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This is a frequent comment on our social sites. It makes my life achievements feel appreciated when I get to have intellectual conversations on this topic. Years back I published a list on our expired MySpace platform and a recent request has motivated me to share this updated blog.


FIRST to begin, I ask you to make a list of topics that are close to your heart.

HH Logo 1

MAKE YOUR LIST NOW before reading further to avoid this articles premature influence.

SECOND, I urge you to now do a search on documentary films and books related to your topics. Dive into a few of them and refer back to your original list to make any last minute changes.  You can compare your list to mine:

A New We

NOW, let us discuss some details surrounding some of these topics.

Protecting nature and all life on Earth is a primary cause for me. Our human species is destroying everything around it.

The PROBLEM: We are selfish and wired for primal survival above all else. This leads the majority of the species to ignore the scientific sins of our ways. We continue to pollute and destroy the very systems that give us life. Nature will survive beyond the Armageddon brought by climate destruction, future meteors or other alien threats.

These systems will survive beyond our self destruction so they do not rely on human defense for survival but our ability to survive comfortably most definitely relies on keeping nature in balance. We must do our part to keep the balance.

A SOLUTION: My primary cause focus is the protection of nature and all life. I advocate for peace, permaculture education and the defense of all life by forming community centers. These centers provide education, community gathering events, artistic creation and expression, food growth and over all community action related to this ideology.

A lot of individual causes fall under this mass topic. Within the chaos generated by individual organizations it is easy to lose track of the over all mission. MY MOST IMPORTANT MESSAGE TO YOU is “FOCUS ON IMPROVING THE PROBLEM. Do not put energy into trickle down effects or you will just be going in circles.”

For example, if you rake your leaves and then leave them in a pile, they will just blow around the yard tomorrow. You must think outside the realm of the status quo. IF your cause is to “prevent leaves from mixing with your garden plants” THEN either remove the tree entirely or create a barrier around your garden.

Replace the leaf example with plastic waste and you have a whole new thought process of defeating nature pollution. Our Helping Hands Network social page groups post a lot of updates on our events which are structured around this philosophy. Turn on your alerts for our posts and attend some of our events when you feel the desire to make a change!



Animal rights are one of the most popular causes but yet they are massively under financed. I am very skeptical in my stance on animal rights. I think they deserve a natural habitat and territory of their own just as much as humans. When a species is left alone in their habitat they do not need our interference. They really only need our protection from other uneducated or impassionate humans.

HEALTH related causes do not need your efforts. Your time will barely be noticed because health causes already have more support than they should. Every day you see wealthy people and organizations providing donations to health related groups instead of nature and universal life change makers. Again, we can not stress enough that this is because of the human nature to survive and scientifically alter the law of natural selection. We want to wage a war against nature so we can survive longer. We want to defeat cancer, we want to stop disease, we want and we want but we refuse to accept that nature knows what is best. We must accept our natural selection of fate. Our disobedience has resulted in more disease and more over population beyond what the natural resources of the world can provide. 


HOMELESS HUMANS pull at our heart strings. We want to help but we need to sit back and study their story before reacting at times. As cold hearted as it is, we must accept that humans living in poor conditions is due to a large variety of reasons. Some reasons deserve more help than others. The mentally disabled (addiction or otherwise) and abandoned for example, need to be provided a full time protector. Any help short of that is just “raking the leaves.” Physically disabled and most other human’s living in poor conditions are usually under educated. One of the best ways to help them, is to take them to a community center like the HHN where they can receive survival education. This will enable them to make more positive choices. They can stop engaging in crimes to collect money and redirect their energy towards growing or building the resources they actually need.


There are so many causes that this article is actually just an insert from my full length book, “Life Wisdom”. I encourage you to order a copy and read far beyond these thoughts to transcend your enlightenment today. I look forward to your comments and from time to time I will respond by adding a paragraph on this blog.  Thank you again to all of my supporters. Your contributions to our Helping Hands Network will provide much needed help for as long as our members maintain their passion.


