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While opening the Helping Hands Network community learning center in East Texas, I was only 400 miles from New Orleans and the center of American Carnival celebrations. It is too much fun to pass up every few years.


I found a few scheduled poker and dart tournaments along the way and packed up Lil Blue, our 2006 Honda Element. I loaded up all our recycling to drop off a sorting center along the way.

2019-03-29 recycle


Once I arrived I went straight to the Friday night dart tournament location in the uptown district. It was a fun group of people and I made some money after losing 3 to 4 in the final.

2019-03-29 bracket


In between matches I was able to go outside and watch some of the parade as it passed by.

In the morning got breakfast and cleaned up along the way to midtown central park. The last time I was in the park was 2009. I lived in the park for a few months while helping with Hurricane Katrina relief efforts. The area I lived in was still the same for the most part. Some newer restoration has been completed on one of the Historical buildings.

2019-03-29 camp2019-03-29 park building.jpg

2019-03-29 park

After my workout at the park, I cruised the midtown parade route.


The midtown parade had some great costumes and a big music stage that played all day.


After the midtown parade, it was time to head down to the quarter for the parade down there and some French Quarter fun.  The night hike through the park on the way back to the car was very enjoyable.

2019-03-29 park all

The parade litter is so filthy it is worth sharing images to help everyone consider the consequences.

2019-03-29 float


I usually end my evening with a pass through Burbon Street that ends at the Harrah’s casino. The cards went well for me again and I made enough to pay for the entire trip.

In the morning I did a workout on top of the parking garage and then headed back to the Hawkins Learning Center project.

I was also able to time it just right to play a poker tournament at this amazing Baton Rouge Casino.

I have written so many details about Vegas that this one is limited to just the highlights.


Sat. 4/15

After being dropped off by my Sebastapol car pool savior Brendon, I entered Ballys casino. The National Dart Association was having their championship tournaments and 50 of my friends were there. Most I had not seen in 5 years since I quit playing the pro circuit.  I went around and spent a lot of time with each and had them sign my travel book.

Ryan needed to be up early to play in a tournament so we just went to Imperial palace where he was staying for the night and played around there. In between our fun I was able to get some CL ads up and reply to other possible fitness clients.


Sun 4/16

I watched Ryan play darts between a fitness session and lunch, then we walked the neighboring casinos until we couldn’t muster the energy for one more step.


Monday 4/17

I started my normal Vegas routine today. 9am tournament at Excalibur, 11 at Luxor, workout and yoga session, then pool exploring all day until Ryan was ready to go checkin at the condo.

It was midnight by the time Ryan was done with darts so we called it an early night at the condo. He ended up getting 4th place in level 1 singles cricket which is actually the 3rd highest level behind Masters A & B. There is 64 entrants in each level so he placed 132nd in USA.

I used the early night to relist some of my fitness trainer and yoga instructing ads up on Vegas classifieds. Running private lessons get’s me one customer a day which is all that is needed to survive in Vegas.


Tuesday 4/18

Today I woke up with bad stomach pains because I ate 7 junk food items mostly made of genetic modified poisons (GMO). I spent all day in yoga poses that massage digestive organs near the bath tub drinking chamomile tea and nibbling on a bananna.


Wed 4/19

I was back to my normal self and thank goodness because today I would get to spend the entire day laying between two of the most beautiful Chicago godesses in nothing but the sexiest swim wear by the Excalibur pool. Sure they were likely buttering me up to drive them around and buy them things but I took full advantage of the situation.

Ryan chose to hang with the boys playing at the condo rather then come meet us at the pool, a decision that would ultimately stop us from sealing the deal.

From 8 to 10, we got the boys together to go watch the Fremont Light shows. The girls wanted to stay behind to eat and get ready for the clubs so I gave up on trying to meet up with them. While on Fremont street, we bumped into several others from my dart days. It was nice to get some social time with about 10 people I had not seen in years including Omaha’s comedian Keith and the Lincoln Knuth family pictured below.

Everything happens for a reason but it was sad flirting with the Chicago beauties all night and not getting them to come party at the condo. They chose to dance at the Gallery night club instead of meeting up with us.


Thur (4/19)

Bummed from the sour closing of the previous night, I declined the girls invitation to come spend the day with them at the topless Moorea beach. I couldn’t take another flirty day with them leading to god knows what. I politely replied to their texts through out the day while exploring 7 pools south of Ceasars.

The afternoon was soaked up at the Ceasars pool where I would be surrounded by 6 attractive divorced ladies partying for the life freeing change. During a brief moment of silence a gay guy neals down at my feet and asks me if he has seen me in LA?  Apparently that is Vegas code for action, because after I kept the conversation going, he told me his room number and asked me to come up. At least someone doesn’t expect you to spend all your money on them before getting to the p

oint around here.  I wished my new friends the best and then we all went our seperate ways as the pool closed at 7.

I found the sports bar to sit and write this chapter and then went to find Ryan at Ballys.  Ryan wanted to play Black Jack so I went looking for food. I stopped into O’Sheas Irish pub and watched a beer pong tourney while eating a salad and charging my phone.  When Ryan was ready to stop I checked in with Sylwia and Faye. I was hoping to get them to hang out without going into an expensive club but that was where they were heading.

Unfortunately for me, I would of had a 2 hour shuttle delay to go to the condo to change into some of Ryans nice clothing.  We apologized for not catching up with them and headed home.


Friday 4/20

After we packed up all of our stuff Ryan wanted to explore Mandalay, Luxor, and Excalibur so I gave him the tour of my stomping grounds. We spent the final hour of our time together playing black jack. We caught a lucky shoe and within 5 minutes I made $65 and by the time we were done we finished ahead $200.  We went out to the truck, got my stuff, said our good byes and then I went to the bus stop to catch my ride home to LA.

