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It is one of those days where so many thoughts have pilled up that I struggle to focus on the tasks ahead. As quickly as possible I must begin writing anything and everything on my mind in an attempt to move forward successfully. Skip the long morning workout, avoid TV and social media. Get a cup of hot tea and some fruit and get outside to a nice creative space in the garden.

I am constantly battling between the nomad world and the world of the capitalist. I’m a starving artist, a missionary with a lifetime mission, and I find that I am actually at war with myself more than any theoretical opponent. In this day and age, I must clear my mind from time to time to increase my strength.

One half of my world is fine with living in nature and spending months in between the solitude leading an army of volunteers to make a positive change. The other half begs me to maintain a fort with tools and treasures in order to provide stability. I can not live happy and healthy in one world without the other so I choose to live in balance. Yin and Yang. Back and forth I march, doing the best I can to please those who support me.

I live the dream. The dream that I am walking the world in a time before the industrial revolution where living among nature was all there was. A world where possessions where few and money did not dictate how we lived. A world where you could just gather your food and enjoy time with friends and family without despair. Perhaps the dream lives me.

I have a life partner who is happy with my efforts to build the financial wealth needed to provide shelter and security. I also have supporters who are happy to see me venture the world leading efforts to make positive change.

Recently I have been focusing on strategic moves that make progress on both fronts.

To progress in the capitalist war, I have established a permanent center of operations in Hawkins Texas. A center that invites the community to gather and learn about positive subjects. I share knowledge on health, fitness, art, spirituality, gardening, renewable energy and other positive topics. This center offers communal gardening, art studio space, fitness room and a gallery to aid in raising money to offset the $800 a month in expenses.

To keep moving forward in my nomad battle, I must continue creating works of art and increase efforts to promote them in order to survive.

For years I lived with no worries, no bills, no “To Do” lists. I lived the dream.

And now….

I need to…..

  • give my loved ones some love ( I realize I am lacking in this because of the stress I’m attempting to release by posting this blog.)  xoxoxo
  • review and edit a land lease for the center
  • promote remodeling and computer / phone services to generate income to pay for the center
  • promote the center to connect with members who will make financial contributions to support it (Any artists, gardeners, fitness students, nomads in the Hawkins area?)
  • setup the lower level of the learning center
  • complete the final edits on a 10 year writing project (Life Wisdom) and get it published
  • write a 6 minute short story about my life and audio record it for a Tyler Texas story telling event deadline
  • sell tons of antique furniture and art in our inventory to relieve some of the financial burden
  • go spend some volunteer time at the mission around the corner
  • go for a jog around the lake down the street
  • ????  I know I’m forgetting a few things”




What does enlightenment mean to you? Below I am listing some detailed examples of what it means to me.

Some cultures put more emphasis on the philosophy then others. Some cultures just have a modified version with a different name.

Regardless of where you are in the world, you will find beings on the path of enlightenment. If keywords like peace, love, kindness, forgiveness, health, fitness, nature, knowledge and so on key your attention, then you are on the Enlightenment path.

If you choose to reach further and attain a higher state of enlightenment, this guide is for you.


First, you must care for your self above all else. Your body, spirit and mind are the temple that you build your enlightenment upon and they need to be strong in order to shine your light onto others.

Internally you need to be knowledgeable of the science of breathing. The yin of human life requires oxygenated air aprox. every 4 minutes, water every 4 days and nutritional energy within aprox. 4 weeks to live. By the life law of yin, this means breathing is the most powerful form of enlightenment.

Those who have reached the highest levels of enlightenment, do so by mastering ancient breathing meditation techniques. Read “The Science of Breath” by Ramacharaka for detailed guides on how to use breath to reverse illness and many others benefits. Contact me for a free copy.

A healthy human body is over 60% water. Hydration health and nutritional diet are the next most important paths to enlightenment. Drinking at least 64 ounces of pure fluids daily is needed by the average human to maintain maximum health levels. A proper intake of fluids is needed to digest the solid food nutrients that follow.

The oldest of human artifacts and ancient scriptures support the claims that humans are meant to be herbivores. Plant based diets not only achieve a higher level of health enlightenment, but they also provide a solution to some of the world’s biggest evils. The “animals for food and resources” industry is the root of deforestation, the extinction of animals, animal cruelty and many more evils blocking the path to enlightenment. If you want more help getting over an addiction to meat, just watch some of Louie Psihoyos’ films like “Racing Extinction”.   I can get you copies of any of these films you like. It is not just about food consumption either. The slaughter of living creatures is also taking place to provide you with beauty products and medicine and much more. Researching the ingredients of products and refusing to support anything living being based is a major step up on your path.

Moving on, let’s talk muscular and circulatory enlightenment. All around fitness is crucial to happiness and other enlightened emotions. Physical forms of yoga, weight lifting, cardio, Reiki, massage and such have the power to transcend you to a new level. I escape the material world every few months to focus on these methods. Living outside of a temple in a modern day industrialized nation like the United States makes it very hard to maintain or increase your physical enlightenment. Frequent trips to solitude are needed to reset and vanquish the clutter blocking your path. But in the mean time, while you are caught in the rat race, do some random tummy tucks/push ups/squats and such throughout your day to stay balanced. If you are shy and concerned with what those around you will think, then you are failing to surround yourself with other enlightenment seekers and this will only block your path.