9/21 Saturday

My bag was not transferred from DFW to LAX so I would go the first 24 hours without my workout and swim clothes but at least I didn’t have to lug the bag around on the bus to the hotel. Normally I would take the Green line train shuttle bus to the train depot and then take the green line to the Manhattan Beach stop but it was under construction. The city was providing a free bus to the same destination to make up for it. I talked to a really nice girl on the way. She had found a random Disneyland balloon stuck in a bush at the airport and the experience was a fun segway into a longer discussion. We sat up front near the driver and involved her in a three way story telling.

When I arrived at the hotel I got my room key and then went to the room. Once in the room I got some notes from Vanessa and the car key. I then took the car to her current Extreme Makeover – Home Edition (EMHE) film set. It was move in day. This is when final construction touches are completed and the moving truck arrives to dress the sets. We move and assemble furniture and then decorate the rooms with all the small items. My task was to assemble a desk and move items around in the office space and then clean up any mess.

The studio and neighbors agree to a quiet hour of 10pm. This is when everyone has to stop and the set goes dark. So at 10pm we packed up and headed back to the room.

9/22 Sunday

Vanessa headed back to the set first thing in the morning for final touches while I did my morning workout. I had until 4pm to go back to the set for filming. The crew use the term, “Move the Bus”, because for EMHE the big kick off to the reveal segment is when they move the bus and the families get to see their new home for the first time.


From 11 to 3:30 I went to Manhattan Beach to watch the Vikings and do some writing. I walked around during the first half and then went to BrewCo bar for the second half. I paid $10 for a decent salad with Avacado so I could sit down by the TV. After the Vikings beat the Raiders 34-14 I went  to sit on a bench by the beach. While I was getting some writing done this gorgeous model sat beside me and struck up a conversation. We talked about our careers and what brought us to the area. She looked like you was raised in the Greek Islands but confessed that she was from Poland. I had never met someone with Olive skin from Poland before and it was a good reminder that physical appearances may not always be accurate.

Manahattan Pier Poland MonicaManhattan Pier

It was then time to head back to the set for the bus move. It is always fun to experience for the first time in a season. You never really get used to the organized chaos of filming. When I arrived everyone was getting in place and the bus was getting ready to come around the block. We sit behind the cameras and enjoy the public audience cheering as their big moment to be immortalized in film arrives. I like watching the lead actors go through their lines and do their thing. I like Jesse Tyler Ferguson on Modern family and it was exciting to walk around in his presence while he converses with everyone.


After the filming moves into a closed set, we get to go over to the monitors and watch the rest of the filming from the control station. Vanessa has to stay until the end in case there are any questions about her work. After filming was complete, we went back to the room for the night.

9/23 Monday

To start the day, we needed to go back to the set to put things back in their places for photography day. We de-wrinkle and fluff and clean and move curtains and then get to go have some more fun for the day.

We went to a nice vegan cafe for lunch. Everything is around $15 each but it was delicious and extra healthy. We then went to nap and read under the Manhattan Pier before stopping at the massive and wonderful Manhattan Antique Barn store. Vanessa fell in love with this camel tone leather jacket that fit me perfect so we bought it for only $70. It was well worth $400 but I have such a rare size that they had given up on selling it to all the buff body builders living in the area.

Manhattan Antique 1Manhattan Antique

We finished out the day by meeting several other crew members at the Redondo Pier. We had dinner and drinks at this fun crows nest bar called Tony’s. I discovered one of the crew went to college with me and we most likely were in each others presence many times over the years.

Redondo PierRedondo Tonys

9/24 Tuesday

I began the day with some writing and then hit the gym before going to the beach. I had to leave at 7:15 to make it to poker night at Sherman Oaks. I continued to have good fortune at the Oaks game, finishing up $140.