Monday Dec. 11. Normal Monday morning swim and hot tub yoga then off to work. Met Jeantine from Soest nederland on the bus to work. We talked all about our travels and I shared a bunch of secrets for getting around LA. We made plans to say hi on email and arrange a Tuesday meeting for a Griffith hike.

She told me about Los angeles limosine express inc. who is now the lowest priced ride to Vegas at $25. Once at work I discovered Snoop was playing Tuesday in south Hollywood so hiking would be tentative on my ability to get compted into the show.

Tuesday morning Julia asked me to come say hi after dance. We talked about options to meet and she invited me to a party on Friday. During the day I posted notices on several Snoop sites to increase the chance of being invited into the circle. For the evening I took the bus to the Wiltern show. After hitting the line with a hundrded cards and demonstrations I stood around the VIPs and put the Shhmokewear name in the minds of Snoops boyz who came out with the passes and to those connected with receiving them.

I picked one real cool brother named Hecter who was dating one of Snoops dancers and talked to him about 10 minutes while waiting for his pass. I decided it was a worthy recipient for the nights free product. After all the VIPs were in I went around the back and snuck in. Just like all the concerts I have written about in the past, all you have to do to find out how is contact me.

The trains were all closed on the way home because some idiot called in a bomb threat so I had to take the bus. One benefit is you can not get cited for not paying like the train but your discount is at the drivers discretion. On the other hand you may get a psycho on a full moon that stops the bus by cusing at the driver and then everyone has to help the driver remove the pest.

Wednesday was a normal day with the standard youth soccer practice. There were two parties across town by Santa Monica but I decided to relax after a good workout at practice.

Nothing out of the ordinary happened Thursday until the evening when our two Shhmokewear musicians got together at a club concert. We are getting them together for the first time to do some recordings.

Friday, I handled payroll on my own while will checked in the work delivered by the artists. When I got back I put together shipping because Blaine skipped out on work and then I updated the balance sheets before heading to the local meditation garden.

I was not feeling well so I bailed on attending Snoop’s Players Ball. When I got home, Sung took me to Pho Ever to eat some amazing Seafood Pho soup and then we chilled in the hot tub before finishing the night with movies and popcorn. I sent sales emails out all day Saturday and then walked outside and stopped in to the community xmas party for a bit. I was still battling a head ache and sore throat so I stayed in for the night. Sean went to a nice Winter Solstice gathering and a Korean spa with Will and got home around 1a.

Sunday, Sean went hiking all day and I went to a local park to edit photos in the warm sunshine. I met a beautiful photographer and then another fun girl at the local Wendy’s. She was a cheerful spirit all dressed like Wendy herself on the posters.

Monday came and went with no hello from Julia so I had a feeling she was uncomfortable with her friends knowing about me as more then a friend. I turned my attention back towards meetup for the weekend.

Work had one fun twist this day…A hello from a fashion rep of Snoops. We continue to nudge towards getting connected with the gonja father.

For the evening, Will and I went to join the Topanga Earth Day committe. The group was full of wonderful earth spirits with unique wellness skills.

After the meeting we acompanied the host to her house to chill around the fire. Lisa Ciaci had an amazing canyon farm. She had 4 rental cabins all occupied and paying 70% of the properties mortgage. The rest was paid by weekend ranch Bed and Breakfast and spiritual ceremonies.

The inside of the main house was redesigned in a southwestern flare, complete with native american items from different western tribes. The furniture was all natural hand made farm wood items. I left Will and Lisa to cuddle in private and found my way to a spare bedroom after a great conversation about Frida.

The next morning I got out and did some yoga and then walked around the farm with pups and the horses. I picked up some recycling laying around and selected a few rocks for the garden. One of the committe members rented a cabin so she said hello as I passed by. We ended up talking about their food garden that was not protected in a winter greenhouse. I asked if I could save the strawberries by giving them refuge at Shhmokewear and so a trade was born.

As the time came to part ways, we stopped at a local diner for breakfast and then headed towards the Santa Monica court house to make payment arrangements for my bullshit crosswalk infraction. I had to choose between dodging an on coming car and not entering the crosswalk with someone 5 lanes away on foot. There just happen to be a cop looking to fill his quota in view and a $234 donation to the city was born.

I was given 60 days to make payments or schedule a court appearance to plead for community service. In LA there is no phone support and no printed fees. It is reviewed and then assigned a value and delivered by mail 3 weeks later.

We spent the next few hours walking around the Meditation Gardens on Sunset and then along the upper Santa Monica boardwalk trails. We had seafood gumbo at a nice Caribbean grill, visited our Shhmoke shop and booth on Venice beach and then took 3 hours to cross town through evening traffic. We ended up stopping at a Papa Johns and ate Pizza while enjoying the view of others in the traffic.

As the night of the 6th winded down I got a message from Julia explaining her life was a mess and the stress kept her from feeling like seeing me this week. Who knows how long that would last?

Wednesday was a normal work day and usual volunteer night coaching the local kids soccer skills.

Thursday I did some extra gardening, biked to watch a local high school soccer practice and then enjoyed a camp fire under the moon.

Friday, the 9th, I finished up our Holiday sales email and didn’t get to the bus until 5:45p. The bus ride home took me past all the beautiful Xmas lights in downtown and the holiday carnival at the Staples center. I was tempted to get out and explore but had my mind set on biking to the beach under the full moon and enjoying the Blues club at Hermosa. I knew that if I found an after party I would still be up to enjoy the lunar eclipse. I also had the option of going to the Moon Tribe Rave but wanted to focus on meeting a girl by home for the weekends.

