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While opening the Helping Hands Network community learning center in East Texas, I was only 400 miles from New Orleans and the center of American Carnival celebrations. It is too much fun to pass up every few years.


I found a few scheduled poker and dart tournaments along the way and packed up Lil Blue, our 2006 Honda Element. I loaded up all our recycling to drop off a sorting center along the way.

2019-03-29 recycle


Once I arrived I went straight to the Friday night dart tournament location in the uptown district. It was a fun group of people and I made some money after losing 3 to 4 in the final.

2019-03-29 bracket


In between matches I was able to go outside and watch some of the parade as it passed by.

In the morning got breakfast and cleaned up along the way to midtown central park. The last time I was in the park was 2009. I lived in the park for a few months while helping with Hurricane Katrina relief efforts. The area I lived in was still the same for the most part. Some newer restoration has been completed on one of the Historical buildings.

2019-03-29 camp2019-03-29 park building.jpg

2019-03-29 park

After my workout at the park, I cruised the midtown parade route.


The midtown parade had some great costumes and a big music stage that played all day.


After the midtown parade, it was time to head down to the quarter for the parade down there and some French Quarter fun.  The night hike through the park on the way back to the car was very enjoyable.

2019-03-29 park all

The parade litter is so filthy it is worth sharing images to help everyone consider the consequences.

2019-03-29 float


I usually end my evening with a pass through Burbon Street that ends at the Harrah’s casino. The cards went well for me again and I made enough to pay for the entire trip.

In the morning I did a workout on top of the parking garage and then headed back to the Hawkins Learning Center project.

I was also able to time it just right to play a poker tournament at this amazing Baton Rouge Casino.


My very first SxSW was in 2010.

For most of 2008 and 2009 I was in the upper Midwest involved with renewable energy projects and a few charity programs. This led to some press for the Helping Hands Network which eventually led up to our SxSW invite.

The adventure began when I was invited to speak at a Tech Conference in New Orleans as part of the VoDoo Festival and then that same group invited me to SxSW.

I was given an upper level pass for tech, film and music access over 14 days. Only talent, staff and VIP’s had more access. It allowed me to get the full experience from inside any regular event I wanted to go to.  I quickly learned that the music was mostly newer groups looking to get record deals while the big name groups stay away until the Austin City Limits festival. This swayed my focus towards the Tech presentations during week #1.

Right away I learned that anyone can use Tweet Deck to monitor hash tag updates on most any tech related presentations. Between Tweet Deck and live streaming there is a limited need to even attend the presentations. This allowed me to attend one topic forum while following a second online at the same time.

As Tech week winded down, I started to review all the amazing film options. It is quite the challenge to organize all these events you want to see and an even bigger feat to make it to them on time when they can be several blocks apart.

The point of my story is that the films are educational and they are the main reason I like to return to the festival. Unfortunately in 2019, films cost $16 each without a $825 FILM PASS!


Now, on to the 2019 experience!

I stayed home and worked during Tech week. Anytime I was able to be at my desk, I turned on Tweet Deck and followed the action. SxSW also streamed a live feed on their YouTube channel that I monitored. I enjoyed some interviews with the Beastie Boys the most. As Film weekend arrived I loaded up the car and headed for Austin. I loaded the live stream and listened to it during the 5 hour drive.

My first stop after arriving in Austin is Texas Bar and Grill for a dart tournament.

2019-03-26 Darts

As I looked around at the competition it became apparent that I had the highest average in the room. I just needed to avoid two of their top players getting partnered up. It was a good event with a trips pot exceeding $2200. Everywhere I compete there are always some variations in rules or tournament structure and Austin has something I have never experienced before. Normally if there is an odd amount of entries, the tournament director asks for any volunteers to sit out or the director will sit out to keep the teams even. This Austin event is unique because they instead draw for a random player to get to play on two teams. This ultimately could lead to a player getting both first and second place prize money if all goes well.

On this night, I got a newer player for a partner and one of the top Austin players got to be the lucky odd player with two partners. In addition, both of that players partners had more than double the average of my partner. I kept the games close but I eventually ended up in the top 8 and missed out on being drawn for any of the bonus prizes.

On a positive note, I was done by 11pm and had time to cruise around the party scene downtown if I wanted. I chose to head for my camping spot and call it an early night.

I camp in front of a yoga retreat that has a small park just south of the river. As I arrived I was shocked to discover that the park had been sold and it is now fenced in for a beer garden. In past years I was able to do a workout on the padded roof of a food camper in the park but that had all changed. I was now forced to site outside this wall and meditate while facing the sunrise behind a locked gate.


The first scheduled event of the day was the documentary “Community First” which started at 11am. Community First is a community that started as a vision by Alan Graham to feed the homeless through a mobile food delivery service he calls Mobile Loaves & Fishes.