9/25 Wednesday

Same schedule as Tuesday except we went to the beach together for sunset and grocery shopping.

9/26 Thursday

Morning stretch and workout followed by breakfast and some writing at the hotel. Spent the rest of the day at the beach.

zen garden

9/27 Friday

After our morning yoga, we discussed our road trip plans over breakfast. Then hit the gym before heading for the beach.



9/28 Saturday

After our workout we went the Torrance Market. From there we drove around Palos Verdes and found the Botanical Garden.

Botanical sage

Botanical desert

We spent the afternoon there until it was time to go to a dinner party with our friends Sung and Lani. They set up a wonderful fajita bar and provided some fun drink options. Before we knew it, we were singing karaoke.


We finished the night by going to the next EMO-HE set. It is always exciting to see the different setup choices between each location. There are different team leaders in multiple locations but when it comes down to the final move in day, as many of the crew as possible get together to help each other out. In the final hours before filming and still shots, the main designer goes back over everything and makes their final touches.


9/29 Sunday

Normal workout morning during the NFL and then we headed out to Venice for the Abbott Kinney festival while I followed the Viking game on my phone. The Vikings couldn’t find a way to break through the Bears defense so I was having a hard time enjoying the day. After the Cubs choked in the final week of the season and my Huskers got destroyed at home by Ohio State and I lost at poker, I was in a poor mood. Venice Abbott Kinney

After the festival we walked the canals and took some great pictures. I can always count on the beach to lift up my spirits.

We finished the day by going to a wrap party with all of the EM-HE crew.

EMHE Crew party

9/30 Monday

Basic day of working out and tanning at the beach. I like going to Santa Monica Bhakti Yoga Ashram for Monday night Kirtan’s but tonight I wanted to stay in and do some more writing to make up for being out most of last night.

10/1 Tuesday

Straight to the beach to get a good outdoor workout. V went to do errands at the North Hollywood office and then picked me up at the beach. Spent the night at poker. My luck didn’t change from Friday.

10/2 Wednesday 

We spent the day getting ready for our location change. We did some returns and exchanges in the area and then did some more packing and writing at the hotel. I went to a dart tournament in Lakeside to finish the night. I threw well and played the top local player 9 games in the finals. He won the first set with 6.5mpr cricket leg but I rebounded by winning the next three diddles, a near perfect 501 game and mid 5mpr cricket games on the way to 1st place.

10/3 Thursday

We loaded up and moved to the Azusa area for our final 3 days. For the evening I went back down to Lakeside/Cypress for the largest soft tip tournament in L.A. I shot really well but had a lower level partner and three teams had master players partnered. I averaged 5+ marks per round and 40+ points per dart but as a team we were only 6 marks per 6 darts and around 30ppd while barely losing our tie breaker legs to teams averaging 8.5 marks per 6 darts and 35ppd. It was fun and I had my chances to get by them but came up just short.

10/4 Friday

V went to do some errands so I hitch hiked up to the mountain trails. I walked about 30 minutes before being picked up by a real nice man. He was going to the same area so we got a brief conversation in while driving the final 10 minutes to the trail head. The trail I had him drop me off at ended up being closed due to last season’s fires. It was only about 20 blocks over to the next trail head in Azusa so I headed over there. The path was bordered with Lavender, purple Sage and Juniper so the fragrant aroma was delightful. I found a nice park to take my lunch break in the shade and then continued on. I stopped at a small taco shack and got a quesadilla to take along. A few blocks further I found two white Sage bushes growing in an empty lot. They are very rare to find away from a canyon.

A few blocks further I found a Buddhist Monastery with an amazing meditation garden.

There were lovely rock arrangements and sculptures. I decided to sit down and do some writing instead of going hiking. By the time I got this far, I only had 2 more hours until V would be back to pick me up.

V came and joined me to enjoy the quiet surrounding of the avacado forest. Then around 5 we started heading back to work on the next set location.

