the southwest are primarily for drinking water so swimming in a lake is not normal. It is funny, but less traveled people here think swimming is ONLY for POOLS.

It makes me compare the area to the area around Phily. Because of the high population, lakes have been sold to resort developers and most of them require day passes to enjoy. One has to hike rivers to find a decent free swimming spot.

In Havasu and the rest of the desert, there is very little shade and camping and hiking for longer then a day is boring because the scenery is all the same. Most people who live there enjoy motorcross and ATV life. Not much wildlife either. There is very little rainfall for water collection and gardening and water bills are similar to what you are use to paying for electricity in up state New York.

There are not very many paved roads so the fracking is hidden from view. There are very few ground wells for water and I do not know of any reports of well owners experiencing poison/gas in their water. I’ve met GasLand director, Josh Fox and follow his research closely.

He has not reported about AZ cases yet that I have found. The aquifer below AZ is so small that any break in the border allowing methane or other gases in will taint a large portion of the water. My conclusion is that I would not move there.


Enough with the negative… let’s talk positive.

California (from Northern LA to Oregon)
This is a Mediterranean climate. Year round food growing. Bountiful fruit. 50-85 degree constant. Plentiful rain and sun. Low cost of living in eco village areas which can be found all over the coast. Canyon areas are less populated and get a bit chilly after dark but it is only a few minute drive to the nearest warm valley. The area is full of Renewable energy, environmentally conscious people, and the fitness minded.
Central Arkansas
Year round growing weather. Not too hot. Fresh water lakes and rivers with mid level mountains and hot springs. Lots of hiking, caving and camping. Bluegrass friendly music and arts lovers. Lots of festivals. A fair level of fitness minded people. A high level of bugs though. Not as liberal so law enforcement is not as relaxed and there are a few DUMB laws not in favor of food stands and such.
Central Colorado
About the same as Arkansas but only the southern part on the east side of the mountain ridges stays warm most of the year an enjoyable outdoor lifestyle. It is very liberal and our human rights are not violated by law enforcement much.


South Carolina to Miami Keys Florida
Caribbean climate. Not as constant as California Mediterranean. More powerful storms but constant growing and rainfall. Fit people. More relaxed politically but not as earth friendly as California.

The Helping Hands network is setup to match causes in need with help anywhere it is needed. When we struggle to find help, I go and live around the causes for months. Sometimes a sponsor provides everything needed and other times people directly connected to the cause provide everything needed. These projects have given me experience living in nearly all the regions of the US.

When not traveling for short term causes I return to previous causes sites to follow up. I currently enjoy the Ojai California (Northeastern LA) area during the winter where I focus on projects related to the return of industrial hemp. I would like to find a project to help in the Caribbean some winter soon hopefully also.

In the spring/summer I enjoy eastern Nebraska where I focus on renewable energy and community gardening causes. Nebraska has a low crime rate and low cost of living while providing 6 months of outdoor growing and moderate weather. There are plenty of lakes, hiking and camping. There are also street festivals every weekend and a large amount of big name concerts. The main negative of being in Nebraska in the summer is the chemical pollution of the air and water by big corporate farming and the increasing presence of pipelines.

In the fall I enjoy camping in the wild between Tyler Texas and Little Rock Arkansas. The area is similar to Nebraska but has even more wildlife to enjoy. It stays warm most of the fall and the law enforcement is usually welcoming to those who camp. The main negatives are the bugs, the support for big oil due to their financing of community needs, and the lack of recycling. Parks and road sides are covered in liter in this region.

If I had a family, I would prefer the Caribbean or Ojai areas but it would ultimately come down to my mates vote and proximity to family.



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