I packed my travel bag and hit the road on the scooter. First stop was breakfast and a cleanup then I headed over to the river trails to do another short workout until it was time for the film. There was a relaxing blues band playing on the bridge so I stayed there and did another workout.

2019-03-26 scooter

As 11am drew near, I headed over to the theater. It was $16 for a mid day film but at least part of the money was going to a great cause. I can’t believe people shell out $825 for a pass and still only go to just a handful of events. They probably average paying closer to $80 per film! SxSW administrators definitely need to restructure their financials.

I knew a little about the Community First village from my Co-Housing community based newsletters so I was excited to see a more in depth follow up. ( & )

I had no idea that it started out as a mobile food delivery service (Mobile Loaves & Fishes / MLF). I also did not realize that it has grown at a very rapid pace and expanded to offer several income generating trade skills for over 500 people while removing them from homelessness. It is an amazing story that started around 1998. I have been slowly forming a similar movement and the MLF model is the perfect example for our Helping hands Network. They are 10 years ahead of us and if HHN just follows similar goals, we hope to be promoting similar results. If you are ever in Austin, please let me know and I will go tour Community First village with you.

2019-03-26 Community

After the film we had a Q&A with the Director, Layton Blaylock. Layton made a comment about being inspired to promote the amazing example of MLF in order to encourage other Community projects to form. As a CoHo consultant on many projects, I felt obligated to speak out so I stood up and introduced myself and assured him that his work was being noticed and consultants like me are following these examples.

After the Q&A, Layton’s wife approached me to have a chat and the lady sitting beside me also introduced herself. They were both interested in my projects and the lady beside me was the Chief Officer of the MLF. Amber Fogarty, MLF CEO invited me to follow up and visit during their consultant weeks. This will be a great project to be more involved with so I told her that I would go tour the village as soon as I can and get back to her. I had other plans to have some nature time on Sunday on my way home so I was not sure if I could make an appointed time.

After the film, I got on the scooter and cruised 6th street for lunch. West 6th street is your Irish St. Patty’s day headquarters and home to the average 30-50 something crowds. It is where I most enjoy the atmosphere. As you travel east down 6th street it becomes more gangster and grunge until you reach the river bend and dip south into Hipsterville. In past years there has been a wonderful Latino festival along the river on the final Saturday but the date must have changed this time around.

Every where you look there are bikes and scooters. It is cool to see people exercising and minimizing the use of gas vehicles. I recommend everyone watch season 22 episode 5 of South Park to get a good insight parody of the situation!

I went in to the convention center to check out the gaming convention and see who was performing on the free music stage. It was an entertaining MidEastern rap group. On my way out I met this wonderful group going around to educate people on the Honey Bee becoming endangered.

From there I completed the trail and bridge around downtown and back over to the park around the Palmer Events Center. This is where there is the biggest stage with some of the better known bands. There is also a workout station that I enjoy to balance out the lazy part of the day.


2019-03-26 save bees2019-03-26 concert


To end the day I headed back to play darts. I forgot to ask where the Saturday night event was so I ended up in the wrong place and arrived to the proper tournament too late. I hung out for awhile and then went to play cards instead. The cards went my way and I made enough money to pay for the whole trip.

2019-03-26 poker The next morning I planned a visit to the Hamilton Pool caves to hike and do my morning yoga workout.


I discovered that the park has limited parking so it has to schedule $11 reservations and charge a  $15 day fee. The reservations are booked full for most weekend days and there are very few week days even open so any visitors traveling through the area will hardly ever get to experience the area unless you get dropped off outside the entrance or ride a bike and talk your way in.







My next stop was to try to drive around Willie Nelson’s Luck Ranch. I was just hoping the gate would be open because I always wanted to visit but I have never been able to get an introduction into the proper circle. I was going to be limited to just flying a drone over head for the time being. Upon my arrival, the gate was in deed closed. I sat in the driveway a few minutes planning my next stop in hopes someone would come greet me or enter through the gate but to avail. I proceeded to drive up to the highest point surrounding the ranch so I could get a nice aerial view and take this picture of the Luck Ranch sign which mimic’s the Hollywood sign. (top left corner)

2019-03-26 Willie

My next stop was to find food and brush my teeth. Around the next corner was a nice taco shack and my quest was successful. I met a wonderful traveler with a very similar life to mine named Demetri Triant while waiting for our food. I also coordinated a visit with one of my cousins who lived a few blocks down the road. We had last met when we both lived in LA in 2013 so our reunion was long over due.

2019-03-27 Jen

It was getting late by the time we were done talking so I had to skip trying to sneak into Hamilton pool and the route to Community First village was 3 hours out of the way so going back through to the East edge of Austin was not going to be possible. It was time to head back to our projects at the Hawkins Learning Center.