Sung and I went to a Chinese buffet and I gave his number to a waitress he liked, then I biked to Manhattan beach and found a great Dave Mathews cover band to dance with all night. I only saw one girl of interest and of course she was married.

Saturday we cleaned house, watched Barcelona destroy Real Madrid 3-1 and then headed down to the AdultCon convention with Will to push our products to adult stores.

Will did not clarify he wanted to be there at 1p and it was 4p when we arrived. Instead of going by himself and meeting us there he used it as an excuse to not go at all even though we had until 9 pm to solicite shop wholesalers.

We were already in the car and didn’t like Will’s negative energy so we just went to the hispanic central farmers market for some dinner. I love the potatoe cakes stuffed with cheese! I also got a pound of dried fruits for $3.50.

When we returned home I just edited travel pictures and watched some movies.

Sunday morning I had a good reply to my workout partner listing After we exchanged some emails we decided to set up a TR tennis meetup.

Sean helped me find some good tablet laptop deals and then I was off to the holiday festival at Manhattan Beach. I edited more photos at the water fountains and then biked the strand until I found a good group playing volleyball. I sat and edited more while waiting my turn to get in the rotation.

As the time approached for the music to start thousands of people continued to amass until the beach and 4 surrounding street blocks were full of nearly 30000. The energy was amazing. My new volleyball friends shared their picnic goodies with me and then a few of us did some yoga as the amazing sun set with xmas lights from the pier in front of it. I got some amazing photos!

I then jogged the beach for awhile before wandering the crowd. Sean didn’t know what I meant when I texted him vball so he got frustrated and went back home after failing to find me at the festival. I was talking to a wonerful girl named Chelsea Mackin about food freedom when Sean paged to tell me a laptop seller replied to setup an exchange at a restraunt half way. My current laptop screen that had been broken by our buddy Neil has reached a point where I can no longer use it effectively.

The exchange went smooth with Dana and her 20 something boyfriend. She was nervous as I explaind we would have to break the seal on the unopened box test it. I showed her I had the money to ease her nerves and I encouraged her man to join us in the car to plug it in and boot up.

By the time we got back from Long Beach the fireworks where done so we went home to test the laptop. It only had Windows Starter and I gig of ram but it had an upgraded processor so I decided to sell it and find another cheap one with Ultimate and 2gig ram.

Usual Monday workout. Good weekend sales waiting to be shipped upon my arrival.

Tuesday morning I went to the rec center to do a ball workout and the dance class was there. The 3 instructors are gorgeous so I stayed near by and watched them every once in awhile. After they were done I started a conversation with a student while waiting for them. When they came out I gave them my number and asked if they could help me find someone to play tennis with.   They told me to come back at 5:30 and help with the kids anytime and then we went our separate ways.

I had to get a form created before going back in the evening and I could not get back to the park until 7. By then, the girls were not around.  The short holiday week combined with us getting our $5000 payment today made the week fun and relaxed.

Wednesday I did a 2 hour cardio workout with extra ball dribbling. Work tasks were mostly emails and customer service help. Sean made his first sale which included 9 high end glass pieces.   I was able to stop working on time and got to the rec center to meet the dancers. I introduced myself to a soccer coach and he welcomed me to help them with practice. The kids were a blast and I enjoyed watching them laugh and smile while learning the new drills I taught them. The girls had to leave before we were done practicing but I’m sure I will see them again soon.

On Turkey day we had to package up Sean’s order plus Will closed a $500 sale as well to package. After that I returned a bunch of singles ad messages and then took the train over to have lunch with other Occupy protestors.  One thing I am not getting enough of in my life is intelectual/philosophical conversation and sometimes I find it there. My first September I met with Sandy Fleming. Several days over the past few weeks we have been continuing our talks from that first day.  Unfortunately the Occupy tent city has become cluttered with tarps and most all of the small vegetation has been destroyed and the vibe and energy is outside my comfort zone. I shared some bread and walked a full rotation through the camp without finding any deep conversation so I continued back to the office to load up for my ride home.

On the train I had another message from the great swami beyond. As I boarded, my bike tire encroached a gentlemen who remarked rudely. I was too close to his space. If he didn’t have his feet out sideways blocking the walkway I would have taken the bike to the middle spot for bikes. I then thought to myself that he was sitting in a disabled seat and I should point it out but I bit my tonque. I simply replied “Happy Holidays”. When he reached his stop, I noticed his feet were not sideways by choice and he was just angry at the world for his misfortune.


When I arrived home, Sean had Thanksgiving dinner waiting and all the gear was packed. I ate and then posted a bunch of messages on the Burner meetup in hopes of meeting my soulmate on this weekend.  I also tried to arrange a morning jog with Linda Boeke from high school but she canceled after realizing the Husker vs. Iowa football game was on. Our reunion would have to wait.  Soon as the sun was up we were packing the car for another great adventure in the desert. We fiddled around with work things until 11 and then headed towards Will. We called to give him an hour notice to gvet ready. He was not ready to go when we showed up and made us wait until 1:30 so we cleaned and organized gear while waiting.   I had not looked at the new directions so I just told Will we were going somewhere in Joshua Tree. He assumed we would be going through Palm Springs and made plans with friends there. He was already upset that we were not working on the holiday while he was feeling productive so the tension piled up from his delays and news of our route change which would not be going through Palm Springs.  Just  5 miles down the road he was asking to be dropped off because of all the negative energy. Sean refused at first and we encouraged him to work it out so he hung with us.


We found our way to the gathering safely with no delays. Even though the company just got paid $4500 above expenses this week Will failed to get cash and borrowed 9 from Sung and forgot to pay me. Details that would need to change soon if I was to continue sacrificing my book time for Shhmokewear.   Once we contibuted our alcohol for the open bar and $25 donation, we circled the camp and picked our spot. After setting up camp in the dark it was near 7pm and time to explore. Will hiked the mountain with his guitar, Sean hit the grill for his cooking fetish and I went on the hunt for single girls to line everyone up with.