Beyond the physical, think about how you spend your time. Are you volunteering and helping contribute to enlightened causes around you? Are you spending the daylight by unplugging and venturing to enjoy hobbies outdoors? Do you think about how your actions affect the world and do your enlightened best? Simple actions like recycling, growing your own food and harnessing your own energy can change the world for the better over night if enough of us do it!

Treasure your freedom and defend it through these enlightened methods. Live in the moment; appreciate life like it is ending today! Grasp every second like you are on a vacation and the end is near, because it really is closer than we sometimes realize!

Peace, love, forgive, enlighten.

HH Logo 1





Welcome home!
Where the energy is drawn.

Welcome home.
Where the love creates the wind.
Where 20000 souls combine happiness.

Welcome home.
Where life is full.
Where peace is never ending.
Where LOVE builds a halo around all.

Welcome home.
Where music soothes.
Where crystals & sage lift the spirit.
Where hugs & ohms manifest peace.
Where prayer bells & such open hearts.

Welcome home.
Where hippies, yogis & others enlighten.
Where violence & sin is prevented.
Where caresses of emotion heal.

Welcome home.
Where nature is king, lord & the divine.
Where life is perfect & tears are made of joy.

Welcome home.
Where it is the way it is!


I have always wanted to make it too the national gathering but I seam to be at the furthest point away when it is time. If it is in PA then im in LA. When it is in Montana then I am on the east cost or Texas.

Finally, in 2014 I was layed over in Nebraska and the gathering was near Salt Lake City. It was as close as I was ever going to get and rideshares were abundant so I pulled the trigger.

My mom wanted to go to a festival in Omaha so I replied to a few ride offers on the rainbow forum that were leaving Omaha the day after the Celebrates America fest featuring Blues Travelers and Sugar Ray. My previous visit to this event was rained out and this show was again in jeopardy with a 70% chance of storms. The park sits on a massive hill reaching 150 yards wide by 400 yards long and with the stage at the bottom it forms the perfect amphitheater for over 25000.


After a night of enjoying fireworks, music and lovely ladies, we checked into a nearby hotel. In the morning I loaded up with food and supplies from the hotel buffet and hugged everyone goodbye.

I had not been able to find much public info on my driver but her communication had been fairly punctual with minor worrisome delays. Once I heard from her, I was able to send everyone on their way. There is always a bit of stress in these moments, especially if your backup ride does not have a mobile phone and is venturing 140 miles away.

My ride showed up punctually as I watched Brasil sneak by Chile in the mornings cup match. The wonderful miss Kira was waiting in the parking lot dressed in athletic tie dye. Her modelesck 5’5 frame met me with a hug and gorgeous smile. It was going to be a very enjoyable ride. Just when I thought the energy was peaking, Kira informed me we were waiting for another goddess from Kansas.

Kira shared the history of her moves from Omaha to Pittsburgh to Brooklyn. Her family was now following to Pittsburgh to be closer to her and others. She had timed the move so she could go to the gathering and then help drive them from Omaha to Pitt upon her return.

As she continued to speak I couldnt look away from the amazing spectrum of neutral colors gleaming in her eyes and a tiny little hoop piercing on her lower lip.

As we entered our 20th minute of chat a small SUV with Kansas plates pulled up and TWO beautiful college girls in sun dresses appeared from the back seats. Layce was near 5’10 with a slender light skin and dark dreads and her friend Bella was a bit as shorter with died lavender hair with a thin build and light complextion.

Layce’s mom was a free spirit and encouraged the girls to take the journey before committing to summer job committments so she drove them up from Topeka to catch our ride.

They piled in back while I took shotgun and we were on our way. As we traveled across Nebraska, the girls revealed a lot about their personalities. Kira had 7 national gatherings and nearly a hundred road trip adventures in her pocket so she played the leader position well for our group. Layce was a bit shy at first but grew as we went along. She would continue to have a timidness about her but I wouldnt be suprised if at some point she just let loose once we got to the forrest destination. Bella had taken a few road trips and we relied on her to start up conversations each time we went through more than 30 minutes of silence.

By nightfall we had reached the Rockies and found our way to Kira’s friendly home where we would be sheltered for the evening.

Our host, David, was a computer programmer and fit the description fairly well but also benefitted from the outdoor life of the average Boulder resident. His wife, Jackie, was an athletically built plant biologist whom had so much positive energy that you could see a white lining if you squinted at her just right.

After we made our introductions, I found my way to their balcony to pray and meditate as the sunset over the mountains. I enjoyed a certain cloud in the shape of a walrus in the western sky as it changed colors with the dimming sunlight. I continued writing and reading as I waited for dinner plans to be announced.


Our hosts wanted to show us their neighborhood health food pub called Southern Sun. I spurged on a humus reuben and salad loaded with too many veggies to name. Every bite was out of this world and I enjoyed praying and meditation with the infinite flavors shocking my system. Unfortunately Bella was turning out to be full of frustration for all the wrongs in the world and in her youth she has not realized how to control her vocal volume and mannerisms. Far too often up to this point Bella continues her negative rants not understanding she is in the company of several enlightened spirits whom understand her complaints and are aware of their needed solutions. I pray she soon discovers that her quiet voice is just as powerful in our company. It was a very challenging 2 hours of blocking her out while moving about to observe the nearby art while savoring each bite.



