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I just finished watching this amazing film portrayal of the final year of #Chief #SittingBull through the witness of #CatherineWeldon called #WomanWalksAhead
My ancestors were some of the pioneers invading Lakota land and my bloodline may not have directly harmed a native soul but as a collective of asylum seekers fleeing one thing or another, they failed to cohabitate in peace. #NativeAmerican as well as all #human #rights will always be one of my highest priorities along my path of philanthropy. I can not hide from the shame of our pioneer’s violence but I can dedicate my life towards making things right.
Sitting Bull was a hero who tried to use peaceful negotiations to protect his civilization from repeated invasion and atrocity fueled by greed. He did not deserve to be murdered while in the restraint of the Standing Rock reservation.
Learn from our history. Remember that unless you are of Native decent, perhaps your elders once were asylum seekers. It is a never ending cycle. Your family was probably at one time seeking some type of freedom and they were allowed to cross these same borders with open arms.
The earliest of elders failed to settle peacefully but over generations we have improved. Now it is your turn to be the Native! Are you standing at the border with hate and anger to react violently or are you going to welcome them and work towards peaceful and fair treaties?
IF you feel the current freedom seekers do NOT deserve to enter, then you are in denial and are directly bringing shame onto your ancestors whom wore the very sandals you now wish to turn away.

Monday (April 10)

I woke up to the mountain top birds and sun lit sky light of Jasons yurt. While Jay made breakfast I went out and enjoyed a nice open forest solar shower.

I then drove Jasons backup vehicle down the mountain so it would be there for his sister to drive up later that day.  After my normal morning yoga workout in the sunshine and breakfast I went to meet Seth. He took me out to the hops field to cut trees for a trellis system he was erecting.  I enjoyed cutting them with hand saws and then helping drag them around to the holes they would be placed in. This took most of the day.

After we were done I was invited to the community meeting and dinner. It was great to see them so organized. The meeting was led by a coordinator with a timed agenda and a minute taker by her side. When a subject went over the time aloted there was a vote to adjust the agenda. When community feedback was wanted there was a selection of thumb signals to show levels of tsupport. When someone agreed with what was being said you would snap or shake fingers. The topics for the night included the organizing of a May Day and Beltrane festival and updates to the extended guest policy. After the meeting, Jason gave me a ride back over the Cric house.  I turned on a video about the illegal formation and acceptance of the federal reserve and irs income tax as I drifted to sleep.


Tues. (4/11)

Most days here it is partly cloudy because the warm dry desert air collides with the cool wet air from the ocean rain clouds build up. During this time in spring it will sprinkle at some point most every day.

Today we went out to the field and I used an antique hand drill to put bolts in all the poles. It would rain hard at the end of the day so I switched back to the garden.  The night was just like the others with the exception of a large dumpster find. They brought back a crate of pickle jars, 2 boxes full of 10 pizzas and a box of produce.

Wed. (4/12)

The rain clouds decided to open up to day so most of the day I was running back and forth between writing on the porch and shoveling compost on the garden bed.

I took advantage of the down time to shadow the dairy experts Scott and Aubre to learn about making butter and cheeses.  The night was filled by my normal Cric house routine except I made everyone a nice pasta soup for dinner.


Thur. 4/12

It continued to rain so today was a repeat of yesterday with the exception that tonight there was a social gathering to celebrate passover.  Around 6, about half of the village got carpools to the south side Vic house for the party. The rest didn’t want to walk in the pooring rain.

Once Jason and I got there we helped set up the food. We used blankets around the floor to eat on which had some stressing out about spilling their wine with 10 children running around wild. Somehow no wine was ever spilt though.   The event started with some Jewish members projecting the story of passover on the wall and then we shared matsa dipped in horseradish and a sweet dip made to offset the spice.  After that the hosts led us in some singing and then passed some breaded fish dishes and breaded soup around.

After dinner we helped with the dishes then we said our good byes and I had Jason drop me back off at the Cric house.


Friday 4/13

It was my last day so I offered to help a few random people outside of my Cric group. When I wasn’t working on the gardens I was helping move big redwood lumber planks.

Towards the end of the day I started handing out thank you tokens to those who gave me the most of their time and said my good byes. Jason had an appointment in Santa Rosa so it worked out he could give me a ride to the Farm House cafe.


Sat 4/14

I woke up at 7 and had enough time to get a quickworkout in and breakfast before catching my ride to town. I left my hiking shoes for Jason or Seth since I was done with them and off we went. I had Jason drop me off at the cafe where this adventure all started at.  The Farm House cafe was right across the street from where my friend that invited me actually lived, so it was the perfect spot to have her visit me.


While I waited for her to show up I helped the owner and staff bring in supplies and then ordered breakfast in exchange for loitering there 3 hours. I was only going to be able to mingle with Kai for about 20 minutes before my carpool would arrive. What little time we did have we took advantage of.

As 10:30 came and went my nervousness grew that my carpool would not show up.  Before I got too worked up, here came Ben around the corner. He looked just like the normal nomad, scruffy and full of self expressionist character.  All 3 of us continued in conversation a few minutes until Kai needed to return a phone call. We concluded our good byes and loaded up in B’s van which was crammed full of gear.


Our drive was a long 11 hours but we managed to keep the conversation going between talks about his classical guitar career, travels to Cuba/Venzuela/Spain and the relationships that transpired. It was enjoyable to get time with a 27 yearold that had experienced the world.

His stories about being raised on a sustainable farm with no materialism was especially enlightening.  I really appreciated that he was willing to accept a trade worth exactly the amount of fuel I was costing him ($50) to go out of his way which was 250 miles and 4 hours.  As I approached sin city, one of my best friends, Ryan, sent me his location to be dropped off. About 50 of my dart friends were at Ballys casino.  B and I exchanged blessings and I was on my way for another chapter of adventure in Las Vegas.

In the Public Interest
On October 9, 2001, the DEA issued rulings which effectively ban hemp foods, products which are clearly not abused as illicit drugs. Food is currently the largest U.S. market for industrial hemp. Concerned citizens should urge their members of Congress to contact DEA and oppose its latest industrial hemp rule making.

by Ralph Nader
DEA Bans Industrial Hemp Foods

Why is the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) mounting an attack on pastas, cereals and salad dressings, among other products? Instead of spending taxpayer money on more pressing and worthy issues, on October 9, 2001, the DEA issued rulings which effectively ban hemp foods. Industrial hemp is the non-drug cousin of marijuana.

Food is currently the largest U.S. market for industrial hemp. Estimated retail sales for hemp food and body care products in the United States exceeded $25 million in 2000, up from less than $1 million in the early 1990s. Hemp foods and body care products have penetrated the mainstream market and rapid growth was expected prior to DEA’s actions. Industrial hemp seed and oil are increasingly used in corn chips, nutrition bars, hummus, nondairy milks, breads and cereals.

Currently, the DEA treats industrial hemp as a Schedule I controlled substance–the most highly restricted category (more tightly controlled than opium or cocaine). Industrial hemp which contains only trace amounts of THC, the psychoactive component in marijuana, should not be regulated as an illicit drug, since it has no intoxicating effect when consumed. While the DEA effectively bans growing industrial hemp (largely on the fallacious grounds that agents cannot distinguish the crop from marijuana), until October 9, it permitted use of the product, which can be only imported, in food. Now, the agency is seemingly rolling back the common sense exemption. Last month, DEA issued new rules which prohibit human consumption of any hemp products containing any amount of THC.

DEA’s overzealousness in apparently banning products which are clearly not abused as illicit drugs is greatly misguided. The trace amount of THC in hemp foods (typically less than 1.5 and 5 parts per million respectively) are far too low to produce a high and are about as likely to be abused as a poppy seed bagel–which contains trace amounts of opiates.

Virtually all hemp foods on the U.S. market do not contain detectable THC levels, according to the official testing method used on foods in Canada. A recent study published in the Journal of Analytical Toxicology shows that this minute amount is generally not enough for an individual to fail a highly sensitive drug test–purportedly one of DEA’s main concerns–even after eating an unrealistic amount of hemp foods daily.

Poppy seeds are more likely to cause the problems the DEA fears. Poppy seeds’ trace opiates have sometimes led individuals, who have merely ingested poppy seed bagels or muffins, to fail a drug test. To this problem, the U.S. government responded sensibly, raising drug-test thresholds for opiates in the 1990s to accommodate the poppy seed industry.

DEA states that it has “attempted to strike a fair balance between protecting the health and safety of all Americans and accommodating legitimate industry.” In fact, the apparent ban on hemp foods is a strike both against the burgeoning industrial hemp industry and the health of Americans. It is an attack on the entire industry of industrial hemp, because while the greatest future market for industrial hemp products is predicted to be automobile parts–industrial hemp is an excellent and cost efficient replacement for fiberglass parts–the crop’s current largest market is considered to be foods. It is important to maintain the industry now, so that when the United States repeals its irrational restrictions on industrial hemp, it can quickly expand use of this environmentally benign product. (Among its other environmental benefits, industrial hemp can be a particularly sustainable crop which minimizes toxics in our environment, because it can easily be grown with few or no chemicals and its natural brightness avoids chlorine bleaching in papermaking.)

Hemp foods offer real health benefits. Industrial hemp seeds are one of the best source of omega-3 fatty acids in the vegetable kingdom, according to Dr. Andrew Weil–the Harvard educated physician and noted expert on medicinal herbs. Omega-3 fatty acids are essential in the protection against many cancers including breast cancer and in the promotion of cardiovascular health. Other health specialists confirm the nutritional value of hemp foods.

Recognizing the various benefits of industrial hemp, in recent years, numerous countries such as Canada, the United Kingdom and Germany have amended their industrial hemp laws to legalize the cultivation of the crop and the production of a variety of end-products, such as fuel, paper, building materials, rope, foods, cosmetics and automobile parts. Other countries, such as France, China,Romania and Hungary, having never outlawed the crop, continue to cultivate, manufacture and export industrial hemp.

As the rest of the world moves forward to capture the market potential of this useful and beneficial crop, the DEA has taken the United States a step backward. Beware, your poppy seed bagel could be next.

Concerned citizens should urge their members of Congress to contact DEA and oppose its latest industrial hemp rule making. Citizens can also write to the Deputy Assistant Administrator, Office of Diversion Control, Drug Enforcement Administration, Washington, DC 20537, Attention: DEA Federal Register Representative/CCD.

For other action items, visit the <>  site’s Action Alert section. For additional information on the hemp food ban and industrial hemp in general, visit the<> , <>  and<>  websites.