The gathering basecamp had a dome tent lit with glow sticks and neon with the open bar I inside being poured by 2 gorgeous mediterainian girls. I filled up my flask with pinneapple rum and red wine then headed for the fire pit. It was early so I consumed my energy by working on carving wood and creating my comics around the fire.

There was some great music being played by the DJ but it was too early to go on that trip.  I wanted to stay in a sobber state of mind to advance with the ladies first. I struck up several conversattions between stretching my legs and found the most attractive girl with the best energy surrounding her. As I was working on my comic the girls that were  attracted to me came over and asked questions. I picked the one with the best energy and I gave her the most attention so she sat beside me.   After I finished a page about a Texas adventure I shared the stories with her and then she went for a walk with me back to get water from our camp. Sara was on a soul venture from New York and took the holiday to spend with friends instead of family. She needed to get away from designing plasma lasers and computer programming with her Masters dedgree from UCLA and a RI school.   When we returned we joined the dancing and drumming. As our high peaked, Sara invited me to play cards at her tent. The boys had some good advances going so I left their wing and called it a night.  Back at the tent, I taught her how to play Jacks for about an hour while we exchanged innocent leg touches and flirtations and then she made a move.

For me, the ultimate high is the one you get from that first unknown realm of sexual tension. That first kiss puts you on top of the world. Even the slightest of touch, is still intoxicating.  Combine the first kiss with a long night of skinful cuddling under a 25 degree desert stary sky night and you gain the confidence to accomplish anything.  After we forced our selves apart we packed carry bags for the day and hiked up the hill to watch the sunrise over the desert foliage. After meditating by focusing on a small living creature, we hiked around the ranch lodge, playground and petting zoo. There’s a special channel of energy you absorb from a Peacock in a desert oasis.  We next went to join the boys for breakfast. As we were getting breakfast together, a roar stirred from the tent. A squinty eyed Sean soon crawled out. As we played cards and shared stories with Sean, Will plopped out of his hamock with one eye open.   After we filled our tummies we went back to take a nap in the grass area around Sarah’s tent. The area was surrounded by Tipis and provided a serene spot for cuddling in the soothing sunshine.

A messenger was going around gathering those interested in a mountain pass adventure to an old ghost mine. We decided it would be a fun way to spend the day together so we packed up and drove to meet the caravan at the archery.  While waiting we did some yoga and then shot some arrows. It was fun showing Sara how to do it.  Once the caravan was ready we drove the 2009 convertible Mustang through the desert down a back road towards the ghost mine and camp. We had 2 wild girls in the back as we rocked the convetibles sound system through the wild. It was like a scene from Fear and Lothing in Las Vegas. I felt like Johnny Depp.

The road got too rocky for the rented stang so we found a good pull over spot and jumped in the back of a small pickup to go the final 15 minutes. It was a wild ride and I enjoyed every bump as Sara embraced my cushioned lap. There were a couple steap leaning moments where we were close to falling out. The gravity drops were a blast.  When we got to the cave there were camp buildings going to ruin and behind them was the entrance to the mine.

A single man mined nearly a mile through the mountain over 38 years to give the illusion he did not find gold while actually striking a vain near by in secret.   Nearly 30 people went in while Will stayed behind. Another moment where a loved one makes you feel appreciated as we held hands walking through a cell phone lit black hole together.  Once we got to the other end the view was amazing of the salt lake. I noticed no one was in the mine so I grabbed Sara for some private hanky panky a ways in the dark.

As we rounded a jag in the shaft, a sliver of light from the entrance .75 miles ahead of us appeared. It was accompanied by the Johnny Cash sound of Will’s music.   We stopped moving and filmed what became one of the most sirene moments of my life. A moment better then any vision Hollywood could create. The light silouetting Will and his guitar as he approached us combined with music was on a parralel level in my memory with the moments spent in Sara’s arms.  Once the group was all back together we got into SP’s car with Will and asked others to ride in the back of the truck. Once we got ready to go the battery wouldn’t turn over and it was on a hill so we had to rock it to get shifted into neutral in order to get to a spot for a jump start.  While I was in the back rocking one of the passengers from earlier came over and opened the door unaware what we were doing. At the same moment the car shifted and rolled back towards me. I was prepared to jump on bump but the other lady got knocked down as the door plowed her over and I tried to stop the role. I sufered a good gash on my knee and several scrapes while planting my knee into the rocks.  We returned to the rental car just in time to get it turned around on the rocky one lane path before dark. I drove us to the nearest town as Will followed and again enjoyed the passionate touches while driving together.


Will was struggling to stay awake so I took the Toyota Tundra the rest of the way. We got Will and the Toyota dropped off and then we took the Stang to town to get liquor and dinner.  After filling up we went to the tent and fooled around before taking a nap to energize for a long night of partying. I wanted to stay up all night and make the moment last before having to part from my new friends.  We shared some natural party favors through the night and talked about our experiences and visions around the campfire and in the dance circle. I started with numbness and then transcended into pins and needles like tingling. Instead of seeing the obvious warm colors first, I was seeing more of the night blues and purples such as those deep in the hottest coals of the fire.  Eventually we agreed it was time to take another nap and watch a movie. When we woke up I felt fully rejuvinated and spent an hour doing yoga while Sara and the boys ate and said their good byes.