Once back to the crib we played a card game they called defense where the last person stuck with a card bought a round. By 2 I found my way to a couch and fell asleep watching a flick on my phone.

SUnday 6/29

Shortly after I awoke, Jackie followed and set me up with a bike for the day. I started with a 10 mile ride down Marshall Creek road passed a bunch of old mining and farming antiques and cabins. Then I circled around some ponds and explored a cave before soaring 40 mph down a 2 mile return which led me to the perfect street for a morning bath.


As 10am approached for the Netherlands Mexico game, I rolled on towards downtown. The trails were nicer then their roads and nearly one third of the traffic was on foot or bicycle transport. As I entered Pearl street flashbacks of Santa Monica overwhelmed my vision. It was so similar that if I didnt identify the familiarity I would have thought I was experiencing dejavu.


I enjoyed a few street performances including a Caribbean yogi contortionist, African drummer and a Didg player. There were so many to choose from that it was halftime before I made it to O’Neils.



After the Mexico defender ruined their countries hopes in the 92nd minute, I went to an art walk 3 blocks over and then cooled down in a swimming hole.


I had almost 2 hours before the Costa Rica game so I took the Boulder Creek trail 4 miles east and experienced several serene sights including a rock sculpture where rocks were set on top of iron beams. I also found some sand volleyball and an observatory where you could look under the water at the trout.



I returned to O’Neils to watch Costa Rica pull off their shootout win over Greece while munching a salad and then went swimming again. I then started biking Boulder Creek up the mountains.


I didn’t plan on doing it when I started the day. I was only going to go to the base of the first ridge but once I reached it, the incline was so gradual that I kept going about 4 miles up and over the first 6 ridges.


I found the perfect rock and sat in the river to work on some writing until the sun set leaving me enough light to find my way to the Chautauqua music hall.



Through out the past few days I had been exchanging messages with my first true love. When I was 16 I met Samantha while swimming in the Red Cloud Nebraska pool during a Wilson family reuion. We spent all day and night hanging out with my family while getting to know each other. We exchanged numbers and kiddy pecks on the cheek.

Over the next year we wrote every few weeks and I would return to visit her several times including a sleep over when she moved further away to Smith Center Kansas. One day the letters stoped coming and my next one was returned to sender. When I called the number was disconnected so I drove down and found the house empty. A neighbor told me they packed up and left overnight.

I made up some note cards asking for anyone who knew her families whereabouts to call me but never heard back. After a month with no replies, I started calling listings with her name in Tucson. She had told me her grandparents were there so I hoped I would find them. I didnt know it then but they were her mom’s parents and she never mentioned their last name.

Every few weeks while I was at college, I would search her name and pray I would find her. Still no luck and years started rolling by. Every month for 18 years I struck out searching. Finally one day in 2012, I got a friend request on facebook from her under an alias.

She had found our letters and pictures and couldnt stand not knowing if I would ever forgive her. She told me that she was in a coma and had to be transported to a larger city and her mom moved to be there. Her mom didnt think our friendship was serious enough to call me and by the time Sam recovered she was afraid I had moved on and didnt want to deal with my posssible unacceptance.

18 years later we finally picked up where we left off but she had just reached a serious level in her relationship with a possesive guy and she didnt want to jeopardize it by texting too much. We exchanged messages a few times and when ever I was coming to Denver, I would let her know. She was never able to come meet me because her boyfriend was not willing to go and would get furious if she tried to leave.

Finally, 20 years after our last hug, we were getting together at the  Chautauqua orchestra.



Once Sam arrived, I biked down to the car and loaded up the bike before walking her and 6 yearold Serenity up to the concert hall. We sat in the very back to chat and catch up.

She drove me back to the apartment and we exchanged kisses and tears of pure bliss.


My Rainbow family loaded up and we were on our way. As I was getting settled for the final 9 hour drive Sam sent me one of the most loving texts of all time expressing her excitement to be with me again.

Signal was spotty along the way but every chance I could get I was checking world cup updates and uploading my stories. The sun was just setting as we entered the state park near Heber Utah.


Once we found a parking area, we sorted our gear and got in line for the shuttle. The girls filled in the last few spots of a truck bed so I went over to a minivan. The driver was to the point, yelling “put your shit on the roof and get the fuck in”. Several people hesitated but I was getting the feeling it was a long walk so I tossed up my small bag and snuck back in the corner with my pack. I should of done it the other way around because my money and important items were now in jeopardy on the roof as we traveled over a very bumpy road. As I entered the van a caring brother gifted me a pair of thermal pants after hearing I didnt have any with me.

It was a 15 minute ride and along the way we picked up people until we were to the point where there was a second layer laying on top of us. Amongst the dogs and dirty hippies who showed little respect for their body, two brothers caught my attention. Next to me was a 30 something bearded brother from New Orleans and across was a teenager who looked and talked like Napolean Dynamite. I told NOLA about my fall stay to help repair central park after Katrina.

By the time we pilled out of the van it was dark and I couldnt find Kira so I walked up the entrance and back playing Marco Polo until we heard eachother. We passed several camp villages and went about 10 minutes until we hit the end of a trail and put up the tents. It was nearing 11 so Kira let me bunk with her and the other girls went out and found some cuddling buddies.