———————- BELOW ARE SOME PreTRIP NOTES ——————————–


**NOTE TO SELF – bring the scooter AND the cable lock….  😉




2019-03-15 (1)





Community First, A Home for the Homeless
Director: Layton Blaylock
Community First, A Home for the Homeless, is a feature documentary about a totally unique concept for mitigating homelessness. Conceived and created in Austin, Texas, Community First! Village is truly transforming the lives of homeless people. (World Premiere)


I Am Richard Pryor
Director/Screenwriter: Jesse James Miller
I Am Richard Pryor tells the life story of the legendary performer and iconic social satirist, who transcended race and social barriers by delivering his honest irreverent and biting humor to America’s stages and living rooms until his death at 65. (World Premiere)

It Started As a Joke
Directors: Julie Smith Clem, Ken Druckerman
It Started As a Joke documents the decade-long run of the Eugene Mirman Comedy Festival. The film celebrates Eugene’s unique brand of humor and reminds us of the healing properties of comedy – even in the most challenging of life’s circumstances. (World Premiere)


Director/Screenwriter: Numa Perrier
A true story. In the last days of her mother’s life, 19-year-old Tiffany crashes with five family members in a Las Vegas studio apartment. In order to make ends meet, her sister, a phone sex operator, introduces her to the world of fetish cam girls. Cast: Tiffany Tenille, Numa Perrier, Stephen Barrington, Bobby Field, Brett Gelman, Rockwelle Dortch, Zoe Tyson, Dennis Jaffee, Jessa Zarubica (World Premiere)

Amazônia Groove
Director/Screenwriter: Bruno Murtinho
Leaving Belem and crossing much of the Para State Amazon region, its towns and riverside villages, Amazônia Groove reveals artists and their traditions, faith and mysticism, music and life that pound in the northern region of Brazil. (North American Premiere)

Director: Brian Loschiavo
Discover the origin stories of megastars like Garth Brooks and Taylor Swift while following emerging singer-songwriters as they chase their dreams inside The Bluebird Cafe, Nashville’s accidental landmark that has altered the course of music history. (World Premiere

The Mountain
Director: Rick Alverson, Screenwriters: Rick Alverson, Dustin Guy Defa, Colm O’Leary
A well known physician, in the decline of his career, takes a young man on a desperate tour of rural mid-century hospitals, advocating for a new controversial procedure. Cast: Tye Sheridan, Jeff Goldblum, Hannah Gross, Denis Lavant, Udo Kier


Cobra Kai Season 2
We are proud to present a special screening of the second season ofCobra Kai, the hit YouTube Premium Original Series, starring Ralph Macchio and William Zabka. Exclusively premiering at SXSW, YouTube and Sony Pictures Television will screen the first two episodes of the second season followed by a Q&A panel with series stars Ralph Macchio (Daniel LaRusso), William Zabka (Johnny Lawrence) andMartin Kove (Kreese) along with the Cobra Kai series creators and executive producers Josh HealdJon Hurwitz and Hayden Schlossberg.


How Rednecks Saved Hollywood with Joe Bob Briggs
Director/Screenwriter: Joe Bob Briggs
America’s drive-in movie critic uses 200 video clips and photos to tell the 500-year history of the American redneck in a multimedia comedy performance

The Trial (United Kingdom, U.S.) 
Director: Johanna Hamilton
Meet the lawyers tasked with defending 9/11 suspects against the U.S. government.




The Beach Bum
Director/Screenwriter: Harmony Korine
The Beach Bum follows the hilarious misadventures of Moondog (Matthew McConaughey), a rebellious rogue who always lives life by his own rules. Co-starringSnoop DoggZac Efron, and Isla FisherThe Beach Bum is a refreshingly original and subversive. Cast: Matthew McConaughey, Snoop Dogg, Isla Fisher, Stefania Lavie Owen, Jimmy Buffett, Zac Efron, Martin Lawrence (World Premiere)


The Highwaymen
Director: John Lee Hancock, Screenwriter: John Fusco
The outlaws made headlines. The lawmen made history. From director John Lee Hancock (The Blind Side), The Highwaymen stars Kevin Costner and Woody Harrelson in the untold true story of the legendary detectives who brought down Bonnie and Clyde. Cast: Kevin Costner, Woody Harrelson, Kathy Bates, Kim Dickins (World Premiere)


Pet Sematary
Directors: Kevin Kölsch and Dennis Widmyer, Screenwriter: Jeff Buhler
Based on the seminal horror novel by Stephen King. The new Pet Sematary trailer premieres online tomorrow! Click here to be one of the first to see it. Cast List: Jason Clarke, Amy Seimetz, Jeté Laurence, Hugo Lavoie, Lucas Lavoie and John Lithgow


Director: Alex Horwitz
A feature documentary about the emerging technology of self-driving vehicles and the big questions they raise: what is control and who do we become as we relinquish it to machines? (World Premiere)




Friday 3/15/19


Richard Pryor Documentary Premier



Irish Music @ BD Rileys & the Convention Center


Saturday  3/16/19







Register online Saturday night!
Camping near Hamilton Pool ($11 online advance registration required ; $15 per car at gate) Construction delays. Registration in 9-1p and 2-6pm slots only!  THIS SUCKS but the beauty is worth it. We will see if I get kicked out for trying to spend the whole day on Sunday.