Soon it was time to part ways. Sara was going to Vegas and wanted some solo time so we just agreed to meet back up when she returned. I told her she was welcome to sleep over Monday night and we were right by the airport before her Tuesday flight. After sharing our hugs I went up the mountain took a nude nap in the 80 degree sun.  Once the boys had their stuff ready we headed back to LA, arriving with no problems. On the way I would get a text from the rec center dance instructor, Julia. We connected on facebook and chatted awhile before bed, arranging a tennis workout for Monday.

It was a busy week at work so I didn’t go anywhere other then Occupy LA.

Beside work tasks, we did a grocery trip on Wed and TR Will and I went to the bank.

Friday, I drove big momma and Brian to the DMV to get California IDs. They make out of staters take a written test but only require 2 proofs of ID and no residency proof just like I experienced in Texas.

Friday night I was still weak from a mild Bronchitas and I was going back out first thing in the morning so I stayed home and watched a movie.

Saturday I wanted to help a group clean up Venice Beach so I headed up there. It was sunny when I left south bay but it got cloudy as the bus went further north. I met a nice Australian family that worked for the same company in Dallas as the nice family I met with Bekah at Arkansas’ Albert Pike. Made for a fun chat about a wide variety of topics from the Occupation, IRS, Fed Reserve to talks about our travels. It was a great talk.

Once I arrived in Venice I could not find the group and I did not get a phone number so I rode around all afternoon between the Sana Monica amusement park and Venice. Will and I kept missing each other too even though I spent several hours playing soccer volley in the north green. I broke my toe when I kicked it wrong with my left foot. It would take nearly 4 months to heal.

There was also a Xbox skateboard competition going on that I recorded for awhile before heading back home.

By the time I got home Sung was ready to go out for his birthday. I showered quickly and then Neil, Sung and I headed back to the Sana Monica Del Rio hotel for a party. I almost stayed in from my long workout but it was a good thing they talked me into it because I would meet a special lady this night.

Upon entering the lobby I could see there where far less women and even fewer attractive ones so I picked a seat by the piano and started writing while enjoying the music. In the next section over I noticed a beautiful eastern european woman dressed in detailed fashion that fit her to perfection. Her blue jeans fit her curves like body paint and the array of bright colors of her top ensemble drew the males to her like the tail feathers of the peacock.

I studied how she talked to the men closely through the night and studied how her attention would wander in my direction while in discusions with others. By the end of the night I could tell she was single and not imprssed with the 10+ guys hitting on her so I moved to the seat near her and as she was getting ready to leave she approached me and started a talk. I told her we were moving on and simply asked her how I could get ahold of her and she gave me her number. While I was driving Bella and I exchanged some texts that made it clear she wanted to get to know me so I told her I would come back the next day.

Sunday Oct. 23, I made the boys a nice breakfast and then headed back to the train. From the LAX station I caught the Santa Monica bus and went to north beach. I got to talk to a nice lady and an ex pro baseball pitcher who had been extras in some movies on the way. Once I was at the pier I called Bella to see if she was free and she said she would call me when she made it to the beach.

We spent the next several hours walking the strand from north Monica to Venice. We passed Sung and his lady while watching the gymnasts practice. This father was training his 2 year old by holding him up in the air on one hand to improve the childs balance and confidence. It was amazing! After the cloudy sunset over the ocean we went a few blocks in land onMontana to a bakery for some hot cocoa and talked about dinner options. We decided to pick up some pasta and sauce veggies and go cook at her house. She has gone 11 years in LA without getting hitched or pregnant so I was not expecting any intimacy on the first date so it was easy to keep my hormones in check.

While cooking she explained her only other serious time with a guy and the only guy to visit her house was a pretty famous actor. I deffinately won’t be able to treat her to all the fancy fun that he did so I’m not sure how long she will be interested in me. We got along great and she taught me a lot about Lebanon and her Muslim culture. We cuddled while watching a movie and eventually stopped kissing long enough to force us to get up and take me back to the bike.

I lost track of time so I missed the last 2am bus and had to bike 15 miles home. Going around the marina Del Ray and the airport is such a hastle it took me until nearly 4am to get home. I then had to sleep on the bench and wait until someone came out of the condo entrance so I could get in. It was 6am by the time I finally got to bed but it was well worth it!


Today there are about 20,000 urban Indians in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, and the majority of the other Indians in Texas are living and working in urban environments, although most counties number a few American Indians among their citizens.

American Indian culture is celebrated in many different powwows and other festivals. The powwows are gatherings where participants dance to the beat of drums accompanied by chants.

Chandler, the site of the Battle of the Neches, has an annual Duwali Hoop the last weekend in September. It includes Indian food, archery competition and tours of historic Native American locations.

More than 5,000 meet every year at the Texas Red Nations Powwow in Dallas. The event is held in November.

Grand Prairie stages the National Championship Powwow at Traders Village in early September.

In Crowley, south of Fort Worth, the annual Texas Kiowa Tia-Pia powwow is held in early May.

The Inter-Tribal Council of Houston has its annual powwow in May.

Laredo is the site of an annual powwow the last Sunday in May.

San Antonio plays host to a powwow in July.

In Corpus Christi, the Coastal Bend Council of Native Americans holds its annual powwow in the early fall.

The Texas A&M University Native American Student Association sponsors a powwow at the College Station campus each February.

In November, the Austin Independent School District sponsors a celebration the first Saturday of November.

The Alabama-Coushatta Indian Reservation between Livingston and Woodville stages an annual powwow the first weekend in June.

Other cultural events around the state include the St. Anthony Festival in El Paso. The Tiguas, for whom the Ysleta del Sur Pueblo was established in 1681 and one of the oldest ethnic groups in Texas, honor their patron saint with ceremonies, authentic dances and ethnic foods.

Visitors are also welcome at the Tigua and Alabama-Coushatta reservations all year.

