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#1 Clamshell Ultra

Acer Aspire s7 191 or 392-9890 $400

Pros: Best screen; lightest/thinnest 11″ 2.3 lb; 180 open; back light keyboard

Cons:  Battery life 6-8hr but other Aspire models reach 9hrs; price

Acer V5 has only a 4hr battery, 155 lux dim screen

Acer VivioBook has a 15″ screen

s3 has i5, 13″ screen, 4hr battery



#2 Clamshell Ultra

HP Spectre 13 $450

260 lux Bright screen; 8hr battery, expanded side wing touch pad;


ASUS s200E $300

Pros: Polished aluminum casing

Cons: 5hr battery, dim screen not good for outdoors, 100mb wifi card super slow


#3 Samsung Series 9 $500

Pros: Quality design,

Cons: HDMI/VGA dongle port needed, only 2 USBs


Lenovo Helix, Acer Aspire s7; DELL XPS; ASUS Transformer; HP Elite Book Revolve; ASUS Taichi Dual Screen; Lenovo YOGA 11s & pro2; Lenovo Twist; MicroSoft Surface

After being hit by a semi and having my ASUS t100mt Hybrid Swivel touch screen laptop thrown from the truck and getting ran over, I was left scrambling to discover the best replacement model of 2014.

I put this guide together to organize all of research on the latest models. In order to narrow down the field I set some basic requirements that the ASUS t100mt was close to matching.

First, lets examine the t100mt in comparison.

The Pros: multi function touch pad; touch screen w/ stylus; durable swivel with square chassis in tablet mode; hackable unlock version of Win7; great audio out; multiple ports (duel audio out, SD, VGA, HDMI, USB3); hot swap RAM/battery

The Cons: Drive is not hot swap (must dissemble chassis); the VGA video out board works 80% of the time (dual monitor FAILS often); the Battery is only available from Asia sources and costs $70+ and it starts dropping from 7 hours to 3 hours once you reach around the 1500 hours mark of use; the weight strains your wrist when holding with one hand in tablet mode due to the swapable battery; 1.7ghz single core CPU

Hardware Spec charts:,2817,2401515,00.asp

*Windows RT systems not included because the RT OS requires additional apps and very limited 3rd party non Microsoft programs will work on them.

TOP PICK of 2014

*IDEAL specs include Bright screen for sunlight use; haswell 4th gen Core i5 CPU; 14 hr swapable sheet battery (SONY) Dell XPS/Acer Aspire 9hr, swivel with removable touch tablet; back lit keyboard with small touch pad; 120gb+ SSD; 4g Ram;  VGA/hdmi out; <2.6lb;  Bluetooth/NFC/Widi;



Battery = DELL XPS removeable 5-7hr / SONY VAIO Pro 11s dual batteries 14hr+ / HP Envy 7/7 dual /

Display = Lenovo Yoga 320 Lux Flip 11″ / DELL XPS 259 Lux Swivel 12″

Weight = Sony Vaio 1.9lb / Acer Aspire s7 2.3lb / Dell 3.2lb

Keyboard = Dell XPS / Aspire s7 both Backlit

Hardware Durability = NOT DELL XPS (faulty screen cable/power down bios)

*pricing based on eBay

#1 Convertible Samsung 700t $300,2817,2416024,00.asp?tab=Specs


#1 Hybrid Lenovo YOGA 11s $400

Pros: 180 flip screen; 320 LUX bright for sunlight use; $400 avg price for 128gb; easy upgrade, good support

Cons: keyboard is exposed to damage and dirt; battery swap requires disassemble; 128gb drive max


#2 Convertible Lenovo Thinkpad Helix

Pros: Dual battery, removeable tablet with laptop power

Cons: Avg price $600

#2 Hybrid DELL XPS 12  

Pros: Longest Battery of Hybrids (6-7+hr); 259 Lux Display; 3.2lb is avg; $350 avg price

Cons: the flip screen chassis is prone to damage and may become unstable after any minor bang; requires video out adapter; rear side headphone jack; touch pad drivers are unstable; rubber coated casing peels; faulty speaker and display pixels errors have been reported; Faulty Screen Cables are largely reported for causing boot up failures due to shorts and power saving bios settings also!

#3 Convertible HP Envy x2 (2012)

Pros: <2lb; 5hr main keyboard battery & 7hr tablet battery

Cons: 2g Ram; 64gb SSD; IPS Screen not good in sunlight; the Atom Z2760 CPU is almost three times slower then Intel Core i5-3210m and playing streaming video is not good because it uses up 100% of CPU and drains the battery faster!