23 miles west of Austin on Hwy 71

**CHECK out Willie’s Ranch as I drive by….






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For a limited time only, this issue is being offered for free thanks to a generous sponsorship. Issue 4 will only be available to paid supporters in June.

There are a few good opportunities this week to get involved within the Sustainable Living  community.

eBay is offering a Survey focused on small business eco practices.

Each survey respondent will be entered into a drawing to:

  • Win one of three $1,000 Visa gift cards.*
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THE Sustainable Living Roadshow (SLR) is seeking artists to develop educational eco-art projects for the next phase of our Solutionary Showcase, a hands-on exhibition of demonstration stations and DIY projects that empower people with important knowledge, ideas, and creative tools to integrate sustainability into their lives.  This curated area features interactive exhibits, showcases and booths as well as informational posters with statistics and solutions that accompany all the installations.

Here is the full info:

Grants for Artists :

Sustainable Living Roadshow’s

Solutionary Showcase


Time frame:

Proposal Due to SLR  6/27/11,

Grant Award Announced 7/1/11

Project Completed by 7/22/11


Grants Awarded:

(2) projects under $300

(2) projects under $750

(2) projects under $1500

(1) project under $2000


Sustainable Living Roadshow (SLR) is seeking artists to develop educational eco-art projects for the next phase of our Solutionary Showcase, a hands-on exhibition of demonstration stations and DIY projects that empower people with important knowledge, ideas, and creative tools to integrate sustainability into their lives.  This curated area features interactive exhibits, showcases and booths as well as informational posters with statistics and solutions that accompany all the installations.

This work of art will travel nationally to music festivals, street fairs, farmers markets and universities and community colleges to increase awareness of solutions to current global issues.  The artist is not expected to bring their piece on tour, but will contribute their work to the Solutionary Showcase so SLR can tour it around the country as part of  SLR’s educational campaign. Already existing artworks that fulfill the criteria will also be considered.

Materials used for these exhibits should primarily be made of reclaimed, recycled or reused materials.  This artwork must educate the public about issues and solutions in a range of topics:  from renewable energy (solar, wind, bike, etc) to urban gardening, grey-water systems to rainwater harvesting, as well as GMO vs organic – and much more.  Our current tour theme is the Right2Know and we are seeking exhibits that encourage the public’s right to know about a range of issues including:

  • Genetically Modified Organism labeling
  • US govt spending for military vs education, health-care, social service.
  • The truths about organic vs non-organic materials in clothing industry
  • We need Label Info – get to know your labels – Fairtrade, Organic, B corp,
  • Tax cuts and Campaign donation for corporations
  • Proposed ocean levels rising and time-tables.
  • Health of ocean fisheries, sustainable fishing.
  • Plastic Garbage Gyres in the Oceans
  • The waste produced in the US per person vs the rest of the world – this could also be applied to energy consumption.

How to Apply

Proposals must be received by SLR no later than 5:00pm Monday, June 27th, 2011.  Please submit a proposal outlining your project and be sure to address the requested information and questions below. Be sure to include any sketches, photos or any other supplemental materials that will best highlight your design concept.

Applicant Information



Mailing Address

Daytime Phone

Email Address


Project Information

  1. Project Description. Summarize the proposed project in the space provided. Address the following: What will you create? Does your project have an interactive element as part of the finished product? What materials will you use? (Please remember materials should be predominantly recycled, reused, or salvaged)
  1. Project Realization. Summarize integral elements of the project’s realization.
  1. Project Experience. Summarize your previous experience and role working on similar projects.
  1. Accomplishments. What are your accomplishments? List relevant accomplishments/projects and corresponding websites or other resources. Please detail the qualifications and/or accomplishments of key artists participating
  1. Project Expenses.
  1. Submit the proposal as an attachment with an email by 5:00pm MON June 27th, 2011 to:

Submit any supplemental materials that cannot be sent online

(also due 5:00pm MON June 27th, 2011) to:

Sustainable Living Roadshow

Attn: Solutionary Showcase Applications

P.O. Box 8532

Oakland, CA, 94608

  1. If you have questions, please send an email

Sustainable Living Roadshow

Sustainable Living Roadshow (SLR) is a caravan of educators and entertainers who tour the country in a fleet of renewable fuel vehicles to empower communities and individuals to utilize sustainable living strategies for a healthier planet. Visiting k-12 schools, university campuses and community festivals across the United States, the caravan sets up off-the-grid eco-carnivals with experiential learning villages, featuring workshops, speakers, and entertainment.