On Wed Sept. 28th, Will and I went to the LA Galaxy Champions league game against Monselia. We picked up 2 $40 tickets for $15 each in case we couldn’t jump a fence. It ended up being a waste because we found a spot on the press box.

I got careless and rushed my technique. The was a railing to catch my foot on the stadium side of the fence but it was just out of reach while holding on to the fence so I grabbed a cement rafter to turn around. My grip slipped and I almost fell which I would have resulted in my leg getting caught as I catapulted the back of my head straight into the cement. Fortunately, my angel caught my finger tip on the edge and guided me safely down.

Once inside we sat with the press on the first row of the 50 and got in some of the tv and media shots. Then we were asked to stay above the front section so we got some lounge chairs for the 2nd half.

It was tied going into injury time as LA scored in the last minute off a corner to avoid elimination from the tournament.

Thursday night I stopped at the Lawndale soccer fields to get a workout in and met some Turkish friends to play with on the winter league.

Friday the 30th, Sung/Sean and I went to a Dead cover band in Long Beach called Cubansis. On the way Sung got pulled over and fined $500 for tossing a burning item out of a moving vehicle.

Saturday was the beginning of the Occupy LA march and protests so I spent the day downtown. I met several wonderful new friends, including a few cute girls who would later dance the night away with me at the LA Decompression Burningman festival until the sun started rising over historic park.

I went back to the rally after the girls went home and Will was up playing cards still. It was almost 5 by the time I laid down in the van and then I got up at 7 to take the train home.

As soon as I got back Sung was ready to go to an Art walk event. An old brewery was closed down and remodeled into an artist commune. The place was amazing with all the self expression covering over 100 unique studios. There was a studio open for rent to consider for Shhmokewear but it was not available for viewing. It took us 4 hours to visit all the studios and then it was time for dinner. We stopped at a restaurant in Chinatown where a lot of movie scenes have been filmed in front. It was nice to have authentic sweet and sour pork and Saskatchewan chicken and $10 a plate was fair for L.A.

The next morning, Monday, I headed back to Shhmokewear to get the business plan done. After work Will and I went to City Hall to protest again with Occupy LA. We made several new friends each time we went over there. It was basically a big festival with media around. There is a tent for everything from general store to food and recycling. There are compost bins and drum circles and everyone barters and shares.

It is basically a temporary unitopia of traditional life like the old west gold towns. Unfortunate that there is not a continuous string of such events in more local areas for others to experience. The Occupy rallies would continue on in most major US cities for several months of 2011.

We went to the rally Monday and Tuesday but then Wednesday I went to the Further Fest at the Greek Theatre. You can take the train 15 blocks from the theater near Vermont and Hollywood and then bike up to the park. The first night I went straight to the Hyde Observatory above the theater to watch the show for free. I went in the wrong entrance and took an extra 20 minutes hiking up the Hyde trail.

Once I got to the top I discovered you could park for free at the top vs. Paying 15 down below. The trail by Hyde has several spots to put a chair or blanket down to watch the show plus you get an amazing view of the LA and Hollywood sky lines.

The temps dropped to 40 and I started shivering so I rode down to the theater to scope out ways to get in. The fence top was flat in front but extra security was on duty to stop jumpers. You could climb the hill in back and get over but you need a spotter on the inside to let u know a good time to come over. Once over you need to remove your hat and mix into the crowd to avoid being chased.

The next night Will, Brian and I rode with Scott and his lady to Furthur. This time I was in the lot 3 hours ahead of the show to experience the touring  flea market. It was quite an experience seeing all the colorful characters and their art creations they sell to survive on the tour.

We spent too long promoting Shhmokewear and waiting for scalpers to sell cheap before deciding to hop the back fence so the cross lot was taped off and being secured by security. I ran diversion while Brian and Will snuck around. After that I waited for 20 minutes before giving up. I went by the front gate so I could see the screen and hand out with the other members of Shhmoke that were there.

After the show we set up our merch in the path leading everyone back to their cars and we put Shhmoke cards on the luxury cars. It is a great way to break the ice with attractive people you want to meet.

Friday Will and I went camping. He showed me the sacred Oaji hot springs and hiking trails. We camped and cooked some grub about midnight after several hours of full moon yoga and hot springs rituals.

Saturday we hiked all day and swam in a freezing fresh spring water hole and then returned to Occupy LA.

The weekend group was 2x the size of the week day groups. All areas of the block and park were completely covered and there were now tippis and plywood walls for graffiti art in true Venice skater form. This night there was a community projector theater and we contributed Russo’s Freedom to Fascism.

After meeting several more new activist friends we headed back to the pad around 2am.

Sunday I toured Mariachi plaza shops for hand-made leather crafts then biked with 100,000+ at The city of LA closed downtown and 40 other blocks to biking only to promote green living and transportation. It was amazing. There were events and bands on several streets and parks and it joined with the Long Beach south bay tri-athalon. I rode most of the route and then spent the afternoon making new friends playing volleyball and Manhattan beach.

I especially enjoyed meeting 8 new lady yogi friends who are in LA for a 9 week training by the airport. They were very friendly and added our LA Fun facebook group to keep in touch for future gatherings.

When I finally made it home for a night, Sung’s friend Neil was temporarily staying with us because the job we helped move him to San Diego for, had fallen apart. He was staying with us while lining up a new Dr. position.

We caught up on the weeks events and then passed out. Monday morning (10/7) I hit the hot tub, swam some laps, pumped some iron, did my yoga and then headed back to the Shhmokewear head quarters.

LA Blog

Skipped Burning Man to make sure I had everything packed perfect and all of networks business organized. I also took my time because I was having fun with new friends while hoping Allison would want to see me before leaving.

A week later on Sept 12 Christy Hamlin offered to take me to the airport on Saturday the 17th, so I scheduled the cheapest flight with only 1 day in advance. My final night in town, Alli needed to sleep early to get up at 5 for the Tyler Rose Triathalon so I never got to see her again.

We did text back and forth while she was on the way to the race and I was on the way to the airport and we continue to update each other.

On my first flight I sat with a executive for and
She offered to help some of the Network when possible. I then emailed her Opal Lewis’ story.

On my next flight from Phoenix to L.A. I met Jenny. She was coming home a day early because her air show in Reno was canceled when a plane crashed into the crowd. She also told me about Project Health Waters which her dad was a part of.


My buddy Sung was waiting to pick me up and then we rushed straight to a Shhmokewear appearance at a John Lennon musical at the Hayworth Theater.

It was the perfect initiation for Sung into the Shhmokewear family. The production did an amazing job portraying the life of Lennon.

After the musical we stopped by the warehouse Shhmoke is considering moving into which was also the site for the Harvest Cup.

Next, Sung dropped us all off at Shhmokewear’s headquarters so we could go to the Harvest Cup and sell our art all day Sunday soon as we woke up.

The Harvest Cup was an amazing experience. I’m all for respecting and returning to the Industrial hemp standard and the freedom of adults to medicate without regulation but the absence of such booths at the event showed room for improvement.

The vendors were all medicinal focused. The stage had continuous rap artists and the finale was a bikini contest! It gave me a great opportunity to study the key players in the Canabis industry.

The 10 member hipppie Shhmoke team has an amazing chemistry so we started filming to promote a video series for YouTube.

Monday, I took the rail 1.75 hrs. 25 miles from the downtown warehouse district to Sungs in Redondo. I worked with Sung Monday and Tuesday to build customers for his car sales business.

Wednesday I went back downtown to Incorporate Shhmoke with Will. At the end of the night 3 of us went to a freestyle club like the one seen on 8 mile until 3 am. I stayed until TR night building the biz plan then went to the Kaiser Permanente protest for fair health benefits before landing back in Redondo.

Friday, we helped a friend move from Catalina Harbor to San Diego then hit the Boardwalk.

The BooGaloo Club was hoping with a blues band until 11 then shoulder to shoulder honeys as it converted to a happening dance club. The guys from the move, Lee and Brian and Sung, fed me drinks while watching me bust some moves.

We crashed at 2 and then got right back out at 7 to do a group hike of Malibu’s Solstice State Park trails. The drive along Malibu is one of my favorites. You pass Sana Monica Amusement Park then drive PCH along the ocean and pass tons of million dollar celebrity homes. There are several fresh sea food shacks and the Topanga Canyon hippie town along the way to the park.

The trails lead you to the Roberts home remains at the stream in the base of the canyon. You have to look at my pictures and see the full beauty. They had 3 different fire places and 2 were built with stone ovens and stoves for cooking. Everything but the roof was set in stone and a water pump system was set to keeulapiap it wet and fire proof when needed!

After the 7 mile jog over several steep ridges everyone met back up at the nearest sea shack. We got this combination platter that must have come straight from heaven itself. Stuffed breaded shrimp, oysters, tulapia, samon, iced shrimp and potato wedges of pure ambrosia flavor.

We chilled at the pad the rest of the night working.

Sunday Sept. 25th, was the Abbot Kenniy festival in Venice. I strolled the 200+ vendors along with 150000 others and then rolled out my blanket by the stage to promote Shhmokewear while writing. I met with the Venice community association and look forward to promoting the boardwalk on their facebook page.

Will and Alejandra showed up about 4 and we srolled some more and will introduced me to several artists until 9 and then I bused back home.



The United States of America UNDER Repair!

WHAT IS WRONG with the U.S.A.!

The OCCUPY movement is all about bringing light and awareness to the sleeping ignorant citizens of the country by educating them on the wrongs that the government is doing to them and on their behalf.

Here are a few summaries and links to what is wrong with the USA right now and why I lead the restoration efforts everywhere I travel! Fight now if you want to restore the original Constitution of the United States and retain your freedom and Bill of Rights!

First let’s say WHAT IS RIGHT! The Constitution and the Bill of Rights. It IS THAT simple! I love it and honor and cherish it. Anything that oposes the founding fathers will find difficult obstacles surrounding my friends. Democratic governing provides the people freedoms and rights but what happens when the politicians are forced into corruption? Some give in easier then others while some just dissapear with no trace.

World power and dominance has been achieved beyond reason. Our borders are safe and secure and the people live in comfort but the US has expanded too far and enforces power beyond the reach of peaceful intention.

Here is a list of FACTS that are challenging the worlds respect for the United States of America and its citizens.

Department of Homeland Security
More like the Department of Privacy Invasion! The U.S.A. has invaded lands on foreign continents to prosper off their natural resources. After out growing our countries resources due to irresponsible reproduction and wasteful resource management, we use our media and scare tactics like 911 to influence the votes of our citizens and convince them we NEED TO Invade the privacy of selective citizens because THEY COULD BE A TERRORIST. We are already a world super power and are borders are safe and secluded. Regardless of how many defensive preventions we may have, a terrorist organization is not bombing inside our borders. We should not have military personel in foreign continents beyond the minimum security needed for our peace keeping Embassys and United Nations partners.