On the morning of Monday July 1st, I jogged a mile further out of the grounds and found a watering hole. When i got back Kira was ready to move. we packed up and moved Kiras tent to the other side of the rainbow grounds to an area above Kids Camp. We went past a trade circle where there was a enormous amount of jewelry and other items. It was the second day on the gathering Calendar and already there was 15000 people with campsites as far as the eye could see stretching like fingers out from the center circle peace pole in a massive meadow.


Kira found some friends to camp by way up on a mountain side. We leveled a spot out but it was still pretty slanted so sleeping was not going to be great. After everything was together, I sorted my day and night bags and then walked with Kira until she found her friends.  I wandered out on my own and found a Indian Krishna camp serving great rice dishes and soups.


They didnt have any need for volunteers at the moment so I went up to Granola funk to help build the theatre stage and do some writing.

Granola funk is where the artistic crowd hangs out at night with a different themed show every night from the 1st to the 5th. This year it was designed like a TV.


At sunset I went to Kirshna camp and ate dinner and that was followed with a prayer and song service with sitar music. To finish the night I went and danced around the drum circle.





Monday Dec. 19th, I was still sluggish from a virus but I did my swim and weights anyway and watched Contagian while getting ready for work. This day was spent negotiating my contract, obtaining a new phone for the Helping Hands Network sponsored by Claxton and updating balance sheets.

Tuesday was spent doing a practice run on Will’s tasks to limit questions while he was in Ohio.

Wednesday was spent improving sales systems with Sean and then coaching my 11 year old soccer stars. It was the winter solstice so I got the Shhmokewear Entourage in the van and took everyone to a ceremony followed by a full night of live music and dancing.

The Solstice ceremony was a bunch of kind loving people sitting on the floor of a large coffee and art establishment sharing thoughts about improving the community. Bells and other Indian music vibes were being carried around those in the circle as well as burning sage for purification. After the talking was concluding, bands and DJs started playing until the sun came up.

Thursday my soccer kids had a scrimmage scheduled only a mile away so I was excited to see them in a game situation. They did great for playing kids 3 years older then them. They were ahead the whole second half before a last minute goal tied it.

Friday I got everyone paid, improved our inventroy process, edited contracts and improved forms before heading off to the Chavez community gardens and Mariachi plaza. I met with the director of the garden projects, Irene Pena and we talked about joint charity efforts for about an hour before I headed over to Mariachi.

The plaza was filled with dancers, musicians, farmers produce and other fun vendors. I was a few minutes behind on the train getting to an xmas light hike with Sung at the Greek Theatre.

I pulled up to the Greek just in time to jump in the hike line and meet Sung. The group had just finished their hot cocoa and muffins and started mobilizing. Along the hike a nice belly dance instructor and fitness coach named Anja with Czechoslovakian roots. We walked the hike to the peak of Mt. Hollywood and then the group did some trivia questions for prizes. By the time we made it back to Griffith observatory we were pretty snookered from our bottle of wine. Anja was still enjoying our company but she took a bathroom detour and a beautiful Russian girl started talking to me. It was hard to keep both girls entertained but Sean had my back. The Russian Vegan was deep in conversation with me the first 10 minutes down while Sean and Anja talked. Then I reached a good point to get back to Anja.

As we reached the end we invited both girls to come to the Korean Spa with us to finish the night. As we were leaving I noticed the most fluffy skunk ever waddling beside us.

In Hollywood even the skunks are high maintenance. Seriously, on our way to the Korean spa after our hike, a skunk was walking along the curb and it was all shinny and fluffy like it just walked out of a salon.

The first spa was family oriented and coed so they profile strictly. They asked if we had been partying and Sean let it slip we just had wine so they refused to let us in. The second Spa was more mature so sobriety did not matter. It was great to spend the evening in a hot wet sauna, dry sauna, jet massage shower, hot salt tub, ice tub, hot shave and lounge room for $20.

We returned to get my stuff from the office and then headed home. After we recovered around noon on Saturday, we went out doing some window shopping then relaxed with some movies at home.

Sunday morning, we got up at 8 and went to the beach to workout and do yoga. We then returned home for breakfast. Sean went to his moms the rest of the day and I went back to the beach to play volleyball.

The rest of the day I talked to friends and family and shared my travel blog and edited stories and photos. I was really feeling the pain from being alone these holidays. My life is nearly perfect and full of wild adventures and I live free and in the moment. I am in perfect health, with an ideal diet and strong muscular body and most say I am very attractive and have the most amazing green blue eyes….yet the biggest thing, the most important to me… the one thing I would give it all up for… a true soul mate and supportive woman….. still alludes me! 

It was a busy week at work so I didn’t go anywhere other then Occupy LA.

Beside work tasks, we did a grocery trip on Wed and TR Will and I went to the bank.

Friday, I drove big momma and Brian to the DMV to get California IDs. They make out of staters take a written test but only require 2 proofs of ID and no residency proof just like I experienced in Texas.

Friday night I was still weak from a mild Bronchitas and I was going back out first thing in the morning so I stayed home and watched a movie.