The final location for this first season was one of the largest so there was more for me to do. I helped put a bed together and arrange things in a toddler room and then we spent the rest of the evening organizing a craft room together until midnight.

10/5 Saturday

We did another workout and then ate breakfast at the hotel before heading out to explore the mountains. We drove an hour up and down the Mt. Baldy pass and found a field of white Sage then went over to the Azusa pass. We found their little community park which offered some lovely trails. We hiked to a stream bed and climbed on a giant boulder to relax for lunch. I did some writing and then we went to socialize with other friends of the EMHE crew at the hotel bar.

10/6 Sunday

It was our final day in sunny California. After breakfast we said our good byes and hit the road for the Grand Canyon. We had a nice glamping location just south of the Grand Canyon park. It was dark when we pulled in but we could hear chickens clucking around. We settled in to the yurt like structure and then went back out to collect some fire wood for the wood stove.

10/7 Monday

We loaded up went to a cafe for breakfast before heading into the Grand Canyon south rim. After some exploring of the Supai native reservation and picture taking on the south rim we took the road east. We went up to the north rim and then headed north to Zion national park. Our glamping location for the night was in another large tent structure at a resort on the southern boarder Zion.

It was dark when we arrived so it was a bit of a challenge finding our spot. Once we got settled in we went back outside to enjoy the stars for awhile before crashing.

10/8 Tuesday

When the sun came up I went outside to stretch and take some pictures on the way to the lodge for breakfast.

After breakfast we went exploring around Zion until noon and then headed southeast towards our evening reservation in Truth or Consequences New Mexico.

We got to Truth or Consequences about 11pm so it was too dark to see much of our destinations features. We found our way to a fancy adobe dome structure framed with metal and papercrete walls. The interior was laid out in a very pleasing way with a shower/bath area walled off from the rest of the dome.

10/9 Wednesday

Shortly after sun rise we headed out to the hot spring







I just finished watching this amazing film portrayal of the final year of #Chief #SittingBull through the witness of #CatherineWeldon called #WomanWalksAhead
My ancestors were some of the pioneers invading Lakota land and my bloodline may not have directly harmed a native soul but as a collective of asylum seekers fleeing one thing or another, they failed to cohabitate in peace. #NativeAmerican as well as all #human #rights will always be one of my highest priorities along my path of philanthropy. I can not hide from the shame of our pioneer’s violence but I can dedicate my life towards making things right.
Sitting Bull was a hero who tried to use peaceful negotiations to protect his civilization from repeated invasion and atrocity fueled by greed. He did not deserve to be murdered while in the restraint of the Standing Rock reservation.
Learn from our history. Remember that unless you are of Native decent, perhaps your elders once were asylum seekers. It is a never ending cycle. Your family was probably at one time seeking some type of freedom and they were allowed to cross these same borders with open arms.
The earliest of elders failed to settle peacefully but over generations we have improved. Now it is your turn to be the Native! Are you standing at the border with hate and anger to react violently or are you going to welcome them and work towards peaceful and fair treaties?
IF you feel the current freedom seekers do NOT deserve to enter, then you are in denial and are directly bringing shame onto your ancestors whom wore the very sandals you now wish to turn away.

This month Helping Hands Network founder, Tim Frentz, publicly introduced the Hawkins Texas Learning Center fundraiser to the local community.

The Network set up a booth at the Hawkins Festival and representatives of local media interviewed Frentz to help us spread awareness.

The teaser and one FULL interview was released today on

Hawkins booth promo



HHN is currently raising $50k to solve poverty problems in East Texas by establishing an educational Center for the Arts via


The Giving Pledge is the leading source of current information on large scale Philanthropy.

This Blog is our record of small details regarding the Billionaires efforts and interests as well as those of others not listed on the Giving Pledge.


The Helping Hands Network is often alerted to Causes in need and we use this master list to help match the Causes with the contacts listed below that can provide the help needed! 