On our land we have a system that has become TOO DETAILED. We have over optimized our systems! In the early days we believed in our neighbors and took care of ourselves. Now we have placed too much power in others and we have alienated the peasants from the aristocrats.

“With information provided from the Voter News Service, NBC was the first network to project Gore the winner in Florida at 7:48 pm.? At 7:50 pm ,CNN and CBS project Gore the winner in Florida as well.” By 8:02 pm , all five networks and the Associated Press had called Gore the winner in Florida. Even the VNS called Gore the winner at 7:52 pm. At 2:16 am, Fox calls Florida for Bush, NBC follows at 2:16 am. ABC is the last network to call the Florida for Bush, at 2:20 am, while AP and VNS never call Florida for Bush. At 2:16 a.m., the call was made: Fox News Channel, with Bush’s first cousin John Ellis running its election desk, was the first to project Florida — and the presidency — for the Texas governor.

A Fox News consultant, John Ellis, who made judgments about presidential ‘calls’ on Election Night admits he was in touch with George W. Bush and FL Gov. Jeb Bush by telephone several times during the night, but denies breaking any rules.? CNN, November 14, 2000;

“The vote total was certified by Florida’s secretary of state, Katherine Harris, head of the Bush campaign in Florida, on behalf of Gov. Jeb Bush, the candidate’s brother.” Mark Zoller Seitz, “Bush Team Conveyed an Air of Legitimacy,” San Diego Union-Tribune, December 16, 2000.

The Florida Department of State awarded a $4 million contract to the Boca Raton-based Database Technologies Inc. (subsidiary of ChoicePoint).? They were tasked with finding improperly registered voters in the state’s database, but mistakes were rampant. “At one point, the list included as felons 8,000 former Texas residents who had been convicted of misdemeanors.” St. Petersburg Times (Florida), December 21, 2003.

Database Technologies, a subsidiary of ChoicePoint, “was responsible for bungling an overhaul of Florida’s voter registration records, with the result that thousands of people, disproportionately black, were disenfranchised in the 2000 election.? Had they been able to vote, they might have swung the state, and thus the presidency, for Al Gore, who lost? in Florida. Oliver Burkeman, Jo Tuckman, “Firm in Florida Election Fiasco Earns Millions from Files on Foreigners,” The Guardian, May 5, 2003,12271,949709,00.html. See also, Atlanta-Journal-Constitution, May 28, 2001.

In 1997, Rick Rozar, the late head of the company bought by ChoicePoint, donated $100,000 to the Republican National Committee. Melanie Eversley, “Atlanta-Based Company Says Errors in Felon Purge Not Its Fault,” Atlanta Journal-Constitution, May 28, 2001.? Frank Borman of Database Technologies Inc. has donated extensively to New Mexico Republicans, as well as to the Presidential campaign of George W. Bush., “Frank Borman.”

[A] consortium [Tribune Co., owner of the Times; Associated Press; CNN; the New York Times; the Palm Beach Post; the St. Petersburg Times; the Wall Street Journal; and the Washington Post] hired the NORC [National Opinion Research Center, a nonpartisan research organization affiliated with the University of Chicago] to view each untallied ballot and gather information about how it was marked. The media organizations then used computers to sort and tabulate votes, based on varying scenarios that had been raised during the post-election scramble in Florida. Under any standard that tabulated all disputed votes statewide, Mr. Gore erased Mr. Bush’s advantage and emerged with a tiny lead that ranged from 42 to 171 votes.? Donald Lambro, “Recount Provides No Firm Answers,” Washington Times, November 12, 2001.

“Shouting slogans like ‘Hail to the Thief’ and ‘Selected, Not Elected,’ tens of thousands of protesters descended on George W. Bush’s inaugural parade route yesterday to proclaim that he and Vice President Dick Cheney had ‘stolen’ the election while pelting them with eggs and tomatoes.” The parade and walk to the White House was cancelled. Michael Kranish and Sue Kirchhoff, “Thousands Protest ‘Stolen’ Election,” Boston Globe, January 21, 2001.

“Mr. Bush remained in the elementary school for nearly a half an hour after Andy Card whispered in his ear that the nation was under attack.” Michael Kranish, “Bush: US To Hunt Down Attackers,” Boston Globe, September 11, 2001.

WE PLOT and COVER-UP Scare Tactics on our Citizens.

We even accept innocent lives as collateral damage for the greater good of the corrupt!

Government officials were instructed to ignore Terrorism updates by Richard A. Clarke who was the head coordinator of National Security from 1992-2003. Here are some of his comments before resigning.

(after requesting a meeting with the Principal cabinet members in the months leading up to 9/11)
MR. CLARKE: I did get a response. The response was that in the Bush administration I should, and my committee, the counterterrorism security group, should report to the deputies committee, which is a sub-cabinet level committee, and not to the principals, and that therefore it was inappropriate for me to be asking for a principals meeting. Instead, there would be a deputies meeting.

MR. ROEMER: So, does this slow the process down to go to the deputies rather than to the principals or a small group, as you had previously done?

MR. CLARKE: It slowed it down enormously, by months. First of all, the deputies committee didn’t meet urgently in January or February. Then, when the deputies committee did meet, it took the issue of al Qaeda as part of a cluster of policy issues, including nuclear proliferation in South Asia, democratization in Pakistan, how to treat the problems, the various problems, including narcotics and other problems in Afghanistan, and, launched on a series of deputies meetings extending over several months to address al Qaeda in the context of all of those interrelated issues. That process probably ended, I think, in July of 2001, so we were readying for a principals meeting in July, but the principals’ calendar was full, and then they went on vacation, many of them, in August, so we couldn’t meet in August, and therefore the principals met in September.

“The Aug. 6, 2001, document, known as the President’s Daily Brief, has been the focus of intense scrutiny because it reported that bin Laden advocated airplane hijackings, that al-Qaida supporters were in the United States and that the group was planning attacks here.” Clarke J. Scott, “Clarke Gave Warning on Sept. 4, 2001; Testimony Includes Apology to Families of Sept. 11 Victims, Associated Press, March 25, 2004.

“There is ample documentation demonstrating that the Reagan and Bush administrations supplied critical military technologies that were put directly to use in the construction of the Iraqi war machine. There is also strong evidence indicating that the executive branch’s failure to crack down on illegal weapons traffickers or keep track of third party transfers of U.S. weaponry allowed a substantial flow of U.S.-origin military equipment and military components to make their way to Iraq.” William D. Hartung, Weapons at War; A World Policy Institute Issue Brief, May 1995. See also, Alan Friedman, Spider’s Web: The Secret History of How the White House Illegally Armed Iraq, (Bantam Books, 1993); Kenneth R. Timmerman, The Death Lobby: How the West Armed Iraq, (Houghton, Mifflin, 1991).

“The 27 classified pages of a congressional report about Sept. 11 depict a Saudi government that not only provided significant money and aid to the suicide hijackers but also allowed potentially hundreds of millions of dollars to flow to Al Qaeda and other terrorist groups through suspect charities and other fronts, according to sources familiar with the document. One U.S. official who has read the classified section said it describes ‘very direct, very specific links’ between Saudi officials, two of the San Diego-based hijackers and other potential co-conspirators ‘that cannot be passed off as rogue, isolated or coincidental.’” Of all the hijackers, 15 of the 19 were Saudi. Josh Meyer, “Report Links Saudi Government to 9/11 Hijackers, Sources Say,” Los Angeles Times, August 2, 2003.

WE AIDED the Deportation of the hired Terrorists! (aiding the debate that the corrupt politicians were calling the shots)

“Now, what I recall is that I asked for flight manifests of everyone on board and all of those names need to be directly and individually vetted by the FBI before they were allowed to leave the country. And I also wanted the FBI to sign off even on the concept of Saudis being allowed to leave the country. And as I recall, all of that was done. It is true that members of the Bin Laden family were among those who left. We knew that at the time. I can’t say much more in open session, but it was a conscious decision with complete review at the highest levels of the State Department and the FBI and the White House.” Testimony of Richard Clarke, Former Counter terrorism Chief, National Security Council, before The Senate Judiciary Committee, September 3, 2003.

“I was making or coordinating a lot of decisions on 9/11 and the days immediately after. And I would love to be able to tell you who did it, who brought this proposal to me, but I don’t know. Since you pressed me, the two possibilities that are most likely are either the Department of State, or the White House Chief of Staff’s Office. But I don’t know.” Testimony of Richard A. Clarke before the National Commission on Terrorist Attacks Upon the United States, March 24, 2004.

After the airspace reopened, six chartered flights with 142 people,mostly Saudi Arabian nationals, departed from the United States between September 14 and 24. One flight, the so-called Bin Ladin flight, departed the United States on September 20 with 26 passengers, most of them relatives of Usama Bin Ladin. National Commission on Terrorist Attacks Upon the United States, Threats and Responses in 2001, Staff Statement No. 10, The Saudi Flights, p. 12;

It should be noted that the US Customs and Border Protection document released by the Department of Homeland Security under the FOIA, Feb 24, 2004 lists 162 Saudi Nationals who flew out of the country between 9/11/2001 and 9/15/2001, departing from New York’s Kennedy airport, Washington’s Dulles, and Dallas Fort Worth.

The U.S. shows Racist / Religious persecution against Muslims and others
“In the days, weeks and months following the tragic events of September 11, 2001, hundreds of American immigrants were rounded up and detained, often under harsh or abusive conditions, in the name of keeping America safe. Not because of evidence (or even sound hunches) that they were involved in the terrorist attacks that brutally ended the lives of more than 3,100 people. Not because they were found to have ties to – or even knowledge of – terrorist groups who might threaten American security in the future. Instead, hundreds of immigrants were arbitrarily snared in this dragnet, marked for arrest and thrown (literally, at times) in jail. The exact number is unknown, because the government refuses to release that information. They had one thing in common: Almost all were Arab or South Asian men, and almost all were Muslim… Once arrested, many immigrants were labeled “of interest” to the September 11 investigation and thrown into legal limbo – detained for weeks or months in connection with a criminal investigation, but denied the due process rights that they would have been entitled to had they actually been charged with crimes.” ACLU, “America’s Disappeared: Seeking International Justice for Immigrants Detained after September 11,” January 2004.

In 1972, two airmen were suspended for failing to take their medical examination. One was George W. Bush and the other was James R. Bath. James R. Bath was the Texas money manager for the Bin Laden family and they invested in BUSH.