Saturday I wanted to help a group clean up Venice Beach so I headed up there. It was sunny when I left south bay but it got cloudy as the bus went further north. I met a nice Australian family that worked for the same company in Dallas as the nice family I met with Bekah at Arkansas’ Albert Pike. Made for a fun chat about a wide variety of topics from the Occupation, IRS, Fed Reserve to talks about our travels. It was a great talk.

Once I arrived in Venice I could not find the group and I did not get a phone number so I rode around all afternoon between the Sana Monica amusement park and Venice. Will and I kept missing each other too even though I spent several hours playing soccer volley in the north green. I broke my toe when I kicked it wrong with my left foot. It would take nearly 4 months to heal.

There was also a Xbox skateboard competition going on that I recorded for awhile before heading back home.

By the time I got home Sung was ready to go out for his birthday. I showered quickly and then Neil, Sung and I headed back to the Sana Monica Del Rio hotel for a party. I almost stayed in from my long workout but it was a good thing they talked me into it because I would meet a special lady this night.

Upon entering the lobby I could see there where far less women and even fewer attractive ones so I picked a seat by the piano and started writing while enjoying the music. In the next section over I noticed a beautiful eastern european woman dressed in detailed fashion that fit her to perfection. Her blue jeans fit her curves like body paint and the array of bright colors of her top ensemble drew the males to her like the tail feathers of the peacock.

I studied how she talked to the men closely through the night and studied how her attention would wander in my direction while in discusions with others. By the end of the night I could tell she was single and not imprssed with the 10+ guys hitting on her so I moved to the seat near her and as she was getting ready to leave she approached me and started a talk. I told her we were moving on and simply asked her how I could get ahold of her and she gave me her number. While I was driving Bella and I exchanged some texts that made it clear she wanted to get to know me so I told her I would come back the next day.

Sunday Oct. 23, I made the boys a nice breakfast and then headed back to the train. From the LAX station I caught the Santa Monica bus and went to north beach. I got to talk to a nice lady and an ex pro baseball pitcher who had been extras in some movies on the way. Once I was at the pier I called Bella to see if she was free and she said she would call me when she made it to the beach.

We spent the next several hours walking the strand from north Monica to Venice. We passed Sung and his lady while watching the gymnasts practice. This father was training his 2 year old by holding him up in the air on one hand to improve the childs balance and confidence. It was amazing! After the cloudy sunset over the ocean we went a few blocks in land onMontana to a bakery for some hot cocoa and talked about dinner options. We decided to pick up some pasta and sauce veggies and go cook at her house. She has gone 11 years in LA without getting hitched or pregnant so I was not expecting any intimacy on the first date so it was easy to keep my hormones in check.

While cooking she explained her only other serious time with a guy and the only guy to visit her house was a pretty famous actor. I deffinately won’t be able to treat her to all the fancy fun that he did so I’m not sure how long she will be interested in me. We got along great and she taught me a lot about Lebanon and her Muslim culture. We cuddled while watching a movie and eventually stopped kissing long enough to force us to get up and take me back to the bike.

I lost track of time so I missed the last 2am bus and had to bike 15 miles home. Going around the marina Del Ray and the airport is such a hastle it took me until nearly 4am to get home. I then had to sleep on the bench and wait until someone came out of the condo entrance so I could get in. It was 6am by the time I finally got to bed but it was well worth it!

On Wed Sept. 28th, Will and I went to the LA Galaxy Champions league game against Monselia. We picked up 2 $40 tickets for $15 each in case we couldn’t jump a fence. It ended up being a waste because we found a spot on the press box.

I got careless and rushed my technique. The was a railing to catch my foot on the stadium side of the fence but it was just out of reach while holding on to the fence so I grabbed a cement rafter to turn around. My grip slipped and I almost fell which I would have resulted in my leg getting caught as I catapulted the back of my head straight into the cement. Fortunately, my angel caught my finger tip on the edge and guided me safely down.

Once inside we sat with the press on the first row of the 50 and got in some of the tv and media shots. Then we were asked to stay above the front section so we got some lounge chairs for the 2nd half.

It was tied going into injury time as LA scored in the last minute off a corner to avoid elimination from the tournament.

Thursday night I stopped at the Lawndale soccer fields to get a workout in and met some Turkish friends to play with on the winter league.

Friday the 30th, Sung/Sean and I went to a Dead cover band in Long Beach called Cubansis. On the way Sung got pulled over and fined $500 for tossing a burning item out of a moving vehicle.

Saturday was the beginning of the Occupy LA march and protests so I spent the day downtown. I met several wonderful new friends, including a few cute girls who would later dance the night away with me at the LA Decompression Burningman festival until the sun started rising over historic park.

I went back to the rally after the girls went home and Will was up playing cards still. It was almost 5 by the time I laid down in the van and then I got up at 7 to take the train home.

As soon as I got back Sung was ready to go to an Art walk event. An old brewery was closed down and remodeled into an artist commune. The place was amazing with all the self expression covering over 100 unique studios. There was a studio open for rent to consider for Shhmokewear but it was not available for viewing. It took us 4 hours to visit all the studios and then it was time for dinner. We stopped at a restaurant in Chinatown where a lot of movie scenes have been filmed in front. It was nice to have authentic sweet and sour pork and Saskatchewan chicken and $10 a plate was fair for L.A.

