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Turn pain, illness, stress… into Peace of Mind, Body, Life!

  • This weekend- Nirvana turns 4 yrs old! Come Celebrate on Sat! 4-10p!
  • June/July Schedule ~ Daily emotional hygiene is even MORE important than showers or teeth brushing!
  • Review of 14th Annual Spring Retreat~ Heart Consciousness & The Breath!

  • Nirvana Pointe is 4 yrs. old- THIS SATURDAY!!! Enjoy the Bday Bliss!!!

Saturday, May 29th, 4p-10p    Love Offerings appreciated! Nirvana survives by donations. Thank you!

RSVP please- 551-0500 or

4p- Conscious Complete Yoga, Breath, Meditation Class- CoCoYo! Great for those who have never tried and those who want to explore something different, too! OR- for those who already love our style of practice!!

6p-8p Potluck- please bring organic, if at all possible, and no meat besides fish, no alcohol please. We respect the Earth and we respect the Body/Mind temple, too!

8:30p- Lighting of the Firepit, followed by drumming/dancing and LIVE firespinning- by Tribal Inferno!

Open House- Bring your suit/towel for hot tub/sauna/pool- water rounding. Spend the night for just $35!!!! Includes breakfast!!!

Waking up in Nirvana IS JUST THAT J. Check out by 11am. Stay longer- just $10/2 hrs or $20/up to 6 hrs. Meals upon request! Lunch/Dinner-$10 organic and delicious. 24 hr. notice please for lodging/meals.

Yes, it has been 4 yrs. now that we have had our first guests at Nirvana- WOW!! We thank the Universal College of Healing Arts, located in Florence , for bringing us our first groups of lodgers! We are grateful they are still bringing us lodgers today! When we first opened, we did not even have a front yard- it was a deep canyon! One of our many miracles at Nirvana was to get a free front yard. The next year we put in our awesome 30’ waterfall- bringing the sounds of the Colorado mountains to Nirvana! Then, the next year, in went the ValleyView deck and pool. And, what will be the next addition??? I think the new Enlightenment Room, and perhaps another deck and shower- YEA!

Since our birth 4 yrs ago- we have enjoyed so many wonderful guests… Click to read more on Nirvana’s 4th Bday!

  • Schedule for June/July 2010 ~

ONGOING CLASSES AND PRIVATE/Couple/Buddy Connected Wellness System-TM sessions always at our

Dundee Rejuvenation Center- FREE Consultations and try a Conscious Complete Yoga/Breath/Meditation Class anytime! Experience Heartbreathing-TM, for healing any illness in the body/mind/life and creating deep satisfaction and blissful living!

Classes- M 7p, T 10a, Th 10a & 6p 1.25 hrs. $10/class/3 months or $15/4 wks. Start by June 8th and receive a free class!

Private/Semi-private sessions- by appt. Set up a free consultation today! 724 N 50th St, by appt, please!

Any classes can be done via tele-class and NOW online/webcam classes and privates available!

Nirvana Pointe is open 7 days/wk- so, let us know if you want to come out during the week!!

June 5-6- Open Weekend– we have a few lodgers, but just personal retreats going on- nothing organized, besides our regular Conscious Complete Yoga/Breath/Meditation classes. Come enjoy the amenities, do a private session of any type or just hang!

June 12-13- First weekend of our Weekend Wellness Series– The Connected Wellness System-TM.

Once/month, August-November, as well.   Click here for detailed Series Syllabus- Parts I & IIclick to open! Join us on this amazing journey of personal growth, deep healing and empowerment- for yourself or to share with others, as well.

The adventure of a lifetime! Do not miss!

June 19-20- Solstice Wellness Day or Weekend OMaha- City of Enlightenment!  Retreat Info

Our next group Wellness Sampler is June 19-20– where folks can come to all or parts of the weekend’s events!

10a-Sat.- Conscious Yoga/Breath/Meditation,

Noon-2p- Alkalinity and MicroNutrition workshop, w/lunch,

2-5p- our famed Science of Breath workshop.