Bill & Melinda Gates @BillGates — $28 BILLION

To the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. To improve poverty. In developing countries, we focus on improving people’s health and wellbeing, helping individuals lift themselves out of hunger and extreme poverty. In the United States, we seek to ensure that all people—especially those with the fewest resources—can access the opportunities they need to succeed in school and life.

*PLEASE share/post – #HHN is improving #poverty in East #Texas by raising $50k to establish an educational Center for the Arts via #Help #HelpingHands


Warren Buffett — $27.5 BILLION+
To the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Susan Thompson Buffett FoundationSherwood FoundationHoward G. Buffett Foundation and NoVo Foundation.

*PLEASE share/post – #HHN is improving #poverty in East #Texas by raising $50k to establish an educational Center for the Arts via #Help – the #HelpingHands founder is a #Berkshire Stock holder


Jeff Bezos @JeffBazos —  $??


Actress Jami Gertz and her husband Antony Ressler — $10,569,002

To the Ressler Gertz Foundation. Grants from the foundation include $1.7 million to the LA County Museum of Art, $400k to Cedar Sinai Medical Center.


Musician Herb Alpert –$9,104,829

To the Herb Alpert Foundation, which focuses on the arts, compassion, and well being.


Actor Mel Gibson — $6,853,020

To the A.P. Reilly Foundation, which he started to support Holy Family Church.


Director, Producer, Writer, George Lucas — $4,250,000 

To Lucas Film Foundation then granted to The George Lucas Educational Foundation with a mission to inspire and empower young people to become responsible citizens, compassionate leaders, and to live their dream.


Writer Nora Roberts — $3,000,000

To the Nora Roberts Foundation, which support literacy. Additional areas of focus are: children’s programs, arts organizations, and humanitarian efforts, with local organizations being its priority.


NFL Player Ndamukong Suh — $2,600,000

$2 million to the Nebraska University athletic department and another $600,000 to the University of Nebraska-Lincoln College of Engineering to endow a scholarship. It is the largest single gift ever from a former football player.

*PLEASE share/post – #HHN is improving #poverty in East #Texas by establishing an educational Center for the Arts via #Help – the #HelpingHands founder is a Husker Athletic alumni


MLB Player Lance Berkman and his wife Cara — $2,412,245

To The Lord’s Fund, a foundation they established.  Grants include $400k to Josiah Venture, a Christian youth movement in Eastern Europe, and $113k to Children’s Cup, a Christian organization focusing on “forgotten children” in Swaziland, Mozambique and Zimbabwe, and efforts are also underway in Vietnam and the Philippines.. Most of their giving is to Christian-based organizations.

Actress Meryl Streep and her husband Donald Gummer — $2,000,000

To Silver Mountain Foundation for the Arts, a foundation they established.  Grants include $100k each to Oxfam America and Partners in Health; $1,225,000 to Vassar College. Total grantmaking for the year was more than $2.1 million.

Television Producer Marcia Carsey and her husband John Carsey — $1,870,000

To Carsey Family Foundation they established. Grants include $250k to Media Matters for America, $100k to Institute for America’s Future, $50k to Progressive Talent Initiative.

Simpsons’ Co-Creator Sam Simon — $1,800,000

To The Sam Simon Foundation to “save the lives of dogs to enrich the lives of people.”  The Foundation manages a number of programs including a mobile veterinary unit, dogs for veterans, and dogs for people who are deaf or hard of hearing.

Comedian Jerry Seinfeld — $1,766,000

To the Seinfeld Family Foundation that supports education, children’s services, health associations, and Jewish organizations; funding also for the arts.

Actress Barbra Streisand — $1,555,500

To the Barbra Streisand Foundation.  Grants are distributed to a variety of charities and causes including the Barbra Streisand Women’s Cardiovascular Research and Education Program at Cedars Sinai, City Year, and the Natural Resources Defense Council, respectively.