The next morning, Monday, I headed back to Shhmokewear to get the business plan done. After work Will and I went to City Hall to protest again with Occupy LA. We made several new friends each time we went over there. It was basically a big festival with media around. There is a tent for everything from general store to food and recycling. There are compost bins and drum circles and everyone barters and shares.

It is basically a temporary unitopia of traditional life like the old west gold towns. Unfortunate that there is not a continuous string of such events in more local areas for others to experience. The Occupy rallies would continue on in most major US cities for several months of 2011.

We went to the rally Monday and Tuesday but then Wednesday I went to the Further Fest at the Greek Theatre. You can take the train 15 blocks from the theater near Vermont and Hollywood and then bike up to the park. The first night I went straight to the Hyde Observatory above the theater to watch the show for free. I went in the wrong entrance and took an extra 20 minutes hiking up the Hyde trail.

Once I got to the top I discovered you could park for free at the top vs. Paying 15 down below. The trail by Hyde has several spots to put a chair or blanket down to watch the show plus you get an amazing view of the LA and Hollywood sky lines.

The temps dropped to 40 and I started shivering so I rode down to the theater to scope out ways to get in. The fence top was flat in front but extra security was on duty to stop jumpers. You could climb the hill in back and get over but you need a spotter on the inside to let u know a good time to come over. Once over you need to remove your hat and mix into the crowd to avoid being chased.

The next night Will, Brian and I rode with Scott and his lady to Furthur. This time I was in the lot 3 hours ahead of the show to experience the touring  flea market. It was quite an experience seeing all the colorful characters and their art creations they sell to survive on the tour.

We spent too long promoting Shhmokewear and waiting for scalpers to sell cheap before deciding to hop the back fence so the cross lot was taped off and being secured by security. I ran diversion while Brian and Will snuck around. After that I waited for 20 minutes before giving up. I went by the front gate so I could see the screen and hand out with the other members of Shhmoke that were there.

After the show we set up our merch in the path leading everyone back to their cars and we put Shhmoke cards on the luxury cars. It is a great way to break the ice with attractive people you want to meet.

Friday Will and I went camping. He showed me the sacred Oaji hot springs and hiking trails. We camped and cooked some grub about midnight after several hours of full moon yoga and hot springs rituals.

Saturday we hiked all day and swam in a freezing fresh spring water hole and then returned to Occupy LA.

The weekend group was 2x the size of the week day groups. All areas of the block and park were completely covered and there were now tippis and plywood walls for graffiti art in true Venice skater form. This night there was a community projector theater and we contributed Russo’s Freedom to Fascism.

After meeting several more new activist friends we headed back to the pad around 2am.

Sunday I toured Mariachi plaza shops for hand-made leather crafts then biked with 100,000+ at The city of LA closed downtown and 40 other blocks to biking only to promote green living and transportation. It was amazing. There were events and bands on several streets and parks and it joined with the Long Beach south bay tri-athalon. I rode most of the route and then spent the afternoon making new friends playing volleyball and Manhattan beach.

I especially enjoyed meeting 8 new lady yogi friends who are in LA for a 9 week training by the airport. They were very friendly and added our LA Fun facebook group to keep in touch for future gatherings.

When I finally made it home for a night, Sung’s friend Neil was temporarily staying with us because the job we helped move him to San Diego for, had fallen apart. He was staying with us while lining up a new Dr. position.

We caught up on the weeks events and then passed out. Monday morning (10/7) I hit the hot tub, swam some laps, pumped some iron, did my yoga and then headed back to the Shhmokewear head quarters.

I had an Oprah moment tonight! One of the largest voids and mysteries of my life was fulfilled. Thought I would share this happy romance story with those closest to me.

During the summer of 1996 to summer 1997 I was traveling from college in Lincoln to visit this girl in Red Cloud. We wrote often and made plans for her to move to Lincoln to live with me. Suddenly the letters stopped. I waited a few months and then went looking for her at the end of the semester.

I knew her mom was hiding from an abusive spouse/boyfriend so I assumed they were on the run. Neighbors confirmed that they packed in the middle of the night and vanished.

I waited a few weeks, expecting to get a letter once they were settled. As time went by, I started to think maybe she lost my information in the rush. This was before cell phones etc. when we most relied on paper address books/journals.

I started calling families in the area with the same name, posting flyers, classified ads and following leads in the surrounding 100 mile area plus the Tucson AZ area where she mentioned a grandma in one of her letters. Always hitting dead ends.

As the internet tools became available, I searched for her aliases every single month for the next 14+ years, always hitting a dead end!

Tonight at approximately 11pm, FACEBOOK sent me the following letter from a girl using a different first name….

“Once upon a time, 14 years ago, you rode your bike getting caught in a rain storm on your way home, is it coincidence that this this same girl still keeps your photos in her closet. Tonight I went through my past… And remembered the amazing experiences I feel we shared. Curiosity killed me and on to Facebook I went… where I found the man who stemmed from the boy I was once crazy about. Not trying to disrupt your life by any means. However, if you remember me, maybe we can make memories.. -TC

After all these years of living with a void in my heart and the worry of what really happened to her, I picked up the phone and we got reunited.