“According to a 1976 trust agreement, drawn shortly after [George H. W.] Bush was appointed director of the Central Intelligence Agency, Saudi Sheik Salem M. Binladen appointed Bath as his business representative in Houston. Binladen, along with his brothers, owns Binladen Brothers Construction, one of the largest construction companies in the Middle East.”? Jerry Urban, “Feds Investigate Entrepreneur Allegedly Tied to Saudis,” Houston Chronicle, June 4, 1992.

Mr. Bath invested in Mr. Bush’s first major business venture, Arbusto Energy, in the late 1970’s after Mr. Bath began working for Salem bin Laden. Jim Rutenberg, “A Film to Polarize Along Party Lines,” New York Times, May 17, 2004.

Bath’s business relationship with Salem bin Laden, and other wealthy Saudi businessmen, has been well documented.? See, e.g., Mike Ward, “Bin Laden Relatives Have Ties to Texas,” Austin American-Statesman, November 9, 2001; Jerry Urban, “Feds Investigate Entrepreneur Allegedly Tied to Saudis,” Houston Chronicle, June 4, 1992; Thomas Petzinger Jr., et al., “Family Ties: How Oil Firm Linked to a Son of Bush Won Bahrain Drilling Pact,” The Wall Street Journal, December 6, 1991.

“[E]arly 1980s tax records reviewed by TIME show that Bath invested $50,000 in Bush’s energy ventures and remained a stockholder until Bush sold his company to Harken in 1986.” Jonathan Beaty, “A Mysterious Mover of Money and Planes,” Time Magazine, October 28, 1991

Bush was investigated by the S.E.C.? The James Baker law partner who helped Bush beat the rap from the SEC was a man by the name of Robert Jordon, who, when George W. became president was appointed ambassador to Saudi Arabia.?

“A week before George W. Bush’s 1990 sale of stock in Harken Energy Co., the firm’s outside lawyers cautioned Bush and other directors against selling shares if they had significant negative information about the company’s prospects.? The sale came a few months before Harken reported significant losses, leading to an investigation by the Securities and Exchange Commission.? The June 15, 1990, letter from the Haynes and Boone law firm wasn’t sent to the SEC by Bush’s attorney Robert W. Jordan until Aug. 22, 1991, according to a letter by Jordan.? That was one day after SEC staff members investigating the stock sale concluded there was insufficient evidence to recommend an enforcement action against Bush for insider trading.” Peter Behr, “Bush Sold Stock After Lawyers’ Warning,” Washington Post, November 1, 2002.?

Congress did not read the Patriot Act before voting on it.
“The morning [of October 12], the House voted 337-79 to pass the bill.? The outraged dissenters complained that no one could possibly have had the time to read the enormously complex 342-page law that amended fifteen different federal statutes and that had only been printed out hours before.” Steven Brill, After; How America Confronted the September 12 Era, (Simon & Schuster, NY: 2003).

On March 19th, 2003, George W. Bush and the United States military invaded Iraq, which had never attacked or threatened to attack the United States.? A nation that had never murdered a single American citizen.”

“Iraq never threatened the US, let alone Australia. The basic consideration was and remains the perception of America’s wider strategic interest in the Middle East.” Richard Woolcott, “Thread bare Basis To The Homespun Yarn That Led Us Into Iraq,” Sydney Morning Herald, November 26, 2003—(Woolcott was Australia’s Secretary of the Department of Foreign Affairs And Trade during the first Gulf War.)

For definition of murder of civilians (as opposed to combatants), see Article 3 of the Geneva Convention . (“For persons taking no active part in the hostilities, the following acts are and shall remain prohibited at any time (a) Violence to life and person, in particular murder of all kinds.”)

The Bush administration announced that it would roll-back ‘modest’ increases of benefits to troops. The Army Times noted, “the administration announced that on Oct. 1 it wants to roll back recent modest increases in monthly imminent-danger from $225 to $150 (a cut of 33%) and family-separation allowances from $250 to $100 (a cut of 60%) for troops getting shot at in combat zones.”

“Thanks to a law passed this year, troops in Iraq, Afghanistan and other high-risk areas now receive $225 a month in supplemental pay. That’s an increase of $75 from the previous amount for combat pay. Under that same law, soldiers who have been forced to leave behind spouses and children receive $250 a month in additional separation pay to help cover child care and other additional expenses caused by assignment overseas. That’s an increase of $150 over the previous supplement. … In its 2004 budget request, the Pentagon asked Congress to cut both combat pay and separation pay back to the previous levels.”
“Our Opinions: Proposal to Reduce Pay No Way to Salute Military,” Atlanta Journal Constitution, August 15, 2003.

“Only four of the 535 members of Congress have children in the military; only one, Sen. Tim Johnson, D-S.D., has a child who fought in Iraq.” Kevin Horrigan, “Hired Guns,” St. Louis Post-Dispatch, May 11, 2003.

We process 95% of our food production!
Organic and home grown food is considered a trait of the past for most of our citizens!

OUR Food and Drug Administration SAYS:
“there is no absolute right to consume or feed children any particular kind of food [because] comprehensive federal regulation of the food supply has been in effect at least since Congress enacted the Pure Food and Drugs Act of 1906

“fundamental privacy interest in obtaining ‘foods of their own choice’ for themselves and their families is without merit.”

Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund argues 2010 policy deprives consumers and a food buying group owner “of their fundamental and inalienable rights of (a) traveling across State lines with raw dairy products legally obtained and possessed; (b) providing for the care and well being of themselves and their families, including their children; and (c) producing, obtaining and consuming the foods of choice for themselves and their families, including their children.”

We enforce paperwork and permits to grow a garden IF we sell/barter the extra produce. (BILL s.510).

Suppliers used to provide restaurants with meat that was slaughtered and ground a few hours earlier, the same day. Instead, they must now submit a sample of their meat to a lab where, in a few days, they’ll be advised if it’s safe to sell. Large industrial operations, which use meat glue to blend meat from different countries, send a sample from a million pounds of meat, giving them a huge competitive advantage over small producers who don’t glue their meat together. The meat they sell to restaurants and grocers, Callicrate advised, is two weeks old.

Wisconsin Dept. of Ag held seminars the beginning of April to educate produce growers and packers as to what will be involved in inspections.  The supporters of locally grown have been co-opted by the new slogan ‘Buy local-Buy safely’ – that unless the produce is inspected, it isn’t safe.

Bed and breakfast operations cannot as institutions use their own eggs because of salmonella concerns and must buy federally inspected eggs. Even though they can sell the eggs at the farmers markets, they can’t serve them to borders.

GOOGLE “raid on Maxam Nutraceutics” and “Rawesome Foods” for details on the latest enforcing actions.

Most recently, the FDA shut down Pennsylvania AMISH farmer Dan Algyer, though no one became ill from his natural milk.  Morningland Cheese and Estrella Family Creamery are but two more in a long line of victims of the corporate war on natural food, though their products sickened no one. And most of the nation knows of the armed raid on Rawesome Foods last year. (Also see David Gumpert’s book, The Raw Milk Revolution: Behind America’s Emerging Battle Over Food Rights.)

A family teaching their child a lesson in Capitalism by selling bunnies AT A LOSS is attacked by the USDA and forced to pay up to $10,000 per bunny sold in FINES!

We are dependent on Public Utilities!

Most the world lives sustainably with renewable energy and home grown food but not the U.S.A. We suck up 25% of the world’s fossil fuel resources while draining farm chemicals into our Gulf and polluting our entire southern border with oil and natural gas spills.

We require automotive licensing and titling.

What is the purpose really? Used vehicles are not worth transfering titles. We are talking about an asset worth less then 1% of our net worth. It is not a home worth hundreds of thousands of dollars! We can pay road tax by a simple registration process matched with VIN #s. When was the last time your car was stolen and you had to have it pulled over on the road by identifying it with a license plate number? We pay insurance because a vehicle is a dangerous and causes death and bodily harm often in accidental form. That is why the concept of insurance was created.

We promote selective insurance!

So, you just bought a cheap electronic. Our current cultural society will recommend and strongly influence you to get insurance on it and that the seller must get liability insurance in case you slip on your way out. Then you will be solicited to get more insurance in case someone tries to steal your items. By the time you total up all the insurance you could just have replaced the items multiple times! INSURANCE IS OUT OF CONTROL IN THE U.S.A.

We try to require HEALTH insurance!

You can not seriously believe that is justified. IT IS PURE ANAL RETENTIVE! Health insurance was a ploy by Keiser Calimentae with President Nixon to increase the gap between the rich and the poor. It was a way to avoid a govermentally supported health care system and to help control population growth by denying millions of sick the care they needed to live.

Internal Revenue System enforces unlawful “rules” on income tax.

Constitution supports that income taxation is a moral obligation to be decided by the people to support the government but t can not be DEMANDED! There is no INCOME TAX LAW for citizens! The 16th Amendment was ruled as a CORPORATION TAX Amendment, yet people in poverty have been held against their will and robbed by the regulation agency. READ my blog titled “The Story of Income Tax“.

In the begining, Congress (the true Law and Real Branch of Government) tried to stop the IRS but the power and reach of the agnecy had gotten out of control. The IRS grew too large to stop and future politicians would be too scared of the chaos that would arise if the rules were amended. I do not think a formal presidential statement, informing the United States citizens that “IRS income tax enforcement is hereby ended” would cause chaos. Large corporations would continue the recommended rules as their obligation to improve the economy and a status symbol amongst peers would influence most to do the same. The main difference would be that true patriots following the Constitution, would not be in jail and people like me, would not have had my life and banks accounts stolen from me!


Just a couple examples of Censorship
– In 2004, North Carolina ISP Madison River blocked their DSL customers from using any rival web-based phone service (like Vonage, Skype, etc.).

– In 2005, Canada’s telephone giant Telus blocked customers from visiting a website sympathetic to the Telecommunications Workers Union during a labor dispute.

– In 2007, Rob Topolski created data Packet tracking on Comcasts network and found them controlling his bandwidth based on KEY WORD algorithyms. ( / )

– In 2010, Time Warner’s AOL blocked all emails that mentioned – and advocacy campaign opposing the company’s pay-to-send email plan.

POLITICAL NOTES: (more coming soon!)

In the year 2000, [John Ashcroft] was running for re-election as Senator from Missouri against a man who died the month before the election. The voters preferred the late Gov. Mel Carnahan.

Our Pharma and Medical System is Corrupt & FULL of GREED

Reviewing the Situation

First review the source. and research its credibility. (SEE SEC. 2 Below)

I contacted the United Nations so I could share the world government’s official stance on wikiLeaks. Their online response is “Contact your countries representative”. I am going to call and try to get a person on the phone tomorrow. I want a formal statement on the UN Official Stance but they may wait until all the documents have been released. They also redirect you to do research on the INTERNET PUBLIC LIBRARY ( which is NOT RELEVANT to current events. Thank you UN for the wonderful effort of having customer service automated!!!!