Palo Duro Canyon State Park near Canyon is the site of the Kwahadi Indian Summer Ceremonials in early October.

In Post, the annual Indian ceremony for crops is in late March. A Plains Indian dance is performed at sunrise the day after the first day of spring. The wind’s direction at sunrise determines success of the coming year. There is a traditional ceremony and early-morning breakfast.

Indian arts and crafts are celebrated at two North Texas events each year. Downtown Dallas is the site of the annual American Indian ArtFestival & Market in October.

And in Fort Worth, the Museum of Science and History hosts the annual Shared Worlds: Native American Day each October.

written by Robert Plocheck for the Texas Almanac 1998–1999.


LA Events:




During the week I took a trip with the Shreveport Reggae band, Stiff Necked Fools, to help them get invited to the Wakarusa Festival. I used this time to network with promoters of Kenny Wayne Shepherd and to spread awareness for Shhmokewear. Friday on the way back to Texas, the roads were icy so I had to delay my travel to Dallas until Saturday morning. There are very few snow plows and sand trucks in the south so the roads are not safe at night.

On this weekend I had a great opportunity to network. My business partner from had been building a relationship with L.A. promotion companies GBK and Capital Entertainment and they were hosting the biggest Superbowl Parties. There was a good chance they would have time to meet with me to review their events with the Black Eyed Peas and P. Diddy so I headed into the city to be on standby Saturday.

I didn’t mind checking out all the excitement around the Super Bowl so I made a long list of things to do in Dallas before leaving.

My first stop was the Cotton Bowl Party with Drowning Pool. I got there early in order to get past security and meet some of the bands and their promoters. Around 4p on Saturday I worked  my way into conversations with a few musicians during sound check. Members of Exit 380 loved our Shhmokewear samples and will be wearing the bracelets on stage soon.

I then headed for Cowboys stadium to experience the Super Bowl festivities. I was still able to park at BW3s for free and then I walked around the stadium. The party tent was massive! The biggest temporary structure you will ever see. It was 3 stories high and took up about 30,000 square feet. I looked around for a way in while waiting for my invite call or email. About 10p I accepted the fact that they were too busy to meet with me and I was being blown off.

I then headed to the upper class Oak Lawn district to get in the SBowl Block Party. The outdoor stage band was great and I met a couple good contacts. I ended the night by dancing until 5am at Club S4.

By Sunday 10a, I still had not heard from the Promoters so I began doing some of the items on my checklist. I needed to get my bicycle wheel replaced after bending it up badly so I found a store near a great lake park. Dallas Bike works on West Lawther was amazing. They made me feel important and they even gave me a $50 wheel for $25 because they did not have a matching pair! It is great to be back on my biking workouts.

I decided I did not want to go deal with the Super Bowl traffic just to tailgate so, I walked around the lake park. I saw a guy with a sign advertising free advice so I stopped to talk. He had a few chairs setup and bottles of water to openly invite people to stop and chat. Roderick or his friend can be found on White Lake in Garland most afternoons.

I next found a dart bar that was running a Super Bowl party and tournament so I ended the night at Parks Place. I made several new great friends.

On my way out of town on Monday I had a meeting with Heritage Auction company to review several jewelry, coin and clock items.  Luckily I got out of town early because around 3p, just 25 miles from home, my water pump failed and I got stranded. Thank goodness it was not on the freeway!

I thought it was the heater core at first so I started to loop the hoses to bypass the core and keep me going but when I filled up the radiator it was leaking somewhere above the pump area. It was getting dark so I had a cousin come tow me the rest of the way to the house.

For the most part it was a successful and very fun weekend.

I enjoy the challenge to improve everyone’s lifestyle. My primary task is to locate or organize and build another Organic/Green sustainable community here. I love living here but the music, art, culture and athletic gatherings are not large in number.


WHAT HAVE I FOUND TO DO in Northeast Texas?

The highlights so far are as follows:

We have a few friends ready for outdoor activities with short notice! The list below shows what options we have established.

For recreation there is a town full of over 15 Antique Store dealers in Gladewater.

The Tyler State Park and Hawkins Lake parks are great. Good trails and biking paths. I still need to explore Lindsay Park and Tyler Lake areas.

We also have 2 drive in theaters in the area. One is an adult film only place called Apache and the other is Lindale Family Drive In.

RURAL areas:

TR:/SAT: Pirate Club on my Hawkins lake is great on Saturdays and Thursdays for live music and cheap drinks but the crowd is 75% 35+ and no dance club.

SAT: 6p there is a great Auction. Most of the Hawkins Lake  community gathers here. The food is cheap and the action gets crazy. Tons of laughs and the area is full of antique dealers so there is some hot price war action.

SUN: Basketball pickup games 12-3 at Hawkins Park. (Avg. (4) 18-35 age (2) 40+


FRI/SAT: Grahm Central in Longview is ok but all country until the last hour.

SAT: Decision’s in Longview has a drag show from 11-12 on Saturdays. There are few skilled dancers and even less rich in physical attraction. Everyone is still beautiful on the inside thank god.

SUN: Pistons Sunday night Jam was fun but not a true open mic jam. They only had one house band and only like 3 musicians not counting me outside their band were there to take turns playing. I am used to finding a jam where there are 3 arrangements of players jamming in turns so there are never any silent breaks. And I want more acoustic and blue grass and blues. Where the heck are the Texas fiddlers around here? There is a follow up jam at the Players Club in Downtown Longview but there were no extra musicians beyond the house band when I went and they took 40+ minute breaks so I got disgusted after waiting so long to hear them play one song.


DAILY: by request we have 10+ people now organizing tennis meetups, disc, soccer, hiking, photo exploring and biking.