*View the latest HP Convertible 2014 models

#3 Hybrid SONY Vaio Pro 11s

Pros: Battery life extended to 15+ hrs with swappable sheet battery; 1.9lbs; HDMI out,

Cons: Noisy fans can be minimized in control panel; main battery not swappable; screen is just a basic clamshell; $800 avg price

#4 Hybrid?

#5 Hybrid HP Elite Book Revolve

Pros: Durable 3.1lb chassis meets military use standards;  Swivel touch screen;

Cons: High avg Price of $600; NO Video Out for Dual Screen w/out display port adapter; Third- instead of fourth-generation Core i5 CPU; Screen does not detatch; sub par video; variable battery life

ASUS Taichi Dual Screen

Pros: 2.8lb

Cons: inside screen is not touch — only outside screen

Lenovo YOGA Pro2

Pros: has backlit keyboard

Cons: 13″

Lenovo Twist


Cons: only in 12″; the screen swivel is not square with the chassis; the keyboard is only 50% of the surface so it is uncomfortable;

CONVERTIBLES (most tablet minded models do not house enough Ram, CPU power or HD space for business users)

MS Surface Pro2

Pros: light weight; smallest keyboard and durable;

Cons: limited drive space; limited features; requires a flat surface to keep the screen upright without a solid keyboard chassis

ASUS Transformer T300

Pros: good design; 128gb drive; 4gb RAM (not upgradeable)

Cons: No backlit keyboard; Keyboard and Tablet need to be charged separately; No WACOM digitizer support; tablet tilt is minimal 110deg; low LUX


Ux31A Zenbook $375

13″ ; 128ssd; i5 1.7ghz ; 4gb RAM

ux21A $400
11.6″ ; 128gb SSD ; i5 1.7ghz ; 4gb RAM

X202e $250

11.6″ ; 500gb ; i3 1.8ghz ; 4gb RAM

Aluminum body

NEG- cheap hinges


x200CA $150
11″ ; 320gb ; 1.5ghz ; 4gb RAm

Plastic body


Q200 $250

11″, i3 1.8ghz

NO review found (international model)

low battery life expected


Lenova U430 Touch (14″) $450

The same guts as the Flex 14 but lighter (at 4.2 pounds) and thinner (0.8 inches) with a higher-res touch screen (1600×900). It also has 16 GB of solid-state cache, a backlit keyboard, and better build quality.


UPGRADE INFO,3269.html

Here is a current list of the donated items we have to sell to raise funds for our charitable causes.

We only sell on eBay after items have been on advertised on Craigslist and Facebook for a few months. eBay is your last chance to donate before the item is GONE!!!



Auto Stuff 

Honda Emblem, Ranger Emblem, Ford Emblem, Nova Emblems (3), Regal Emblem 
Chevy Floor Shifter Cover part#355399-H, 400-S, 3996820-S, 6819-H 
GM motor mount buffer in box Part#75J9 #3927019 
Chevy Chrome Cig Lighter Center Floor P#C-10606A 
Wood Shifter Ball 

1885 Shakespeare Books (Mershon Comp. Publishers) NYC Vol. III, V, and VII $40 each. 
1968 Walt Disney’s “Goofy in Giant Trouble” (A Big LIttle Book) #5751 $10 
1973 Casper TV Tales #2 (Tempo Books) Paper Back Excellent Condition $10 
1963 The Wizard of OZ (Grosset & Dunlap) Hard Cover 
Jake Logan 1970s Western Collection $5 /ea. 
Louis L’Amour 1970s Western Collection $5/ea. 
1960s Playboy Publishing Paperbacks 
Stephen King “The Shining” 1977 edt.1 (Book Club Print) R52 pg.447 $30 
How to Grow When Markets Don’t $5 ISBN#446531774 
1951 Bedtime Tales (Big Golden Book) in Color $30 

Adult Magazines 1999-2003 (PB) PH 9/1989 20th Anv. Spin 1970s $varies 

Finding Your Place in the Country ISBN#020892004 $5 
China US Policy 1945-1980 (Congressional Quarterly) FREE 
1963 LIFE w/ JFK Commemorative 11/29/63 Issue $15 
1964 LIFE w/ Oswald Issue 2/1964 Issue (Ruff Edges and Cover cut) $5 
1967 LOOK 2/1967 JFK Commemorative $10 


1960 Kodak Brownie Starmite $15 
1950’s Kodak Brownie Hawkeye $15 
1960’s Keystone Capri K-30 Windup 8MM Video Camera $25 
1960’s Kodak M2 Instamatic 8MM Video Camera $25 
1970’s Polaroid Captiva SLR 95 Film Camera $10 
1980’s Canon AF35M Camera $10 
1980’s Canon FD 50mm 1:1.4 S.S.C. Lens $50 