The most important point of any political debate such as the one that follows is to PROTECT and UPHOLD THE CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. Base your opinions and judgment on the Constitution with respect to the Bill of Rights and you will be heard and respected back.

Summary as written by WikiLeaks:

The broader principles on which our work is based are the defense of freedom of speech and media publishing, the improvement of our common historical record and the support of the rights of all people to create new history. We derive these principles from the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. In particular, Article 19 inspires the work of our journalists and other volunteers. It states that everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression; this right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers. We agree, and we seek to uphold this and the other Articles of the Declaration.

At 5pm EST Friday 22nd October 2010 WikiLeaks released the largest classified military leak in history. The 391,832 reports (‘The Iraq War Logs’), document the war and occupation in Iraq, from 1st January 2004 to 31st December 2009 (except for the months of May 2004 and March 2009) as told by soldiers in the United States Army. Each is a ‘SIGACT’ or Significant Action in the war. They detail events as seen and heard by the US military troops on the ground in Iraq and are the first real glimpse into the secret history of the war that the United States government has been privy to throughout.

The reports detail 109,032 deaths in Iraq, comprised of 66,081 ‘civilians’; 23,984 ‘enemy’ (those labeled as insurgents); 15,196 ‘host nation’ (Iraqi government forces) and 3,771 ‘friendly’ (coalition forces). The majority of the deaths (66,000, over 60%) of these are civilian deaths.That is 31 civilians dying every day during the six year period. For comparison, the ‘Afghan War Diaries’, previously released by WikiLeaks, covering the same period, detail the deaths of some 20,000 people. Iraq during the same period, was five times as lethal with equivalent population size.


WikiLeaks Releasing 251,287 embassy cables 11/28-March 2011


Wikileaks began on Sunday November 28th publishing 251,287 leaked United States embassy cables, the largest set of confidential documents ever to be released into the public domain. The documents will give people around the world an unprecedented insight into US Government foreign activities.

The cables, which date from 1966 up until the end of February this year, contain confidential communications between 274 embassies in countries throughout the world and the State Department in Washington DC. 15,652 of the cables are classified Secret.

The embassy cables will be released in stages over the next few months. The subject matter of these cables is of such importance, and the geographical spread so broad, that to do otherwise would not do this material justice.

The cables show the extent of US spying on its allies and the UN; turning a blind eye to corruption and human rights abuse in “client states”; backroom deals with supposedly neutral countries; lobbying for US corporations; and the measures US diplomats take to advance those who have access to them.

This document release reveals the contradictions between the US’s public persona and what it says behind closed doors – and shows that if citizens in a democracy want their governments to reflect their wishes, they should ask to see what’s going on behind the scenes.

Every American schoolchild is taught that George Washington – the country’s first President – could not tell a lie. If the administrations of his successors lived up to the same principle, today’s document flood would be a mere embarrassment. Instead, the US Government has been warning governments — even the most corrupt — around the world about the coming leaks and is bracing itself for the exposures.

The full set consists of 251,287 documents, comprising 261,276,536 words (seven times the size of “The Iraq War Logs”, the world’s previously largest classified information release).

The cables cover from 28th December 1966 to 28th February 2010 and originate from 274 embassies, consulates and diplomatic missions.

What is the big deal?

Government officials and military members mentioned in the documents being released are now forced to hold press conferences to defend their actions and explain embarrassing comments. One a very rare occasion, some may have to relocate and their families are forced to change their identities for additional safety. Just how many of these cases does it take to justify breaking the Constitution of the USA by censoring our media and restricting the free press?

Yes, the data was restricted and classified BUT wikiLeaks is reviewing and verifying each cable before releasing them. WikiLeaks also with-holds information that clearly puts a current life in jeopardy. The action is not directly life threatening but it may indirectly increase the odds someone will be in danger. Those most in danger will have to choose to return to the most secure areas like the continental states or accept the level of increased risk.

What is the majority opinion of “The Citizens” of the US?

Watching Twitter feeds for hours at a time I am seeing aprox:

65% in favor of MOST of the data

15% neutral

10% partially against

5% Fully against

Concerns you may have?

My military friends and family are making heavy complaints and having strong feelings of anger towards WikiLeaks but they all say they can not and have not looked at the material on the site. Some say their computers will be flagged and they will be punished for viewing files above their clearance. They are being told that the data released is harmful and thus they immediately are ridiculing anyone who supports the data release.

How can one be hateful without fully examining the reason and making your own conclusions?

So, I decided to compile this review to help all my friends study the facts and come to their own conclusions without being nudged by any one sided sources.

I have studied the sites, documents, cables, followed Twitter debates all week and listened to all the media interviews to the time of publication and have compiled the following.

What DATA is available?

See Section 2.2 for a detailed summary of the PRE 11/28 documents with a list of the headlines. Topics include: War, killings, torture, detention facts; Government, trade and corporate transparency; Suppression of free speech and a free press;  Diplomacy, spying and (counter-)intelligence; Ecology, climate, nature and sciences; Corruption, finance, taxes, trading; Censorship technology and internet filtering Cults and other religious organizations; Abuse, violence, violation.

11/28 Cables being reviewed total 251,287 and ONLY 592 have been made public after extensive verification as of 12/1/10. I started my search with the most current by “creation date” in order to spot urgent life threatening data for this report. I reviewed #200+ and have found nothing life threatening. With the US government being for-warned of the data release, I am certain the appropriate defense measures have already been completed.

The Iraq War and other data servers are apparently being used to redirect traffic over flow from the Embassy reports dns because they are bottlenecked while the Embassy dns seems to be transmitting data packets at an acceptable rate. Therefore, I have given up on reviewing the War Log and Diary Dig databases for this report but will follow up on them at a later time.

Interesting reports I have found so far include:

2007-11-03 05:05 (2007 possible missile parts shipped from N. Korea to Iran)

looking for doc ID (Iran neighbors urge US to attack Iran)

looking for doc ID (Sarah E. Shourd, a teacher freed in September after nearly 14 months in Tehran’s Evin prison says the group inadvertently crossed into Iran.)

10DUBAI1 (a majority of reports like this one share intelligence on non UN supported movements. Here you will read that Customs Duty Fees are being waived at RAK airport as of late 2008… I think this is in Dubai. It is allowing companies to ship armored vehicles to Afghan etc. duty free and there is also some questionable Russian activity in the area. Basically just more boring intel on small pieces of a huge puzzle that is the war game.)

10ASHGABAT111 (A cat attempted suicide by running in front of a presidential motorcade and the person in charge of clearing the safety of the route was fired. JUST AN EXAMPLE THAT SOME OF THE REPORTS ARE HARMLESS, not to mention an idiotic waste of time.

10ABUDHABI33 (The US is accused of attacking Yemen civilians.)

ADD YOUR Favorites in the comments section and I will update this section.

What is the most questionable data that is putting government forces in higher risk situations?

There are inventory lists of equipment from 2007 used in Iraq but I can not find them. You can not search by key words so you have to go through all 2007 listings until you find the right heading.

Even if you know what the release date is, the Diary Dig and War Log search sections are struggling to complete their packet transfers even though I am on a 1mb/sec hardwire connection. The reception from French servers is sending bad responses mostly due to high traffic. This is a good time to test the packet transfer with tools. I tried multiple providers and locations and get the same server errors.

Will the information jeopardize active duty military?

Countries are always looking for reasons to push US soldiers out of preoccupied territories. This is just one more reason of hundreds for them. Some of our locations are supported by the United Nations and thus have been approved to protect and serve the world’s best interest. But several may not be fully UN supported and thus, need to be vacated.

I am waiting for a list from the UN and will update here soon. If the US is going against the world council, then the US has to be considered a traitor to world peace. Any militant performing hostile acts in an unapproved territory needs to be neutralized and that is the majority of who is jeopardized by WikiLeaks not those who are in UN approved locations protected by the world council. Over 60% (66,000+) of the Iraq casualties of war are civilians! If the war came to your state and 60% of your innocent school children, public servants and friends were trapped in a hostile zone and murdered, wouldn’t you want the rest of the world to read the details?

“WikiLeaks been developing and improving a harm minimization procedure. We do not censor our news, but from time to time we may remove or significantly delay the publication of some identifying details from original documents to protect life and limb of innocent people.” – (Sec. 1.2 paragraph 2)

Should anyone republishing this information be considered a traitor to the USA?

There is so much information; you have to know what you are looking for to stumble across a potentially treasonous document. I have been reading for days and have yet to find data that is directly putting an active duty person in higher risk in my opinion.

What do you think about the source who trusted WikiLeaks to research and publish the most accurate and least life threatening communication documents? National hero, truth patriot, traitor?

Please consider that he/she made the ultimate sacrifice to defend the Constitution in their best judgment. They show that the human conscience of what is right and true for the better good and greater cause of world peace was more important then their own life and the censoring power of officials down the chain of command. Remember, the USA is based on the government working FOR THE PEOPLE. When all has failed, we have the power of the VOTE. If your politician votes in favor of media censorship and you do not go tie yourself to their door in protest, WE HAVE FAILED.

What are the dates regarding the Embassy documents released?

Cables Range from 1966-Feb. 2010.

When are Secrets of the leaders of the People OK to be kept secret FROM THE PEOPLE?

It would be OK when;

– a secret would outrage the people in masses and cause them to riot against the leadership resulting in chaos. (911; Iraq, Afghan, Bin Ladden, Hussein)

– a pandemic or airborne plaque has to be quarantined

– innocent civilians are trapped in a war zone and have not been extracted

When are Secrets NOT OK?

How about when;

– military soldiers who have volunteered to enter a war zone have been manipulated by the leadership with out time to evacuate/retreat to a stable zone.

What are the best responses to WikiLeaks from Politicians?

Clinton – Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton said that the leaks undermined the international community but that they wouldn’t damage America’s ties.

Who is WikiLeaks and who is it affiliated with?

NOT related to WikiPedia. “WIKI” is a server SOFTWARE that allows interlinking web pages with continuous page creation. WikiLeaks is a world media organization and collaboration of independent journalists not a profiting corporation. There is no SINGLE founder (but there is one person being credited with the early organization) or one master headquarters.

