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Joel Reams is a Tyler Texas Wood carver with many published articles on Carving Wood Ship models. J.  REAMS spent his early days as a sailor in the Navy and now has retired from a career as a water purification technician.

Many of his carvings, models and painting are influenced by his wife and days at sea. He has lived in Hawaii and several Islands where surfing took up a lot of his free moments.


?/97 – enter MAG name here?

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J. Reams has generously donated over 100 of his finest works to benefit the Helping Hands Charity Network with the value of over $50,000! We are so thankful for his contributions and hope you will purchase one of his items to benefit any of our causes you so chose. See our “WHO WE HELP” and “CAUSES” tab on the blog for all the CAUSE options please.

ALL ITEMS details and pictures can be seen on Picasso and Facebook.


Purchases through the net can be made by transferring the funds to PAYPAL ID:

Purchases in person can be made at the Tyler Studio at:  ???? AND/OR the ARTISTS Palestine/NoonDay Studio (directions and time to be provided by request)

BURNING MAN UPDATE (Why I did not go in 2011 but WILL in 2012 FOR 100% CERTAIN)

Why Not 2011?

– The Helping Hands Network had a flood of CAUSES in need that I had tasks outstanding for

– From 8/13-8/26 NO ONE returned my forum posts and emails to car pool

– My WEST Coast Semi ride connection just got a new boss and can not have riders for awhile

– I COULD NOT PLAN as needed to leave because I was in a committed relation for the summer 2011 and the girl requested I make more money to be with her (requiring a 3rd Job) and stop traveling as much. I missed Rainbow, Sturgis and ALL my summer speaking engagements and only visited family for 6 days in Nebraska! AND I put up with 60 out of 65 days of 100+ heat in NORTH TEXAS for her.

– I did not have everything listed on eBay and Craigslist for the Networks fund Raising Inventory

– I did not have staff fully trained in order to do my tasks while traveling

– I did not have my things packed for an extended trip

– If going 500 miles north of Vegas, I need to go a week early so I am there the full 14 days to benefit fully from the experience and I want it to be part of a larger trip to minimize travel expenses. I needed to go from Sturgis to Burning Man to L.A. then back to Texas and that was not possible because of waiting on a the lady friend at the time through June and early July.  8?(

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~2011 PLAN postponed to 2012 !!!! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

A few weeks back I looked through the themed villages on the Burning Man website. I chose a few of my favorites and registered my contacts to stay in the loop on updates. The more I read about Burning Man, the more I convinced myself I needed to find a way to get there Aug. 28th to Sept. 5th.

I looked at car pool routes being posted and realized I could establish an outreach trip starting at the July Rainbow gathering; extending through California to work with mid July; Sturgis in August; Nebraska mid August; over to Nevada until Sept. 5th and then fly back to Dallas.

With my mind made up, I wrote a letter and applied for a sponsor scholarship.

Today my in-box brought me great news. I was awarded one of the scholarship spots with the agreement that I speak about the Helping Hands Network and the Renewable efforts of

Now, one step closer to introducing the Helping Hands Network to 50,000+ new friends in 2011, I am delighted to share the invitation letter with my friends. Hopefully some of you will join me 8/28-9/5 north of Reno.



Start planning your costumes and making a list of supplies!

You have been accepted to receive a super discounted scholarship ticket to Burning Man 2011. Thank you so much for wanting to
participate with the Burning Man event!

Read this email completely and carefully please!

This email entitles the person named in the subject line above to one $110.00 ticket for the 2011 Burning Man event. This ticket
is to be paid upon arrival to the event.

*Payment is NOT accepted in advance.
*You pay for your ticket when you arrive at Burning Man.
*Tickets can be paid for with cash, money order or cashier's check.
*To pick up your ticket, bring your acceptance letter (print this email), photo ID and payment to the Will Call window at the box
office, located at the gate to Black Rock City aka Burning Man.

That's right, you have all year to save up for your ticket!

You will be showing photo ID to pick up to your ticket, so if the name on your application is different than the name on your
photo ID, please let us know. We don't want you to have problems picking up your ticket!

**If you have an ID with an old address, you will need to explain that to the will call person checking you in, and recite your
new address to them so they know it's you.**

**If you do not have easy access to a printer and would like this letter to be mailed to you, please let us know.

Some other important things to remember:

If you have a friend or partner applying as well, they must complete
their own application under their name to be reviewed for a scholarship ticket. If only one of you has received this email, then
make sure the other person has submitted in their application.

Your discounted ticket is not transferable and only applies to the person mentioned in this email.
You should be 18 years of age or traveling with a legal guardian to attend Burning Man.

If we find that you have received a scholarship in the past, purchased a ticket for 2011, or have been given a ticket through
other means, you are not eligible for a scholarship ticket and it will be revoked. This  will also affect your future chances of
receiving discounted tickets.

**If you plan on arriving earlier than August 29th (the official start
date of the event), you will need to have special permission from a
Burning Man representative of the theme camp, art or other department you are working with. Do not contact the scholarship team
about permission to arrive early to the event. We do not have the ability to put you on the early arrival list.

Scholarship tickets are a privilege and with the acceptance of this
ticket come your responsibility to the Burning Man community.  Many scholarship applicants have shown interest in volunteering at
the event. Volunteering is an integral part of making this great event happen and a great way to meet burners from around the world.

Get involved pre-Burning Man!  Go to the website and read up on the departments that you may be interested in. Check out this
section: . Fill out a volunteer questionnaire and make contact with the volunteer coordinator
for departments that interest you.

Are you a completely overwhelmed newbie this year? Read the First Timers Guide: and the
Preparation section on the website:

The final step in the scholarship process is your feedback to us after Burning Man. We want to know how Burning Man has affected
your life and outlook on the future and how you affected the Burning Man event. Everyone goes around hugging people and spreading
"good vibes", but we want to know the deepest impact that you helped make, how you "really" got involved to help make this event
special for thousands of other people like you. A lot of people forget to do this when they get back from their crazy week in the
desert. Try not to slack on this one thing
we ask.

Please send your post-Burning Man reports to with the heading "post playa thoughts".  You can also mail
in a hard copy to the Burning Man address on our ticket page. We encourage creative submissions and have received awesome things
in the past.

Later on in the year you will be receiving a Survival Guide that
contains very important information vital to your experience at Burning Man and should be read completely and thoroughly. The Jack
Rabbit Speaks e-mail newsletter is also an important source of up to date information regarding Burning Man events in the Bay Area
and regional events all over the world. If you would like to receive the email newsletter go here to sign yourself up:

**A VERY important thing to remember: let us know as soon as possible if you are unable to use your scholarship ticket. Even if it
is at the last minute, we may be able to give your ticket to another worthy person. We understand if there is an emergency or you
just can't get the funds together, but if you simply flake out and do not let us know in a timely manner then you will not be able
to re-apply for a scholarship ticket in the future.

Thanks again for applying and wishing to participate. We hope that thi discounted ticket helps make your desert dreams happen.
Your applications have been a pleasure to read. It's great to hear from so many thoughtful people who will definitely enrich the
Burning Man community!

If you have any general event questions throughout the year, the nice folks at will be happy to help.
please feel free to email


Frog Gilmore

Participant Services/Ticket Minion
Scholarship Team
Burning Man 2011