MON: Breakers has Monday Funday. They have some dj’s and play ‘dub step’ and some techno, people tend to dance but no where near as if it was a club. It is a low key place but fun. Some nights they will stream live concerts on a pull down screen and have drink specials. They streamed Phish’s concert live recently. Great food as well. The lighting is all wrong and there is too much furniture to entice dancers.

TUE 6:30 and SUN 3pm: On campus fields you will find Ultimate Frisbee. There is a disc golf course with daily activity. 6v6 soccer and 8 tennis courts.

TUE/TR: There are 14+ soccer players that meet 5:30-7:30ish at the Northside park but the field is in a marsh so they often play on the baseball diamond.

TUE: Rufus on Tuesdays has two you call its, it is pretty popular for college students on that night and one of the Breakers DJs runs the music so it can get energetic.

WED: There is a group of 20-40 somethings doing a movie night.

WED: Cimmarons is half off for ladies on WED, not much of a younger crowd but every now and then you will see some younger faces up there, but it is a pretty cool place.

TR: There is Poker at the State Park Hwy Pizzeria 7pm. Carreras in south Tyler has Karaoke and dance party night. There is also poker at the Sports Bar at the Indoor Soccer complex.

FRI: Ricks in Tyler is fun for live music and chilling but no dance club atmosphere. Their outdoor stage is fun and romantic on a warm starry night. There is a Latino Club by the Gladewater interstate exit which has 3 floors playing different types of music. $15 cover.

SAT: Outlaws: South of Tyler there is a club called Outlaws on HWY 110. $5 cover, good security staff, service until 1a and close at 1:30a. Cheap drinks and decent people but 30% 18-21 and 75% African American. The lighting equipment is poor quality and the music mix is mostly top 40 but from 10:30-11:15 you get a techno intro.

SUN: 3pm Ultimate/Cricket 5:30 Soccer

Piladas are rare to find. Very few soccer players meet on campus so outside of organized league play, the games are limited to maybe 6v6. Sundays at 5:30 on Campus in Tyler is your best chance to find a full game with some players from Brazil and England. Nacogdochis does have a minor league team operating. Limited basketball pickup games can be found. There are a few poker gatherings but limited book clubs listed at local libraries.

There is a good blues group called “Something Blue” that I am trying to find around here. People are telling me they are the best live band around Tyler.

There is a native/wicca earthy type of group gathering. I have yet to make it to one to review further. It appears to have less then 10 members on MeetUp as of today. There is also an organized atheist group that is full of highly intelligent doctorates who hold monthly free thinking discussions.

Every day except Saturday this town bans alcohol after midnight so most places close down around 12:30 so we have more house parties and GAME NIGHTS forming now! Just get a hold of me if you want to get together or post comments on “Newbies in Tyler” and “Tyler Activites Group” facebook groups.


Union Station in Shreve had 4 great dancers but the music was still sub-par and the club is a bit trashy.

There are 2 amazing bands based here. Stiff Necked Fools (Reggae) and DirtFoot (Blues/Grass).


Author is currently traveling out of the area so current updates are found on the facebook page.

WHERE ARE THE INTERNATIONAL (European/Asian) culture clubs in this area?

Global ethnicity? Very little in this area. It is overly racist and the wealth gap is larger then most areas of the country. The racism is mostly verbal but it is still very apparent in daily life here. It is largely due to the wealthy light skinned oil tycoons refusing to contribute financial assistance toward ethnic dominated areas and programs. *This is the authors conclusion after nearly a year of interviews and living in this area.

And don’t get me started on the whole dating scene. Above average attractions are minimal  due to the heat limiting outdoor fitness and even when you meet someone they usually have been caught in the tobacco addiction in this area. Big Tobacco and oil have limited advertising reach of the Wellness Industry causing people to be less educated in the harm of these products and habits. Like all places however, there are diamonds in the ruff.


*After 2 months of searching and visiting bar after bar and lead after lead; I conclude that outside of Dallas, Austin, and New Orleans, there is very little going on in the art culture and athletics. Outside of the university areas, the general parks are barely used and the communities lack signs of monthly artistic expression.

Top 15 Facebook and Other DATING Applications

Sometimes I think Facebook is a dating website, not only because it lets you send gifts to others, but also because there are really many people who look for dates from it, or there won’t be hundreds of dating applications on Facebook.

Among those Facebook dating applications, below 10 are the most popular and interesting. Check them out and date a nice guy.

1. Would You Sleep With Me

Facebook Dating Applications

As the application name, you can flirt a woman or a man by telling her or him that you like to sleep with her or him, you can send an extra message to her or him, and you can also add her or him as a friend on Facebook. Below are the main features of this dating application.

  • Members from: Facebook
  • Searching people near to you: Yes
  • Sending Message: Free
  • Sending gift: Not free
  • Adding as a friend: Free
  • Flirting: Free

You can flirt a friend in an anonymous way or in a public way.

Check out Would You Sleep With Me

2. Meet New People

Facebook Dating Applications

Meet New People lets you flirt a friend by saying you like her or him. You can search the people from your country, you can send messages to those people you like, and you can also add those people as Facebook friends. Below are some main features of this Facebook dating application:

  • Members from: Facebook
  • Searching people near to you: Yes
  • Sending Message: Free
  • Sending gift: Not available
  • Adding as a friend: Free
  • Flirting: Free

Although it’s impossible for you send gifts with Meet New People, you can send gifts to those people you like after you are friends on Facebook with these applications.

Check out Meet New People

3. Compare HOTNESS

Facebook Dating Applications

Compare HOTNESS will show you two women or men at a time, you can flirt the one you like more, but you can’t search people from your country. Below are the main features of this dating application:

  • Members from: Facebook
  • Searching people near to you: No
  • Sending Message: Free
  • Sending gift: Not available
  • Adding as a friend: Not available
  • Flirting: Free

By the way, you can’t review who you have flirted or whom you have sent messages to.