For more info see WikiLeaks ABOUT section. Here are the highlights:

1.4 How WikiLeaks verifies its news stories

We assess all news stories and test their veracity. We send a submitted document through a very detailed examination a procedure. Is it real? What elements prove it is real? Who would have the motive to fake such a document and why? We use traditional investigative journalism techniques as well as more modern rtechnology-based methods. Typically we will do a forensic analysis of the document, determine the cost of forgery, means, motive, opportunity, the claims of the apparent authoring organisation, and answer a set of other detailed questions about the document. We may also seek external verification of the document For example, for our release of the Collateral Murder video, we sent a team of journalists to Iraq to interview the victims and observers of the helicopter attack. The team obtained copies of hospital records, death certificates, eye witness statements and other corroborating evidence supporting the truth of the story. Our verification process does not mean we will never make a mistake, but so far our method has meant that WikiLeaks has correctly identified the veracity of every document it has published.

2. WikiLeaks’ journalism record

2.1 Prizes and background

WikiLeaks is the winner of:

  • the 2008 Economist Index on Censorship Freedom of Expression award
  • the 2009 Amnesty International human rights reporting award (New Media)

WikiLeaks has a history breaking major stories in major media outlets and robustly protecting sources and press freedoms. We have never revealed a source. We do not censor material. Since formation in 2007, WikiLeaks has been victorious over every legal (and illegal) attack, including those from the Pentagon, the Chinese Public Security Bureau, the Former president of Kenya, the Premier of Bermuda, Scientology, the Catholic & Mormon Church, the largest Swiss private bank, and Russian companies. WikiLeaks has released more classified intelligence documents than the rest of the world press combined.

2.2 Some of the stories we have broken

  • War, killings, torture and detention
  • Government, trade and corporate transparency
  • Suppression of free speech and a free press
  • Diplomacy, spying and (counter-)intelligence
  • Ecology, climate, nature and sciences
  • Corruption, finance, taxes, trading
  • Censorship technology and internet filtering
  • Cults and other religious organizations
  • Abuse, violence, violation

War, killings, torture and detention

  • Changes in Guantanamo Bay SOP manual (2003-2004) – Guantanamo Bay’s main operations manuals
  • Of Orwell, Wikipedia and Guantanamo Bay – In where we track down and expose Guantanamo Bay’s propaganda team
  • Fallujah jail challenges US – Classified U.S. report into appalling prison conditions in Fallujah
  • U.S lost Fallujah’s info war – Classified U.S. intelligence report on the battle of Fallujah, Iraq
  • US Military Equipment in Iraq (2007) – Entire unit by unit equipment list of the U.S army in Iraq
  • Dili investigator called to Canberra as evidence of execution mounts – the Feb 2008 killing of East Timor rebel leader Reinado
  • Como entrenar a escuadrones de la muerte y aplastar revoluciones de El Salvador a Iraq – The U.S. Special Forces manual on how to prop up unpopular government with paramilitaries

Government, trade and corporate transparency

  • Change you can download: a billion in secret Congressional reports – Publication of more than 6500 Congressional Research Reports, worth more than a billion dollars of US tax-funded research, long sought after by NGOs, academics and researchers
  • ACTA trade agreement negotiation lacks transparency – The secret ACTA trade agreement draft, followed by dozens of other publications, presenting the initial leak for the whole ACTA debate happening today
  • Toll Collect Vertraege, 2002 – Publication of around 10.000 pages of a secret contract between the German federal government and the Toll Collect consortium, a private operator group for heavy vehicle tolling system
  • Leaked documents suggest European CAP reform just a whitewash – European farm reform exposed
  • Stasi still in charge of Stasi files – Suppressed 2007 investigation into infiltration of former Stasi into the Stasi files commission
  • IGES Schlussbericht Private Krankenversicherung, 25 Jan 2010 – Hidden report on the economics of the German private health insurance system and its rentability

Suppression of free speech and a free press

  • The Independent: Toxic Shame: Thousands injured in African city, 17 Sep 2009 – Publication of an article originally published in UK newspaper The Independent, but censored from the Independent’s website. WikiLeaks has saved dozens of articles, radio and tv recordings from disappearing after having been censored from BBC, Guardian, and other major news organisations archives.
  • Secret gag on UK Times preventing publication of Minton report into toxic waste dumping, 16 Sep 2009 – Publication of variations of a so-called super-injunction, one of many gag-orders published by WikiLeaks to expose successful attempts to suppress the free press via repressive legal attacks
  • Media suppression order over Turks and Caicos Islands Commission of Inquiry corruption report, 20 Jul 2009 – Exposure of a press gagging order from the Turks and Caicos Islands, related to WikiLeaks exposure of the Commission of Inquiry corruption report
  • Bermuda’s Premier Brown and the BCC bankdraft – Brown went to the Privy council London to censor the press in Bermuda
  • How German intelligence infiltrated Focus magazine – Illegal spying on German journalists

Diplomacy, spying and (counter-)intelligence

  • U.S. Intelligence planned to destroy WikiLeaks, 18 Mar 2008 – Classified (SECRET/NOFORN) 32 page U.S. counterintelligence investigation into WikiLeaks. Has been in the worldwide news.
  • CIA report into shoring up Afghan war support in Western Europe, 11 Mar 2010 – This classified CIA analysis from March, outlines possible PR-strategies to shore up public support in Germany and France for a continued war in Afghanistan. Received international news coverage in print, radio and TV.
  • U.S. Embassy profiles on Icelandic PM, Foreign Minister, Ambassador – Publication of personal profiles for briefing documents for U.S. officials visiting Iceland. While lowly classified are interesting for subtle tone and internal facts.
  • Cross-border clashes from Iraq O.K. – Classified documents reveal destabalizing U.S. military rules
  • Tehran Warns US Forces against Chasing Suspects into Iran – Iran warns the United States over classified document on WikiLeaks
  • Inside Somalia and the Union of Islamic Courts – Vital strategy documents in the Somali war and a play for Chinese support

Ecology, climate, nature and sciences

  • Draft Copenhagen climate change agreement, 8 Dec 2009 – Confidential draft “circle of commitment” (rich-country) Copenhagen climate change agreement
  • Draft Copenhagen Accord Dec 18, 2009 – Three page draft Copehagen “accord”, from around Friday 7pm, Dec 18, 2009; includes pen-markings
  • Climatic Research Unit emails, data, models, 1996-2009 – Over 60MB of emails, documents, code and models from the Climatic Research Unit at the University of East Anglia, written between 1996 and 2009 that lead to a worldwide debate
  • The Monju nuclear reactor leak – Three suppressed videos from Japan’s fast breeder reactor Monju revealing the true extent of the 1995 sodium coolant disaster

Corruption, finance, taxes, trading

  • The looting of Kenya under President Moi – $3,000,000,000 presidential corruption exposed; swung the Dec 2007 Kenyan election, long document, be patient
  • Gusmao’s $15m rice deal alarms UN – Rice deal corruption in East Timor
  • How election violence was financed – the embargoed Kenyan Human Rights Commission report into the Jan 2008 killings of over 1,300 Kenyans
  • Financial collapse: Confidential exposure analysis of 205 companies each owing above EUR45M to Icelandic bank Kaupthing, 26 Sep 2008 – Publication of a confidential report that has lead to hundreds of newspaper articles worldwide
  • Barclays Bank gags Guardian over leaked memos detailing offshore tax scam, 16 Mar 2009 – Publication of censored documents revealing a number of elaborate international tax avoidance schemes by the SCM (Structured Capital Markets) division of Barclays
  • Bank Julius Baer: Grand Larceny via Grand Cayman – How the largest private Swiss bank avoids paying tax to the Swiss government
  • Der Fall Moonstone Trust – Cayman Islands Swiss bank trust exposed
  • Over 40 billion euro in 28167 claims made against the Kaupthing Bank, 23 Jan 2010 – List of Kaupthing claimants after Icelandic banking crash
  • Northern Rock vs. WikiLeaks – Northern Rock Bank UK failed legal injunctions over the ¡Ì24,000,000,000 collapse
  • Whistleblower exposes insider trading program at JP Morgan – Legal insider trading in three easy steps, brought to you by JP Morgan and the SEC

Censorship technology and internet filtering

  • Eutelsat suppresses independent Chinese-language TV station NTDTV to satisfy Beijing – French sat provider Eutelsat covertly removed an anti-communist TV channel to satisfy Beijing
  • Internet Censorship in Thailand – The secret internet censorship lists of Thailand’s military junta

Cults and other religious organizations

  • Church of Scientology’s ‘Operating Thetan’ documents leaked online – Scientology’s secret, and highly litigated bibles
  • Censored Legion de Cristo and Regnum Cristi document collection – Censored internal documents from the Catholic sect Legion de Cristo (Legion of Christ)
  • US Department of Labor investigation into Landmark Education, 2006 – 2006 investigative report by the U.S. Department of Labor on Landmark Education

Abuse, violence, violation

  • Report on Shriners raises question of wrongdoing – corruption exposed at 22 U.S. and Canadian children’s hospitals.
  • Claims of molestation resurface for US judo official
  • Texas Catholic hospitals did not follow Catholic ethics, report claims – Catholic hospitals violated catholic ethics

3.2 The importance of principled leaking to journalism, good government and a healthy society

Principled leaking has changed the course of history for the better. It can alter the course of history in the present, and it can lead us to a better future.

Consider Daniel Ellsberg, working within the US government during the Vietnam War. He comes into contact with the Pentagon Papers, a meticulously kept record of military and strategic planning throughout the war. Those papers reveal the depths to which the US government has sunk in deceiving the American people about the war. Yet the public and the media know nothing of this urgent and shocking information. Indeed, secrecy laws are being used to keep the public ignorant of gross dishonesty practised by their own government. In spite of those secrecy laws and at great personal risk, Ellsberg manages to disseminate the Pentagon papers to journalists and to the world. Despite criminal charges against Ellsberg, eventually dropped, the release of the Pentagon Papers shocks the world, exposes the government lying and helps to shorten the war and save thousands of both American and Vietnamese lives.

The power of principled leaking to call governments, corporations and institutions to account is amply demonstrated through recent history. The public scrutiny of otherwise unaccountable and secretive institutions forces them to consider the ethical implications of their actions. Which official will chance a secret, corrupt transaction when the public is likely to find out? What repressive plan will be carried out when it is revealed to the citizenry, not just of its own country, but the world? When the risks of embarrassment and discovery increase, the tables are turned against conspiracy, corruption, exploitation and oppression. Open government answers injustice rather than causing it. Open government exposes and undoes corruption. Open governance is the most effective method of promoting good governance.

Today, with authoritarian governments in power in much of the world, increasing authoritarian tendencies in democratic governments, and increasing amounts of power vested in unaccountable corporations, the need for openness and transparency is greater than ever. WikiLeaks interest is the revelation of the truth. Unlike the covert activities of state intelligence agencies, as a media publisher WikiLeaks relies upon the power of overt fact to enable and empower citizens to bring feared and corrupt governments and corporations to justice.