The Helping Hands Network friends who show exceptional efforts in assisting causes in need are rewarded with travel and festival gatherings. The following are updates on each gathering.

We coordinate with: (enter referral “TIM FRENTZ” please when signing up) Help each other get FREE trips)

We may be going from Sturgis to Burning Man so leave us comments if you are planning on going so we may work some travel kinks out.



World Travel

California and Hawaii hiking adventures

Argentina South America planned for 2012


1st Weekend –


Super Bowl Tailgate in Vegas. 4 day gathering with tailgate competitions/games at the RIO.

Super Bowl parties and tailgating in NFL designated Cities.

2nd Weekend – Vegas Hand Made Crafts Trade Show

4th Weekend – Mardi Gras New Orleans


1st Week – Mardi Gras

Event Cost: Free

Parking: Free

Camping: Free un-officially allowed in central park 10 minutes from the French Quarter.

Comments: Packed full of adventure and art and street performances.

2nd Week –

Austin SxSW 10 DAYS (Interactive, Film & Music separate)

Event Cost: $375 per or $900 by Sep. 24th or $500 and $1250 Day of. Parking: Free on side streets. Bike shuttles everywhere!

Camping: Negotiable with land owners. There are several houses to negotiate with or just bring a small camper van.

Comments: There are 2000 individual gathering events, over 180 stages and 25% of them can be experienced for free outdoors. Individual films cost $10 but you have to get in line early and wait 45 minutes for most. Half of the bars charge $5 covers and 95% have live music the last 7 days.

3rd Weekend

Miami’s ULTRA Electronic Music Festival (

$180 3 day pass



Mexico Padre Island area for Spring Break

Carribean in 2012

3rd Week –

Coachella (3 day) Empire Polo Club Indio/Lake Eldorado, CA

Comments: Over priced with big names only Kings of Leon& Kanye West for 2011. ($285+) They cap their ticket sales early. No onsite day of sales! $85 for camping plus $15 for 1 additional companion car. Farmers market on site!!! Sustainable focus.

4th Weekend April – First Weekend May

New Orleans JAZZ fest (

Event Cost: $40/day or $60/day at Gate.

Parking: Metered on Street but you can park on Free side streets and walk or trolley.

Camping: Un-officially free in central park.

Comments: Tremendous lineup.  50 bands/shows per day on 5 stages with 5+ parades. WORTH $40-60 a day!

CRAM JAM Hamilton TX

COST: $75 ($50 early bird)

CAMPING: 3 day with camping!!!

MUSIC: Mostly country



1st Week: NO Jazz Fest

2nd Week:

3rd Week: (Gulf Shores, AL)

Event cost: $250 (over priced with little CAMPING. No SINGLE day passes!

Camping: Hard to get. Sleep on a boat or get a group to rent condos.

Parking: Off site then take shuttles for $5/ea. ride or $20 unlimited for weekend.


WAY OVER CROWDED. Not worth the trip. Decide how much comfort you can sacrifice for good music at a high expenses. Lack of Food Available. LACK of SHADE and WATER Cool down sprayers. Too many cops. NO FREE water stations but there is warm shower water. LONG entrance lines due to over searching. Minimal CAmping spots. Party on the Beach!  It is the NORTH GULF so it is dirty. Don’t expect nice calm green-blue waters. There is organized YOGA. RENT a boat and sleep on it in the ocean and you can still enjoy the music but you may be forced to back up to the 500ft area because they don’t want you enjoying the music for Free. You miss being in the action but you can get a boat for the same price as the ticket when divided by a group of 4 or more. 2011 had a good lineup of Groups in the Billboard top 50-100 range.

4th Week:


1st Week: Western Arkansas –

Event Cost: 1 day $76, Weekend $126, 4 day $154.

Parking: free for 1 day. Overnight must carpool from neighboring lands.

Camping is set per car so divide $59-99 amongst the group.

Comments: This festival is rumored to be very relaxed. Nudity allowed. Few enforcement agents. Strong bluegrass, electronic and reggae presence.

2nd Week:

Lilies Middle Age Gathering (Smithville MO)

Bonnaroo (50 miles South of Nashville TN)

Over priced ($242+) and no daily passes are sold. Camping is included. Most years have seen great lineups but 2011 is week with only Eninem on Main stage. String cheese and Wide Spread Panic save the 2011 show barely. You have to rely on a bracelet arriving in the mail!