It turned out that she was beaten and put in a traumatized coma and her mom didn’t find my contact info to let me know. I tried not to demand answers and instead just listened to why she thought it was best to let me go. They moved to Arizona and she was convinced the long distant relation would not work plus she was traumatized psychologically so she never tried to reach me again until tonight.

Why tonight, after all these years, I asked?
She replied that she looks at my letters and pictures from time to time but thinks that after having a kid, then a second and a third and being married and then divorced that it would ruin the fantasy of my past role as the motorcycle hero riding into her life. Finally, she was telling our story to a friend and the friend convinced her she was crazy for never reaching out….so she finally looked me up and said hello!

I thought you would all enjoy hearing a happy fantasy story turned true so here ya have it.

While it is too early to judge, I will just say for now, that I will fly through Denver on my way back from L.A. and spend a weekend with her to see how things go.

So happy to close the unsolved mystery after all these years!

THIS SERMON brought to you by “a girl I once knew well”

The girl I once knew is great and I can not talk about someone without them being part of the discussion but in summary I knew a girl who lost her way with material possessions and over spending and let her debt stress consume her decision making towards the partners role in her life. I helped that said girl improve and increase her efficiency for 7 months before the lord decided it was time for me to give up and move on.

Over 15 some times this has been my life and the lord puts me in positions to help others and usually the 6 month mark is always when he shows me to the door…

Funny how it seems to always be that way. It is hard for a girl to love a man unconditionally and have full faith that they will be financially stable without being “shown” the money.

It comes to that a lot but it is how I will know when I find “the one”…

$ is A ROOT of evil when not used for the greater good of society and community and I have yet to find the right lady in my life who has been touched by God deep enough to understand where the comfort lines between savings and spending best serve the tithing purpose…

here here.. well said. I know my sermon on material items is old age traditional but the spirit of my soul is 3rd world, depressed and impoverished. The average Modern United states citizen has let the media desires from large corporations blind them into thinking they need far beyond the necessities of life to be happy.

These wants are not reachable by the middle class and they expand into credit that has been forced upon them since college campus festival days. Homes are over financed and mortgaged to fail and crash down around those who lose their jobs or get pay cuts.

The dollar is not the dollar of our elders. It is not longer based on real gold but rather printed on interest loaned by China who has acquired ALL of our nations gold.

If we do not grow our own and make our own like our elders, we will continue to fail and separate and segregate the wealthy and powerful from those below.

Those who understand that they have the power to make a change by voting are surrounded by my presence. Every purchase is a vote to support those attached to that purchase. Purchase small and increase the power of “the people”.

You can purchase local and fresh and fair trade and independent and community needs OR you can increase the distance between the wealthy and pawns by supporting large world corporations like WalMart, Starbucks, Monsanto, Cargill, GE, and so on.

Those who make attempts to improve are happy to be with me.

Those who refuse to listen, shun me and eventually remove me from their life and I leave the battle between them and their God alone.


In This Moment

Here I sit again.
Alone, lost, heart broken.
Crying in pain and suffering,
not knowing why the lord has put me here.

In this moment, why at this moment.
Months of effort to build a partnership.
Months of unconditional love, commitment, and sacrifice;
lead to changes being made to support your needs.
Hundreds of precious moments, testimonies of intimate love and romance.
So many road trips and adventures, too many to just turn away.

In this moment,
OUR Dishonest actions cause OUR reactions.
Jealousy and intrusion force me deep into secrets.
Over and over I want to intervene and keep the truth between us.

In this moment,
all I want is to do is help you free yourself.
Free your guilt, remove your secrets.
Open up and keep a trust filled life together.

Why does my effort result in anger towards me?
Why does it take so long for you to honor my effort?
Do you now see I love you so much,
so that I could not keep any secrets from you?

In this moment,
I love you so much that I held my tongue.
I watched from up above,
as you shared your love with another.
Yet I know not if you appreciate my tolerance?

In this moment,
I wait alone, surrounding myself with strangers and church folk.
Praying you will call and invite me back into your life.
I sit solo, watching others laugh and play, trying not to cry.
I join in but can not focus. All I want is to be spending time with you.

In this moment,
Sleep is short as I cuddle with pillows in your absence.
When I meet other attractive women,
I tell them I am still in a relationship,
with the hope you will invite me back.

Now this moment is fading.
Time is passing and
I have to spend time with others before I go crazy.
I can not be alone.
I have so much love to share.
Each additional day without sharing myself,
I spend an extra day in anger.

The moment is almost gone.
All I can think about is playing house,
tending your garden and our “kids”,
and doing the man chores in your life.
These are what I need in my life;
YOUR LOVE, YOUR Commitment, YOUR hand in mine.

Will you let the moments vanish forever?
There is only time between us now,
but soon I will begin to walk.
Each step taking me further from you.
Each step, each passing moment stretching the last of your love for me.

will they be replaced by the moments of another?

Book Proposal

title undecided
by Timothy Jon Frentz


Tim Frentz

Genre: Religious / Inspirational

Style: Written in Second Person

Target Readers: All ages. This book appeals to all with religious curiosity and interests and stands above the competition because it is written for the penny pinchers who are hardest to sell to.  This will tap the spending vault of the tightest pockets like no other book can. My readers like religious, self help, inspirational, relationship building, action/adventure, romance, political and current events. It has it all. Readers lead spiritual lifestyles rich in wellness activities. They also show strong efforts of self educating and pro-action for current events. This book will be bought and read by those with voids in their lives. My social network fans read my short blog stories and pray for more full length books so they can be inspired to increase their own philanthropic efforts and restore faith and hope for man kind.