With its anonymous drop box, WikiLeaks provides an avenue for every government official, every bureaucrat, and every corporate worker, who becomes privy to damning information that their institution wants to hide but the public needs to know. What conscience cannot contain, and institutional secrecy unjustly conceals, WikiLeaks can broadcast to the world. It is telling that a number of government agencies in different countries (and indeed some entire countries) have tried to ban access to WikiLeaks. This is of course a silly response, akin to the ostrich burying its head in the sand. A far better response would be to behave in more ethical ways.

Authoritarian governments, oppressive institutions and corrupt corporations should be subject to the pressure, not merely of international diplomacy, freedom of information laws or even periodic elections, but of something far stronger – the consciences of the people within them.

3.3 Should the press really be free?

In its landmark ruling on the Pentagon Papers, the US Supreme Court ruled that “only a free and unrestrained press can effectively expose deception in government.” We agree.

The ruling stated that “paramount among the responsibilities of a free press is the duty to prevent any part of the government from deceiving the people and sending them off to distant lands to die of foreign fevers and foreign shot and shell.”

It is easy to perceive the connection between publication and the complaints people make about publication. But this generates a perception bias, because it overlooks the vastness of the invisible. It overlooks the unintended consequences of failing to publish and it overlooks all those who are emancipated by a climate of free speech. Such a climate is a motivating force for governments and corporations to act justly. If acting in a just manner is easier than acting in an unjust manner, most actions will be just.

Sufficient principled leaking in tandem with fearless reporting will bring down administrations that rely on concealing reality from their own citizens.

It is increasingly obvious that corporate fraud must be effectively addressed. In the US, employees account for most revelations of fraud, followed by industry regulators, media, auditors and, finally, the SEC. Whistleblowers account for around half of all exposures of fraud.

Corporate corruption comes in many forms. The number of employees and turnover of some corporations exceeds the population and GDP of some nation states. When comparing countries, after observations of population size and GDP, it is usual to compare the system of government, the major power groupings and the civic freedoms available to their populations. Such comparisons can also be illuminating in the case of corporations.

Considering the largest corporations as analogous to a nation state reveals the following properties:

  1. The right to vote does not exist except for share holders (analogous to land owners) and even there voting power is in proportion to ownership.
  2. All power issues from a central committee.
  3. There is no balancing division of power. There is no fourth estate. There are no juries and innocence is not presumed.
  4. Failure to submit to any order may result in instant exile.
  5. There is no freedom of speech.
  6. There is no right of association. Even romance between men and women is often forbidden without approval.
  7. The economy is centrally planned.
  8. There is pervasive surveillance of movement and electronic communication.
  9. The society is heavily regulated, to the degree many employees are told when, where and how many times a day they can go to the toilet.
  10. There is little transparency and something like the Freedom of Information Act is unimaginable.
  11. Internal opposition groups, such as unions, are blackbanned, surveilled and/or marginalized whenever and wherever possible.

While having a GDP and population comparable to Belgium, Denmark or New Zealand, many of these multi-national corporations have nothing like their quality of civic freedoms and protections. This is even more striking when the regional civic laws the company operates under are weak (such as in West Papua, many African states or even South Korea); there, the character of these corporate tyrannies is unregulated by their civilizing surroundings.

Through governmental corruption, political influence, or manipulation of the judicial system, abusive corporations are able to gain control over the defining element of government the sole right to deploy coercive force.

Just like a country, a corrupt or unethical corporation is a menace to all inside and outside it. Corporations will behave more ethically if the world is watching closely. WikiLeaks has exposed unethical plans and behaviour in corporations and this as resulted in recompense or other forms of justice forms of justice for victims.

3.4 Could oppressive regimes potentially come to face legal consequences as a result of evidence posted on WikiLeaks?

The laws and immunities that are applied in national and international courts, committees and other legal institutions vary, and we can’t comment on them in particular. The probative value of documents posted on WikiLeaks in a court of law is a question for courts to decide.

While a secure chain of custody cannot be established for anonymous leaks, these leaks can lead to successful court cases. In many cases, it is easier for journalists or investigators to confirm the existence of a known document through official channels (such as an FOI law or legal discovery) than it is to find this information when starting from nothing. Having the title, author or relevant page numbers of an important document can accelerate an investigation, even if the content itself has not been confirmed. In this way, even unverified information is an enabling jump-off point for media, civil society or official investigations. Principled leaking has been shown to contribute to bringing justice to victims via the court system.


My opinion is that hardly any of these cables would even matter if our troops were brought home like they should be. The only US personnel that should be stationed in countries not sharing a border with mainland US are peace embassy’s recognized by the United Nations and their direct security staff. I’m sure there are a few other reasons I would agree with but not thinking of at the moment.

We should not have any military bases beyond our nation’s waters and all countries having disputes across the oceans from us should be left alone to settle their own disputes. Safety and terrorist prevention in areas like Afghan, Iran, Iraq and other Taliban centers are not as important as our military and public is trained to believe.

It is the 21st century and with the nuclear weapons the US controls, no country is going to attack us. We have achieved complete national security and it is time to bring our forces home to improve the problems on our own soil. Don’t site 911 in dispute either. An attack like that was almost 10 years ago and even then it could not have happened without traitors in our own ranks. It was all about the oil and homeland security expansion and you know it!

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See Section 2.2 for a detailed summary of the PRE 11/28 documents with a list of the headlines. Topics include: War, killings, torture, detention facts; Government, trade and corporate transparency; Suppression of free speech and a free press;  Diplomacy, spying and (counter-)intelligence; Ecology, climate, nature and sciences; Corruption, finance, taxes, trading; Censorship technology and internet filtering Cults and other religious organizations; Abuse, violence, violation.

11/28 Cables being reviewed total 251,287 and ONLY 592 have been made public after extensive verification as of 12/1/10. I started my search with the most current by “creation date” in order to spot urgent life threatening data for this report. I reviewed #200+ and have found nothing life threatening. With the US government being for-warned of the data release, I am certain the appropriate defense measures have already been completed.

The Iraq War and other data servers are apparently being used to redirect traffic over flow from the Embassy reports dns because they are bottlenecked while the Embassy dns seems to be transmitting data packets at an acceptable rate. Therefore, I have given up on reviewing the War Log and Diary Dig databases for this report but will follow up on them at a later time.

Over history government officials have had to make difficult decisions which are not in agreement with the majority vote of the people which they represent.

We THE PEOPLE, fight amongst ourselves over what is right and wrong, true and false; but the fact remains, WE ARE FREE and WE should respect our neighbors as we respect ourselves. When discussing major political actions with our friends and family, we should always ask first, is this action what we would want our neighbor to do to us.

The focus of this blog is not to study the past wrongs of the United States government but I can not avoid citing some of the invasions of others free lands every time this topic comes up. Do you want another countries military driving their tanks on your front yard? Do you want them to move in to your home or take control of your business to setup their base camps? It goes on and on but that is what happens when a foreign military invades it’s neighbor. The soldiers have to stay somewhere.

SURE, IN EXTREME cases where another foreign power is invading a 3rd party country FIRST and committing heinous genocide war crimes, the humane thing to do is go and rescue innocent victims and then evacuate immediately after obtaining stability, only to leave behind small platoons to protect for a maximum of a few months after the last shot is fired.

In the beginning, only neighbors fought wars and those from far away lands kept their violence in their own back yard. There was no giant collision of ALL countries on one land until long distant weapons were created. Even when it was just boats with cannons through the 1800s, the battles were contained to a few dominant powers. After the shots were done being fired the land was left to an independent government and a new nation would be formed.

The point is, in the past our country has invaded lands like Hawaii for our own benefit. Our government would use the media to convince the people that the Political opinion was best. The US government supported the businessmen whom over threw the Hawaiin council in 1893 and then strategically placed their associates in key locations throughout the islands to operate new businesses. We were told that this had to be done to secure lookout stations in Pan Pacific for the West Coast of the US so the Japanese and Chinese could not setup bases there.


Example 1. Pearl Harbor 12/7/41

Over the years the US government controlled the Islands to make sure they were available come a time they wanted to invade Asian powers. FDR and his supporters wanted more power in Europe but the people and congress denied his attempts to expand so FDR decided to provoke Japan by sending them threats. If he could get approval to attack Japan, then he could send more troops into Western Europe once they got involved.

What is most important about the Pearl Harbor incident is understanding why FDR resorted to such measures in the first place to get into war.

Congress was not letting FDR get into the war in Europe or the Pacific. This is partly because many of the members of Congress were backed by wealthy Americans who were working with the fascist powers of Europe. America had significant financial ties to the fascist powers at the time of WWII, and the European fascists were backed by private Americans as an anti-Communist force. In addition to these facts the general American population was ill informed about what was going on in Europe and a significant anti-war movement had taken hold in America because America had just come off of a 30 year imperialist military streak that had given Americans negative feelings about American military actions.

The only way FDR could get his way was to provoke casualties of war on Pearl Harbor by the Japanese and then retaliate… which is why warnings from communication cryptographers to the Military were silenced and no notice was sent to our families at Pearl Harbor. No large airforce could invade our base with no notice, without help from our own defense.

“Because American cryptographers had also broken the Japanese naval code, the leaders in Washington knew as well that Japan’s “measures” would include an attack on Pearl Harbor.[4] Yet they withheld this critical information from the commanders in Hawaii, who might have headed off the attack or prepared themselves to defend against it. That Roosevelt and his chieftains did not ring the tocsin makes perfect sense: after all, the impending attack constituted precisely what they had been seeking for a long time. As Stimson confided to his diary after a meeting of the war cabinet on November 25, “The question was how we should maneuver them [the Japanese] into firing the first shot without allowing too much danger to ourselves.”[5] After the attack, Stimson confessed that “my first feeling was of relief … that a crisis had come in a way which would unite all our people.[6]”


I will publish a special focus follow up on many more examples like 911 but for right now, the crucial action at hand is the censorship of true patriots fighting for our freedom on OUR OWN SOIL where they belong and where the REAL FIGHT IS. Soldiers like those at need your support so forward the link to this blog and their links below. Repost them on your sites and get busy tweeting…. we beg you.

TAKE SOME TIME right now please and browse the site before it is completely censored by our Chinese wanna be government censoring officials.

Protect your freedom of speech and fight media censorship for the love of all that is good.!/wikileaks





(Comparing the US to China is only in reference to our internet and information being censored like it is there. A true dictatorship controls what knowledge the people are able to obtain and thus, the are not truely free.)