4th Weekend thru 1st week July

THE Rainbow Gathering (relocates yearly) 2011 Washington State

WE need a carpool from the midwest for this! We hope to leave our cars at our Sturgis sponsor and carpool from there. Contact us if you want on board.

Event Cost: FREE and full of peace and love. Commerce kept to barter system!


1st Week –

Rainbow Gathering continued

Rothbury MI Sustainable Music Festival (looks to be canceled)

4th Weekend –

Longview Balloon Festival (at Airport)

Cost: $15 FRI/SAT to pay for BANDS then FREE on SUNDAY.

Parking: FREE

Camping: There is a killer FREE spot 1 mile from the Longview Airport on the river!

NOTES: Aprox. 10,000 attend this festival between 6-8:30am while the balloons are flown in and compete in a skill challenge.From 9a-6p only about 2,000 visit the airport carnival and vendors while the rest either go to downtown events like the ART WALK on Thursday? or Dog Show on SAT or Martin State Park (which has been poisoned and had the water sucked out of the lake by the Texas State Coal Power Plant)

*THIS is a PARTIAL GREEN event. There are hand sanitizer stations and PLASTIC RECYCLING BINS!!! But yet Texas remains one of the least green friendly states and 90% of the people didn’t use the resources properly.

The city of Longview fails to promote revenue generating events during the down time and is missing out on massive benefits to help the community!

From 6:30p-midnight 20,000+ attend for the concert and to party in the fields. Bring your own party favors is encouraged!!! No glass. No security check! Bring a blanket and cuddle with very few bugs. It is one heck of a Texas cowboy stompin good time!

4th Week: Sturgis SD


1st Week: Sturgis SD

Event Cost: FREE

Parking: FREE

Camping: We have several good free locations but you have options to pay to access over 15+ BIG name concerts!

Comments: We have work lined up and have emergency connections after doing this gathering for 20 years now! We are showcasing the line in 2011 so come visit us at the Swap Meet Store. Fast food is easily available as all are town resources! 100 square miles of fun over 14 days! One of the worlds largest and event filled gatherings!

2nd Weekend:

IA, MN, NE Camping

2011 Heading for Burning Man via Salt Lake City exploring.


1st Weekend

Applegrass Bluegrass Festival (Council Bluffs, IA / Omaha, NE)

Event Cost; $15

1st Week -(NOW Looking for Carpool from Midwest for 2011)

Burning Man (Black Rock City NV) starts last weekend of August.

Event Cost: Lowest price is fair for 7 days AND you have to purchase 10 months in advance to get the lowest $210 price. You likely end up paying $320 but there is a low income program for $160 by application. You can buy at the gate the day of but it usually sells out. No one day passes is the biggest disappointment.

Camping/Parking: included

Comments: This is an annual experiment in temporary community dedicated to radical self-expression and radical self-reliance; a peaceful gathering focused on ARTISTIC freedom and expression. Completely sustainable and recycled. Possibly the best festival I have not experienced…but that will change in 2011 with my arrival. Commerce not allowed and film/photos are asked to be minimal.

3rd Week –

Grassy, MO BLOOM HEAVY BlueGrass –


2nd Week:

AR  Mulberry Mountain Bluegrass Fest

Event Cost: $100 weekend w/ Camping Early Bird Price $?? for 1 day pass.

Camping: Included



3rdWeek: MO, AR, Canada

Food Stock 1 hour north of Toronto, Ontario CN

4th Week: LA (New Orleans) and in Central Park

Event Cost: prices changing for 2011 but not announced yet

Parking: Free

Camping: un-officially free with campers in the park. There are secured VIP/vendor and Performer areas you have to avoid.

Comments: The TribeCon community 2 day seminars are a great intro and addition to the VooDoo Festival. I network with this group, speak at the conference and volunteer to get good perks. I also volunteer with central park departments to earn lenient camping rights.





*The Work Exchange Team allows you to volunteer 15 hours in exchange for a ticket! They are at: Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival, Nateva, Coachella, Stagecoach, Austin City Limits, Blackwater Music Festival, Catskill Chill, De Luna Festival, The Hangout, Rothbury, Lollapalooza, All Points West, Phish Festival, All Good, Wakarusa, Wanderlust Festival, YMSB Harvest Festival, Amberland, Camp Bisco, Bear Creek Music and Art Festival, Langerado, Echo Project, Captain Planet Foundation, and P Diddy StarMaker Auditions