Actor Matthew McConaughey — $1,537,292

To the Just Keep Livin’ Foundation that he established. Grants distributed include $88,000 to Communities in School Los Angeles West and $38,000 Communities in School Central Texas.

Writers Dean and Gerda Koontz — $1,500,000

To the Dean and Gerda Koontz Foundation. Grants include $750,000 to Canine Companions for Independence and $500,000 to Saint Michael’s Abbey in Silverado, CA.

Model Gisele Bundchen — $1,500,000

To the Red Cross for Haiti Relief.

Writer Isabel Allende — $1,017,247

To the Isabel Allende Foundation to support charities that empower and protect women.  Founded in honor of her daughter, Paula Frias who passed away at 28. Grants include $500,000 to Oritel, which provides human services for low income families and $30,500 to the Global Fund for Women.

Actor Alec Baldwin — $1,005,131

To the Alec Baldwin Foundation. Grants include $50,000 to the NY Philharmonic, $42,500 to Waterkeeper Alliance, and $250,000 to the Carol M Baldwin Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

Actress Sandra Bullock — $1,000,000

To Doctors Without Borders for Haiti Relief following the devastating earthquake.

NFL Player Eli Manning and his wife Abby — $1,000,000

To the University of Mississippi’s Ole Miss Opportunity Scholarship, which allows prospective students with an adjusted gross family income at or below $30,000 to attend the University of Mississippi.

Actress Will and Jada Smith — $900,000

To the Will and Jada Smith Family Foundation.  Grants included $126,000 to the Lupus Foundation, $200,000 to the Baltimore School for the Arts, and $52,000 to the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

Playboy Founder Hugh Hefner — $900,000

To Trust for Public Land to save the iconic Hollywood sign from being plowed under in order to make room for four luxury homes.

NBA Player Carmelo Anthony — $837,200

To Carmelo Anthony Foundation. Grants include $500,000 to Syracuse University and $302,000 to The Living Classroom Foundation.

Cyclist and seven-time winner of the Tour de France, Lance Armstrong — $700,648

To The LiveStrong Foundation, which he founded to improve the lives of people with cancer.

Writers Jonathan and Faye Kellerman — $627,700

To Jonathan and Faye Kellerman Foundation. Grants include $175,000 for Children’s Hospital of LA, $150,000 to USC/Kellerman Endowment, $25,000 to Boston Institute of Music.

MLB Player Mariano Rivera — $627,500

To the Mariano Rivera Foundation. Grants distributed included $150,000 to the Church of God Prophecy and $50,000 to the Brooklyn Tabernacle.

Singer/Songwriter Taylor Swift — $625,000

$500k to Hands on Nashville the Community Foundation of Middle Tennesee for Nashville’s flood relief efforts (Nashville Rising);  $25,000 to the Wyomissing, PA school district for educational $100,000 check to rebuild Kids Kingdom, a playground in Hendersonville, Tennesee where she attended high school.

Daniel and Cara Whitney (Larry the Cable Guy) — $550,020

To Git-R-Done Foundation. Grants include $500,000 to the Child Advocacy Center and $525,000 to the Madonna Foundation.

Artist Jasper Johns — $500,000

To Low Road Foundation he established.  Grants distributed include $50,000 to the Foundation for Contemporary Arts.

Golfer Davis Love — $424,379

To the Davis Love III Foundation, which he established.  Grants distributed include $479,000 to the St. Presbyterian Church, $100,000 to Frederica Academy, $75,000 to Special Olympics, and $75,000 to Boys and Girls Club of Southeast GA.

Actress Victoria Principal — $342,665

To Victoria Principal Foundation. Grants distributed include $25,000 to Greenpeace Fund, $125,000 to Natural Resource Defense Council, $100,000 to Oceana.


UPDATED: 4/8/18



No, not that thing our leader talks about that is demolishing our nation’s tourism industry. I’m talking about a wall to keep an elderly family warm this winter.