Check out Compare HOTNESS

4. Online People

Facebook Dating Applications

You can search online Facebook members, send messages to those you like, or add those you like as Facebook friends. Below are the main features of Online People:

  • Members from: Facebook
  • Searching people near to you: Yes
  • Sending Message: Free
  • Sending gift: Not free
  • Adding as a friend: Free
  • Flirting: Not available

Before you can add one as a friend, or send a message to the one you like, you need to receive a gift from that guy after you send a gift to her or him.

Check out Online People

The above 4 applications are based on Facebook members, and below 5 applications are based on their own members:

5. Zoosk

Facebook Dating Applications has millions of members all over the world, and its Facebook application lets you search those who are near to you and connect with them. Below are the main features of Zoosk:

  • Members from: Zoosk
  • Searching people near to you: Yes
  • Sending Message: Free
  • Sending gift: Not available
  • Adding as a friend: Free
  • Flirting: Free

You can add the people you like as friends when you download the Zoosk Messenger. And you can also send messages to the members you like, but some words (such as “message”) will be replaced by stars.

Check out Zoosk

6. Dating Free Datepad

Facebook Dating Applications

When you find someone you like, you can flirt them, send them messages, or even send them gifts. Below are the main features of Dating Free Datepad:

  • Members from: Datepad
  • Searching people near to you: Yes
  • Sending Message: Free
  • Sending gift: Not Free
  • Adding as a friend: Not available
  • Flirting: Free

You can’t add the people you like as friends on Datepad.

Check out Dating Free Datepad

7. Are YOU Interested?

Facebook Dating Applications

You can search the single members from your country, and flirt the ones you like by saying you are interested in them. Below are the main features of Are YOU Interested? application:

  • Members from: Are You Interested?
  • Searching people near to you: Yes
  • Sending Message: Not free
  • Sending gift: Not free
  • Adding as a friend: Not Free
  • Flirting: Free

As a free account, you can’t send message to the people you like, nor add them as friends.

Check out Are YOU Interested?

8. HOT or NOT

Facebook Dating Applications

You can rate the members how hot they are, you can also flirt the people you like by telling her or him that you want to date her or him. Below are the main features of HOT or NOT:

  • Members from: HOT or NOT
  • Searching people near to you: Yes
  • Sending Message: Free
  • Sending gift: Not available
  • Adding as a friend: Not available
  • Flirting: Free

You can only send messages when you have double-matches.

Check out HOT or NOT

9. SpeedDate

Facebook Dating Applications

When you find someone you like on SpeedDate, you can email them, flirt them, or even chat with them online. Below are the main features of this Facebook dating applications:

  • Members from: SpeedDate
  • Searching people near to you: Yes
  • Sending Message: Free
  • Sending gift: Not available
  • Adding as a friend: Not available
  • Flirting: Free

Video/radio chat online is available but not free.

Check out SpeedDate

The above 9 Facebook applications are for you to find and date with others, if you want to be a matchmaker, check out the application Matchmaker by

10. Matchmaker by

Facebook Dating Applications

You select one of your single friends, and choose the matched friend standard, such as the gender, the age, and the location (only the cities of USA), then Matchmaker by will show you some matched Facebook members, you can choose 5 of them and sent to your friend. All the process is free, but it seems only workable for your friends who want to date an American.

USERS: 2,170+

Check out Matchmaker by

Besides the above 10, there are some other Facebook dating applications, you can check them out by searching “dating” or something like that in the Facebook application directory. Happy dating!

1-10 Facebook Apps By Young | Published: April 11, 2010 via

TOP 4 other (non-FB) DATING WEBSITEs and APPS Include


CL is great for almost anything and everything. The personals sections are always full but 80% of them are people with nothing better to do then collect active email address’ for marketing companies. Set up a dedicated email address for use on here and get a pre paid cell phone because you will end up changing them out every month due to spam but finding the diamonds in the ruff makes this process as exciting as a treasure hunt.

  • Members from: everywhere (no dedicated membership registration needed)
  • Searching people near to you: Yes
  • Sending Message: Free
  • Sending gift: Not available
  • Adding as a friend: Not available
  • Flirting: Free

12. (Earth Lovers)

Planet Earth singles gives you the chance to weed out people not interested in nature. No wasting time going through profiles of opposites but the down side is that there are not as many people near your location.

  • Membership: free registration and profile  $7.97/mo. $48 for 6 months
  • Searching people near to you: Yes
  • Sending Message: fee but inserting contact into profile is possible
  • Sending gift: Not available
  • Adding as a friend: yes
  • Flirting: Free


Everyone seems to be using this site so you have the largest selection of profiles to explore. But do not forget your mission and find yourself avoiding exercise to browse like the old MySpace days.

  • Membership: $17-$35 a month
  • Searching people near to you: Yes
  • Sending Message: fee (slip contact info into profile)
  • Sending gift: Not available
  • Adding as a friend: add to favs for free
  • Flirting: Free


This is the most used singles site. More popular in the southern US.

  • Membership: $5.95 a month with 12 month payment
  • Searching people near to you: Yes
  • Sending Message: free but limited per day
  • Sending gift: Not available
  • Adding as a friend: add to favs for free
  • Flirting: Free


This is the most used gathering site. More popular in the Western US. The best way to meet new people is to go to events like those you will find on MeetUp and get to know each other off the computer.

  • Membership: free to use but $12/month to Host
  • Searching people near to you: Yes
  • Sending Message: free
  • Sending gift: Not available
  • Adding as a friend: add to favs for free
  • Flirting: Free