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Lincoln Nebraska helping construction friends, IRS collection victims, and promoting local Community garden events.
Northeast Texas to South Dakota to help rebuild homes.
Worked with great volunteer groups in Los Angeles. Weekly blogs share efforts with Community Garden Organization of Los Angeles County, Seed Bank of Venice, Youth Soccer league, Venice Boardwalk artists, Occupy LA and other fun causes. Find the links by viewing the category links to the left.
JULY 2011
Interview Log
Super Bowl Weekend in Dallas
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Gun Rights for Protecting Our Wealth
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My American Idol Watch list
My Favorite Facebook Posts
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Choctaw Casino Durant OK
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Making Money online in 2011
Landmark: The Inside Story of America's New Health Care Law and What It Means for Us All (Publicaffairs Reports)
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2009 (archived)
11/09 – New Orleans Volunteering ; Milk Safety ; Cigarette Ingredients ;
10/09 – Swine Flu Safety ; VooDoo Festival Review ;
09/09 – New Fundraising Items ; TribeCon Invitation ; New Orleans Sponsorship ; Sitting in the Dark IL ; TribeCon PR ; IL Fishing Cabin 4 SALE ; Teacher Appreciation Time
08/09 – Erhard MN Fire ; HH Press Interview ; H750 Project Pix ; Summer Travel Review ;
07/09 – Meet Rev. Dannie Patrick ; Who We’ve Helped ; Lincon NE ; Parent Appreciation ;
06/09 – Bethelem PA Nightlife Review ; World Peace Leader Visit ; Keepers of the Peace Story ; Pro Speach Writer ; Pocono Race ; Love of a Father ; Speach Outline ; Food Inc. ; Swine Flu ; Reincarnation Proof ; Stolen Van in AZ ; Near Death Experience #3 ;
05/09 – The Life of a Care Giver ; Court Violations of Parental Rights ; May Events Summary ; NYC Nightlife
04/09 – Helping in PA ; NY Life/Culture ; About Tim Frentz ;
03/09 – Wind Power Setup under $1500 ; ; HH Winter Review ; Indian Rez Cleanup
02/09 – John Trudell Help ; NRES UNO Presentation ; Internet Sales Tax Letter
01/09 – UNL Enviro Series ; Coal Sludge Spill Kingston TN ; Limit Lead in Your Water ; Who We Helped ; Bike Trail Petition ; NE Political Bills

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12/07 – HH Marketing Services ; Survey $ ; Hydrogen Autos
11/07 – Black Friday Info ; Fundraising w/ MSN ;
10/07 – the Skinny on Ethanol ; About Tim
09/07 – Oil City Dart Tourney Results ; Soccer Training Openings
07/07 –
01/07 – Who We Helped ;

2006 (archived)
12/06 – ; ; Help A Friend VC ; Date Ideas (NE)
09/06 – MN Baby Fundraiser

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-Fun Events (movie nights / book club / nature exploring)



Jacob Lusk – 23 – Compton, CA

Casey Abrams – 19 – Idyllwild, CA

James Durban

Scotty McCreery

PIA (sneaking out of the shadows, this New Yorker may out vote the boys!)


Great Singers CUT SHORT:

Jordan Dorsey

Melinda Ademi

Brett Loewenstern

Jaycee Badeaux – Cut short. Out during top 12 male selections.

Paris Tassin

Julie Zorrila


As the Season Goes on This List will switch up a bit.

Episode 1 NY/Jersey

Caleb Haley – nice bluesy voice

Robby Rosen – 16 Wheelchair recovery

Melinda Ademi – 16 *Serbia Refugee Girl

Yoshi (MJ Dancer) – It was never official if he made it through to round 2? He had some nice moves.

Brielle Von Hugel – Girl with Duet Father w/ throat cancer

Travis Orlando – 16 *Homeless Shelter Boy

Episode 2 New Orleans

Jordan Dorsey – 21 **LaPlace LA Music Teacher (My fav so far!)

Sarrah Sellers – Richardson Texas Stephen Tyler LIPS Girl.  She has a Janis Twang and should make it far.

Jovany Brevetto – AB boy

Jaquelynn Dupree – Randy Jackson’s Coach’s Neice

Brett Loewenstern – *Carrot Top Boy Boca Routon. Big singing voice in little talking coat. He is going to be one to watch grow. Queen singer.

Jaycee Badeaux – 15 Young Whipper (teddie bear lookin kid)

Paris Tassin – 23 *Single Mom w/ Hearing Damaged daughter. Med Assistant. Underwoods Temporary home singer. She is going far. She is half Native so she gets extra favoritism from me.

Episode 3 – Milwaukee WIS Had some Good Stories and

Contestants. I look forward to hearing more from:

Jerome Bell -The Marvin Gay sounding Guy

Molly Swenson – 22 (Seattle) Harvard White House Girl

Tiwann Strong – 29 Chicago (Twisting the Night)

Steve Beguhn – CPA Big Goone

Steve Dangerfield – 22- Milwaukee Teacher JLo’s Favorite so far!