Today we were told a story about an elderly Hawaiian in Texas that had no running water so she was driving back and forth 5 miles to the local lake to fill up buckets. Right away we went to meet her and connect her with neighbors that would deliver her water until the plumbing was fixed. Next, we removed the foundation covering, dug out the flooded rubbish, dried up the crawl space and found the ruptured pipes.

After a few attempts, we replaced the needed parts with success, loaded up to leave and went to update the nice lady. Lani Burns then takes me around back and asks “can you do anything about this?”


So, over the next few weeks will are raising money to cover the costs for lumber, insulation, plastic sheeting, plywood, screws, dump fee’s and volunteer lunches and transportation.


If you can help, re-share this flyer and/or paypal to:

Blessings to all,


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On 2/1/18 we clear cut the tree’s around the work area and the local mission and churches submitted their first round of collections totaling $105!  Thank you to all those who are assisting this effort either by funding, volunteering or re-sharing on social media. Blessings.




We swept off the patio and delivered the first round of lumber.



Today we purchased materials and delivered them. We demolished the rotten soffit, installed edge metal trim, removed siding, removed the rotten materials, installed a brace to improve the wall stability and covered the wall with moisture barrier.


Today we were joined by FUMC Pastor Brian as we added some wall studs and framed in the first window. We are ready to insulate and sheet the first section on the far right.




This week we installed more wall studs, installed the first window, insulated and hung the first 10 feet of wall board with moisture barrier!!!


Volunteers from First United Methodist cleaned up the yard!!!



We replaced the 3rd section of the floor joist under the double windows. We are ready to finish the wall studs for the 3rd section and ready to frame in the double windows.


3/31 – This week we removed the last of the demo debris to prepare for the last of the framing. We then completed the framing and everything is ready for insulation and wallboard.



This week we prepped the windows, installed the insulation and covered up the wall with the wall board. One more work day left on this project. Next time we will install the siding and build the stairs.


We installed the old siding.

Here are 3 projects left that are waiting for volunteers. If you are interested in helping out, please message us to schedule a time. Debris needs removed. The air conditioner can be installed and the steps can be built.





The following have sponsored this cause so far!

Peter Craine –
*Interesting fact: Mr. Craine was processing the fact that he had just lost his phone and still opened his wallet while suffering the on coming panic attack. Thank you sir.


Greg Mordue – GM Construction

GM has been a HHN Corporate sponsor for over 2 years now!


Vanessa Price – Cade Republic
Vanessa is distributing the flyer on the ground IN HONOLULU!!! Thank you very much.


Rose – Helping Hands Mission Coordinator
Thank you for submitting Lani’s Cause to us.


Helping Hand Hawkins Volunteers –

The local Helping Hand Mission volunteers have raised $145 as of 2/1/18


Zion Church Hawkins –

The local Zion Church has collected $10 as of 2/16/18


First United Methodist Church Hawkins –

The emergency support group coordinator at FUMC is Kathy Mordue. Their group has pledged to fund the remaining needs of this project! $500 was deposited 3/9 and it should cover the final costs. THANK YOU VERY MUCH FUMC! 

The cold weather is allowing me extra time in the studio and it feels great to get caught up on the HHN publishing.

2016 was so full of excitement that issue #12 will include 2 extra pages! It will be published tomorrow, Thursday January 18, 2018. Here is a sneak peak. I hope it continues to inspire everyone to support the Helping Hands Network and all the causes we sponsor.


Full Issue in Kindle Format available here:





We have been focusing on fundraising so fiercely the past 3 years that we let the graphic comic novel books get behind schedule. During the holiday break and the cold weather we have been working hard to get caught up. The 2015 issue will be ready very soon. Here is a sneak peek at what is coming.

For those who prefer the Kindle format version, here is the link to purchase all our books via Amazon.













A portion of the proceeds from our sales go to the Causes listed on

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We have 2 eBay accounts for items that can be shipped.


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