Word Count: 100,000+ (400 pages)

Biography: I am special and unique because I have lived the life of the character in the book. I have sold my material possessions, moved into a storage unit, lived in a van, traveled on foot and motorcycle, been around the world, started several companies, founded a Charity and given 80% of my net worth and I do wander the streets as a super hero with my eyes and ears open for people in trouble.

Worthy Mentions: This will be self published 1/2012 if not under contract.

Title: undecided


Author: TJF

Premise: The USA is overtaken by greed and industrialization of natural resources. The majority of citizens have become pawns to change. The chosen few prophets reborn, walk the country setting examples of change. Here you read about their efforts as seen through the eyes of Saint-to-be Timothy.

Benefits: After completing The Knew Bible, readers will be inspired to create change around them, citing examples from this book to inspire others and be able to use chapters as quick instructional guides. A modern look at the traditional bibles before it is here.

Features: Pages of instructional self help guides and scientific facts and studies will deliver these benefits to the reader. Real life examples and results of Saint-to-be Timothy‘s efforts light the path for all.

Overview: The book is divided into [number] sections and [number] chapters.

The Manuscript Status: 70%

Anticipated Length: 400 pages (100k+ words)

Anticipated Completion:
Material Time Stops: 8/8/11
Manuscript Ready for Publisher editing: 1/1/12

The Market:
Characteristics: The target audience for this book is made up of all people of all ages and types. Strong Christians and other religious folk will read to be reminded of their duties to improve the communities around them. People who have made mistakes in life will read to find inspiration of change. Parents and educational bodies will distribute this book because it represents a fictional view of the concepts of modern life based on the Christian 10 Commandments and solutions to fix their communities mistakes. Activists will purchase this book because of the facts and examples of progress.

Motivations: Religious spiritual types will read because they want to read about all the good deeds and solutions to battle evil. Political activists will read to find contacts and examples of others like them battling their frustrations. Everyone will read to self educate on solutions for all their problems. Nearly everyone desires to live free and sustainably and travel the world like the character of this book.

Affinity Groups: Church and spiritual groups. Educational bodies. Governing organizations.

Differentiation: There is no direct competition because this lifestyle mostly has only survived in Islander, Buddhist and Hindu cultures. This book brings a unique story to readers who have chosen materialistic temptation and need to get back on the true Christian path.

The Author
Timothy Frentz, born 8/8/1977 in Grand Island NE; Grew up under the guidance of the traditional cultures of his grand parents. A strong Christian childhood etched the 10 commandments into his adult life. He studied English, Indigenous History and Business at the University of Nebraska from 1995-2002. Frentz has assisted in the founding of many business‘ and continues consulting several to this day.

In 2004, his father battled poor health and passed away July 4, 2005. Frentz saw it as a sign he needed to do more philanthropy and spend more days as if they were his last. He founded a Helping Hands Network to gather the efforts of all the small organizations in the world doing great deeds. He took to the road and has been following the path of fate ever since, helping as many as possible along the way. His publications tell the stories of all the efforts along the way.

Previous Writing:
Self published online self help books include: “Life‘s Little Secrets“ ; “Dart Training Tips“ ; Several Auto/Technical “How To Guides“ ; “The Life of a College Student“ ; and “Must Have Computer Dr. Tools”.

Possible Endorsers:
Mike Nappi – Professional Philadelphia Recording Artist who wrote an Album based on Frentz’s story.

Julian – NY Times Best Selling Author who spent time with Frentz during his wetlands project in New Orleans.

NO Park – Save the Wetlands Coordinator. Frentz volunteered 2 weeks of help in New Orleans City Park.

Debbie – East Texas Arts and Humanity Council. Frentz has worked with Youth support groups.

Pastors – New Orleans (Jim Morrison) Replant Central Park, Tyler Texas, Joplin MO, Lincoln NE. Frentz has worked with several Church groups to volunteer for projects.

Personal Marketing:
Facebook Fans – 700+ ; Twitter – Infinite reach with Hash tags ; Blog – 1000+ reads a month ; YouTube – 200+ channel views a month ; Examiner Sustainable Life Journalist – 1000+ reads a month ; eBay Fundraising Sales Store – 2000+ reads a month ; Amazon Sales Store 1000+ reads a month. Websites 1000+ month. Painted Vehicle – 5000+ views a month. Discussion boards (Facebook, twitter, reader/writer specialty) 500+ a month. BitTorrents Teasers 100+ Month Downloads.

Chapter Outline:

[Provide an annotated outline of the book. This outline should include section titles, chapter titles, and a two- or three-sentence description of each chapter’s content.]

Sample Chapters:

[Attach two sample chapters that best represent the book.]


A fictional story of a young man, reborn as a prophet of the creator, who is on a quest to restore the Elders Traditions along his journey to Sainthood. Timothy uses new age resources such as Facebook to direct those who want to help others WITH those who need help. When he spots someone not qualified for Bureaucratic support systems, the Helping Hands Network reaches out to fill in the blanks the best they can.