Alyson Jados – 26 – Chicago Bartender AeroSmith Girl

Chris Medina – 26 Oak Forest IL – Coffee Shop Barista – The guy singing with his disabled fiancee on his mind who was a Coffee Barista as well.

Episode  4 Nashville

Rob Bolin 23 Nashville Chelsee Oaks 23 -Are the Xs Going to Get Very Far?

Stormy Henley 19 Crossville TN -Teen USA going out early!?

Adrienne Beasley 22 Wickliffe KY – American Honey farm girl

Lauren Alaina – 15 Rossville GA – Sings for her cousin battling cancer. BIG VOICE! Going far!

Episode 5 Austin

Austin is full of instrumental talent but very many of their top singers came to the AI auditions.

There were a couple cute girls with good voices but none of the guys impressed me and I didn’t hear anything worth noting individual names.

Who did you like?

Episode 6 Los Angeles

Heidi Khzam – Belly Dancer will go far in Life but not in singing.

Mark  Gutierrez – 28 Duet brothers

Aaron Gutierrez – 27

Episode 7 San Farncisco

Stefano Langone (21) Car accident recovery
Kent Washington

Julie Zorrila (20) Amazon Rain forest girl

Emily Ann Reed (26) House Burned down (Coffee Barrista)
Arlington, VA – This girl has a unique voice/tone that I hope to see go far.

James Durban () High Voice Steven Tyler singer – lost dad to Drug Overdose, Terets
Santa Cruz, CA


Casey – Voice is still on key. His nerves are his weakness.

Super Personality from NC Victoria Huggens is out.

Paris – Single mom

James Durbin – torrets boy is hanging with Adam Lambert

Chris Madina – Brain damaged fiancee. Still going!

Jacee Badeaux – The 15 year old has nerves of still.

Hollie from McKinney – Moving Forward

Steve Big Goon Beguhn – I think this guy was cut short by Randy & could of went further.

Belly Dancer girl is out! We should have heard her sing in round 2. Not fair!

Rob & Chelsee – Ex couple are still together in Hollywood.

They film crew is not showing enough of the singers. We only got to hear 20% of each group!

Scotty McCreery – Cowboy is rockin.

Jerome Bell – We still have Al Green w/ us this season.

Travis Orlando – Shelter boy is singing his way out of the slums but his audition was weak! He will be back singing locally in the NYC.

Steffano – We have some latin in the mix.

the White House is still being represented.

Yoshi is officially out. I was hoping to see more dancing.

What happened to Jordan (music teacher)? He is my winner pick so far and they did not even mention him in round 2!

Are Melinda Ademi (SERBIA girl) and Brielle (throat cancer dad) still in?

Are the L.A. brothers in?

Round 3

Round 3 was full of tough cuts through the group stage.

Jessica Yantz (28) Nashville (Great girl. She helped Jersey girl out and suffered for being nice. She has a great voice and got shorted this year.)  8?(

Paris Tassin has a bad group round and get’s cut!??

Mark – of the brother duet is out leaving younger brother to prove himself.

THE 15 year old group ROCKED IT!!!


Jacob Lusk – 23 – Compton, CA – BEST performance of all time on AI for Randy Jackson!

Casey Abrams – 19 – Idyllwild, CA – Awesome

The Nervous train wreck was spared!? I am shocked but I thinkAshley Sullivan 26 – Springfield MA could be a great STUDIO singer. She can not perform live on stage but she has a unique voice that just needs training.

The rest of the litter was all safe as to be expected!

ROUND 5 (top 12 male/female selction show)

Jaycee Badeaux cut short because of STAGE PRESENCE?  He has a top 5 male voice so it was a sad cut!

ROUND 6 (males OPEN song choice)

Jacob Lusk and James Durban shine above all.



Pia continues to show vocals of a true Diva. She has proven worthy of my top 5! Jordan comes up short but Jacob, Casey, James, Scotty and Pia are in it to win it. All 5 are equally worthy of recording contracts. The final 5 weeks are going to be the best finals ever. Who are the fans going to vote for and which one will get the judges save???



First TR of the Month: Espania Dance Fest until 2:30AM ish. Located in Benson main street. Exciting culture and open stage at the Pizza Shoppe Collective 3 doors down also.

TR: Perry’s place near 96th and Mockingbird has a Open Stage Blues jam on Thursdays that gets some crossover from the downtown Zebra Jam that expired Spring 2010.

FR/SAT : Strong competitive Electronic Dart Tournaments. Contact for current locations.

Grand Island:

excellent medium stakes Poker games on TU, WD, FR and Sundays. Contact me for an invite.