Stay for evening entertainments- Celebrate the Summer Solstice, and spend the night, as desired. The point of staying the night is to steep in the energy you have created from doing the practices. Waking up in Nirvana is JUST THAT!

Sunday, is morning Silence/Quiet time, for water rounding, morning meditation, lunch/more time to play/explore/relax-

3:30p- Gift of Grace ceremony

4p- Active Chakra Meditation class

5p- Conscious Recovery meetup.

See details in our group packages- scroll down to the listings…

June 26-27th– Open Weekend- Come enjoy the Bliss!!!

July 4th weekend- Open House on the 2nd!

July 10-11th– Second Weekend of Connected Wellness Series

July 17-18th– Open Weekend! Your mini-escape awaits you!

July 24-25th Summer Silence! Nirvana Taster (1 day) or- Purify & Empower (2 day) guided retreat.

Start with talking, then we enter the Silence- SO empowering and SO lusciously enjoyable, then- we end with sharing. If you have never experienced long dives into the Silence- let yourself enjoy the deepest way to purify and empower, plus experience your Full Potential to align & create using Consciousness. The difference is in The Breath. We are the leader in Consciousness Studies, Kundalini/Kriya/Chakra Yoga, Meditation and Breath Purification Therapies, here in the Heartland! Dive in and Do it! Make yourself your own first priority- so you have the most to share with the world around you! Responsible living rocks!

Read review of our 14th Annual Spring Retreat for details! (below) OMaha- City of Enlightenment!  Retreat Infoclick 4 mo’!

July 31- August 1st Private party 11-2p, lodgers, but otherwise open for your mini-escape!

August 8th– Irl’s bday! We usually celebrate Mid-Summer Night’s Eve, but stay tuned…

August 14-15th, 21-22- We will have a Wellness Weekend and the 3rd Connected Wellness Series weekend- but stay tuned… If you want one of these weekends- please let us know, so we can adjust our plans accordingly- which we can do easily!

August 28-29th– outside group retreat- fully booked


  • Review of 14th Annual Spring Retreat~ Heart Consciousness & The Breath!

The Bliss keeps on coming! I have been getting such wonderful emails from everyone about the great results, realizations- unexpected CHECKS IN THE MAIL!!- I just got that one in!, and purifications they have been receiving from attending last weekend’s retreat. Realizations AND tools to be using- when you feel yourself heading in the wrong direction in your mind- to bring you back onto the path of Truth- and then, voila- you end up creating a miracle instead of a hassle, your body/mind heals, your relationships improve, money comes in, you have a great life!

On Sat., we cleared the space using many wonderfully enjoyable… Click to read more review- 14th Annual Spring Retreat!

Turn pain, illness, stress… into Peace of Mind, Body, Life!

1-on-1 Sessions, in The Connected Wellness System-TM (Couples & Buddy sessions, too.)

Private Sessions and Connecting with the Higher Selfclick to open!

Classes in Conscious Complete Yoga/Meditation Click here for details!

Guided workshops/retreats- group/individual- NEXT is our Solstice Wellness Weekend- June 19-20th

The Connected Wellness System-TM Series- for deep personal growth or professional therapeutic use.

OUR SCHOOL’S 12th year in providing professional certification training!

2010 Series begins June 12-13th 6-8 wkends. Click here for detailed Series Syllabus- Parts I & IIclick to open!

New series runs June- Nov. 2010 MEMBER- IAYT- International Association of Yoga Therapists/ Experienced Yoga Alliance Teacher, Mind/Body Medicine- Deepak Chopra, AHHA- American Holistic Health Association

Unstructured retreats OMaha- City of Enlightenment!  Retreat Info Nirvana Pointe brochure click to open!

Events & rentals- Ask for details Next event- Nirvana’s 4th Bday!! May 29th

Private, Corporate and Healthcare facility sectors- Ask for details 402 551-0500

And… The Breath shall set you free!
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