Mike Sullivan November 28 at 7:29pm:

Hell no I won’t browse it. For one, it’s illegal to do so on these government computers–it’ll “classify” the machine and we can lose it. For another, we (anyone without the need to know) have no business looking at classified documents…period. It’s not conspiracy…it’s not censorship…it’s not even “freedom of speech”! It’s a matter of life and death for our soldiers, sailors, marines, and airmen whose names and and very lives are endangered by those documents!


? November 28 at 7:42pm:


Mike, I agree with you 95%. classified documents are classified for a reason. This is going to do way more harm than good and people will suffer from it.

Tim, I’m sorry brother but you DO NOT have a right to know much of this information. And trust me when I tell you that this is not a conspiracy.



? November 28 at 7:49pm:

Also, when does the media have the right to release classified documents? Just because the info was leaked by some little traitor punk in the Army doesn’t give everyone the right to know. This is empowering our enemies! People that want you dead, Tim! People that we in the armed forces are trying to subdue so you can go about voicing your opinions so freely.




? November 28 at 8:22pm

One more thing, Tim. If at any point I thought my government was getting anywhere close to how China runs it’s country and treats it’s people I would be out of the military in a heart beat.



Tim Frentz 9:13pm

My family is largely military so my opinions are not coming from the other side of the fence.


The debate is the content. Provide me a couple links from the site via private message (if you are so convinced you not need to have more people be…come aware of it by pasting on this thread) where you see content that qualifies as life threatening to a soldier alive in a war zone territory that is not currently secure and “safe” in a neutral zone.


It is a side note, but our internet content is becoming more and more censored every day since the passing of the law to allow unlimited corporate spending on campaigns. It has free’d up companies with the most money to play dirty. They are paying content providers to slow down the websites of their competitors in certain markets which results in errors similar to “website not found” etc.


There are many examples of this so take 5 minutes and read the following in regards to my censorship comment. (this provides scientific data, tools and results etc.) (the hub for Internet Freedom / Net Neutrality Forums)


Spend some time and provide sources to support your opinion please, that is all I ask. I hope to see some examples from you that may convince me to apologize for supporting


Tim Frentz

Mike – please wait until we conclude our debate to retract support of our charity. I am not firm on supporting wikiLeaks fully until I am done reading the entire site… which I am trying to do right now.


So far, it seems like they are just …making the “truth” via documentation available. I try not to support “conspiracy”. I research and look for overwhelming proof before taking a strong stand on anything.


You rarely EVER see me stand firmly on politics in a debate because I rarely experience their AFFECTS directly on me or someone in my presence. If I do not witness a crime, I can not fully stand on one side or the other and argue.


As I am reading wikiLeaks, I will post updates and cite examples without republishing “delicate” information that may put a life in jeopardy.


So start sending me links and help convince me I am wrong….



Mike Sullivan

I think you need to prove yourself RIGHT before I have to prove you wrong. My “opinion” comes from 16+ years (and counting) in the military—from my various assignments AROUND the world. I may not like or agree with some things that happen… in the US Government, but I took an oath to support and defend the constitution from all enemies, foreign AND domestic.



Tim, are you honestly going to read the 400,000 plus pages that wikileaks is releasing? I think not. The only proof I need is the word of guys I personally know that had to deal with the last leak and all the problems it caused them. And like Mike said, how about you prove to us that this ISN’T going to cause more harm than good. The burden of proof isn’t on us as we didn’t release this crap.



Loyed Bburn

How can one defend the constitution then declare an American citizen exercising one of their constitutional guarantees as an enemy? Please clarify as I think all American citizens should be aware of an active duty military member who considers free speech to be qualification for ‘enemy’. … just a passerby citizen in this little conversation 🙂


Tim Frentz

fair enough – I will post a review in a few hours — there is a lot of content. Just because you view your military position outside your own countries borders as “ok” does not mean I will “dis friend you”


The only people I do not call my f…riends are those that cause direct harm to others be-it direct physical contact, verbal or indirect crimes against the environment to a high level.


I will not call someone my enemy because they have an opinion. That makes you an enlightened, educated, sophisticated human being and someone I enjoy having debates like this one with.


I have the freedom as a human being NOT AS AN AMERICAN CITIZEN to have the opinion that LARGE AMOUNTS of American military soldiers should only leave our borders to STOP genocide against any living being. Force should not be used for prevention beyond holding small areas for democratic meetings such as Embassy’s and their local protection.


We deploy troops, they STOP war crimes with the assistance of UN regulation and leadership, then we vacate in accordance with the return of balance and the new local UN approved indigenous leadership.



Mike Sullivan

I qualify someone participating in the leaking of classified information as an enemy of the state. What “constitutional guarantee” are you talking about? Freedom of speech? When you become an enemy of the state–you are no longer protected …by the constitution. When freedom of speech–or the exercise of it places you into the category of a spy or collaborator against the government—then yes, this active duty person will consider them an “enemy”.



Tim Frentz

Help me understand how this has caused a direct problem to your guys. Send to me as a private message if you would prefer. I am evolving and becoming a better human being by this conversation and the assistance of those involved… except those who call me mean names when I have not done so to them. Corry, I love you to man. come on, lets hug it out. My full apology is coming soon but for now, I AM SORRY I HAVE OFFENDED anyone.



No can do Tim, but maybe what I know will come out in the next leak… I look forward to talking to you in person some day.



Loyed Bburn

Oh, I know Tim what some of us troops have done to walk the longest mile. That was directed at the active duty military member who said he was considering you as an ‘enemy’. I don’t know this person or you very well, I just see what is writ…ten here and that kinda puts the heeby jeebies even on this vets neck hairs. All earthlings are guaranteed voice at birth, true. America has it written into a piece of paper that specifies it as a rule of governing. Governing translates into military power. When the military starts considering voiced Americans as enemies it’s time to pause a moment and ask a few questions. Dig?

The United States Constitution is being attacked by the leading communication companies in the country. Currently Verizon, Comcast, TimeWarner, AT&T and other firms are using illegal tactics like bribing politicians and filtering users access to content in order to maximize their profits by charging users for even the simplest of tasks on the internet.

Every day, content access that is protected by Freedom of Speech and that has been FREE to access through mediums such as the internet and print, is being locked behind passwords and filter mechanisms which require a monetary exchange to unlock or remove.

ONE of the main leaders of the people is ROB TOPOLSKI and his army of TRUTH PATRIOTS are operating online at to protect your constitutional rights!

This is the most current update by a leading file sharing company operating in the U.S.


US users, welcome to the lighter and lightning-fast isoHunt! Although we bring this new search engine to you with a burden from the lawsuit brought by the MPAA, we hope you understand the reason why we are making this change. We are addressing concerns Judge Wilson has expressed over inducing copyright infringement in the United States. Though inducement is never our intention (and we have evidence to support it), with isoHunt Lite we want to affirm publicly that isoHunt’s essential function is merely to provide a search engine and a public utility with all the net neutrality it affords and should be afforded.

Despite rumors that we are ordered to filter by keywords for the US, there’s only a proposed order, no actual order. Freedom of speech, non-infringing use and technical implementability issues are still being debated in further court briefs. We have not done any keyword filtering and are fighting all we can not to, because we believe search terms are ambiguous by nature, and that any requirement to keyword filter is a violation of freedom of speech and tantamount to censorship. There are many non-infringing uses for BitTorrent technology and we hope you will be able to continue to use isoHunt for these, free of constraints by gaping holes in the dictionary because your search triggered a keyword in a title of one of the million movies that have been produced.

Why would you still use isoHunt, you ask now that it’s just like Google and Yahoo, and you can search for torrents with those? While we won’t dispute that claim, there’s a fundamental difference: On isoHunt Lite you get ranking by constantly updated seeds/leechers and ratings, statistics specific for BitTorrent, in addition to search relevancy and age. A general search engine also do not group as one multiple, identical torrents spread on different websites on the Web. Your continued use of isoHunt will also support our upcoming appeal against the MPAA, and we thank you in advance.

We protest the possibility we may be required by US law in upcoming injunction to keyword filter for US users as it would be censorship. The DMCA mandates with good reason that copyright notice and takedowns requested by copyright holders be done under penalty of perjury with accurate identifcation, with standard practice of links or URLs, not broad mucking with the dictionary. If you want to join us in protest, share this by Tweet, Facebook, etc. and write to Congress. Donation to organizations like the EFF will also help.

(151) Comments
Copyright lawsuit update and introducing isoHunt Lite (Beta)
Posted by IH on Feb. 23

US Copyright Laws

The US court ruled, in late December 2009, in Summary Judgment that we were liable for secondary copyright infringement, you may have read about it in the news. What you have not heard however is what happened since the status conference in January. The Judge, at the status conference, agreed to provide us after the injunction phase, but before the damages phase, with an interlocutory appeal to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals. Before we appeal however, we must undergo injunction motions and that’s what we are doing now. Plaintiffs have filed their motion with their proposed measure for injunction a couple of weeks ago. The Plaintiffs proposed injunction and its keyword type filter, in our view, raises serious issues on the balance between freedom of speech, fair use and copyright protectionism. Such keyword filter is also impossible to implement if it’s to have any sort of precision, nor can it avoid conflict with fair use cases, free commerce, or extra-territorial law. We have just filed our response in opposition:

isoHunt Lite

We are in the process of developing isoHunt Lite, a lighter, simpler, and faster version of isoHunt, and need user testing and bug reports for our beta version to iron out the bugs. Should the Court accept a version of isoHunt Lite during the injunction phase, it may become the required interface for our US users. Currently the isoHunt lite beta is a work in progress. You can preview the beta now, and whether you are from the US or not, we welcome your bug reports on the new isoHunt Lite:

A reason for isoHunt Lite is that we propose it as a measure for injunction, as it no longer contains any red flags for inducement that were found at Summary Judgment. And without inducement, an important question with wide ramifications we can then ask is, when does a content agnostic search engine that specializes in a vertical like the BitTorrent ecosystem be ineligible for the DMCA Safe Harbors, an information location tool like isoHunt that has both non-infringing and infringing uses? When non-infringing uses in the ecosystem is growing, exemplified by the latest independent success stories like in Ink?

We will have an injunction hearing on March 22. Our appeal will follow after that, stay tuned.

UPDATE (after hearing): Despite rumors that we are ordered to keyword filter for US, there’s only a proposed order, no actual order. Freedom of speech, non-infringing use and technical implementability issues are still being debated.


ISOhunt is being forced to move a lot of their operation and jobs out of the USA because politicians have been bribed enough money now to over rule the constitution and impose fines and jail time on founders and users of Peer to Peer networks.How much longer will you put up with these attacks?