1993 Precious Moments “Seeds” Fiqurine $10 
1993 Precious Moments “Sugar Town Chapel” $20 
1960s-70s Comics 

Baseball Cards (1987-1995) 
Jim Abbott, Sandy Alomar Jr., Roberto Alomar, Moises Alou, Kevin Appier, Bobby Bonilla 
Craig Biggio, Jay Buhner, Jose/Ozzie Canseco, Wes Chamberlain, David Cone 
Delino Deshields, Doug Drabek, Shawon Dunston, Scott Erickson, Alex Fernadez 
Junior Felix, Travis Fryman, John Franco, Ron Gant, Bernard Gilkey, Tom Glavine 
Juan Gonzalez, Tom Gordon, Mike Greenwell, Marquis Grissom, Pete Incaviglia, Bo Jackson 
Gregg Jefferies, Ricky Jordan, Wally Joyner, John Kruk, Roberto Kelly, Les Lancaster 
Chuck Knoblauch, Mark Langston, Ray Lankford, Barry Larkin, Al Leiter, Kenny LOFTON, Pat Listach, 

1960’s Pocket Knives 

email us for details (will list them here soon) 


Gateway Laptop Model 450ROG w/ 1g RAM; 2g Processor (needs $15 screen LED replaced and a hard drive) $50 
for $100 extra we will fix the Laptop 
Siemens Speedstream DSL Router $20 
Internet Phone Router Linksys Rt31p2-VD $20 
DLink Wireless Router $20 

Pyramid PS52KX 50-Ampere AC to DC Power Supply/Converter w/ Built-In Cool Fan by Sound Around $150 ($250 retail via: Amazon ) 


Dale Earnhardt Jr. Blanket, Flag, Hat and PJ Pants $40 
Lizard Pet Reptile Heat Rock 6×4 inch $15 


Girls Doc Martens Size 4 $20 each (email for pictures) 
Womens Adidas Running Shoes Size 10 
Womens Nike Running Shoes Size 9 $30 (Near New) 
Womens Size 9 Nike Airliner Walking Shoes $10 (Lightly Used) 

Boys Size 7 Adidas TraXion Soccer Cleats $20 (Near NEW) 

Antique 2″ Wood Plainer Corsair 


Let us buy or sell for you!!! 

We save you money and then take our 50% cut of the difference and give it to Charity causes listed at: 

Full Inventory can be seen at Pictures can be viewed at: 

Check my references on or Social Links at to see we are honest people with a great cause of funding a HELPING HANDS CHARITY! Subscribe to our updates and receive 10% off our items and services. 
Tim Frentz 
Helping Hands Charity 
blog / 
Twitter/TFrentz ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ NEBRASKA ONLY 
Alloy universal 16″ racing wheels $400 set + w/ new 215/55 R16 Tires ADD $80/ea. 


Alum V Boat (52″ bowe, 14+” length) $275 
16″+ Canoe (3-4 person) $325 
Late 70s Yamaha 125 (running/registered 2009) dirt tires $1200 
Newer Franklin Wood Stove $475 
KitchenAid Superba electric Dryer (#3388652) $50(comes with Washer that needs a part) 
Kids Driveable Battery powered CAT riding car/loader $75 
Industrial Flat Scale 500lb.+ rating $200 
OAK DESK (nice condition, light stain finish) $100 
Antique Stone Sharpening Wheel $125 
Chairs (30+ to choose from $1-5) 
Smoker Grills (1) electric (2) wood $10/ea. 
Kids folding Wood Picnic Table $15 
WOOD GOLF CLUBS (30+ Wilson and other brands to choose from) $5-20 varies 
Misc Old Paintings and Frames 
ANTIQUE TRUNKS (4+ to choose from) $50 
Holiday Decorations 
Old (1920s) Bede MO Rec Parlor Posters 
HARLAND YOUNG Stagecoach PRINT in Frame (large) $40 
Duck and Mallard Painting 2.5×2′ (unknown artist) $75 
Antique Glass, Fixtures and Porcelain 
Old Iron Tractor and Wagon Wheels 
Old Bikes (Triumph $50, Todler $15, 70s generic $20) 
Thousands of Collectible Books 
Barn Wood 
Old Tools 
House Siding $25 per 2sq. box (enough for a garage) 
Old Collectible Suitcases 


Lumber – Our client bought a nice sturdy school house and we have been helping them part out the antiques and lumber. We sell at 50% of retail for clean and 25% for those full of nails still. A lot are 20′ so they can be cut to length needed before loading if needed. 
Retail *Menards prices 
8ft. $2.97 12′ $3.69 16′ $5.69 

8ft. $3.94 12′ $6.30 16′ $9.26 

10ft. $7.85 12′ $11.82 16′ $15.47 

Terry Redlin Plates and Boat Shelf 
Eagle and Wolf Plates 
1940s Acoustic Blues Guitar $250