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This month Helping Hands Network founder, Tim Frentz, publicly introduced the Hawkins Texas Learning Center fundraiser to the local community.

The Network set up a booth at the Hawkins Festival and representatives of local media interviewed Frentz to help us spread awareness.

The teaser and one FULL interview was released today on

Hawkins booth promo



I have spent most of the past year building up the Helping Hands Network in East Texas and now it is time for a road trip to visit some of the areas established in the past.


Over the weeks leading up to my trip I restored my ’85 Mercedes 300DT enough that it would make another 1500 mile round trip to visit my family in Nebraska. It was still lacking air conditioning, cruise control, a rear shock and had a damaged front sway bar but I had confidence in it.  I prepared to be on the road for a few weeks, made all the necessary arrangements around my home and with work commitments and packed my bags.


The morning I was going to load up and leave, my main work partner, Greg, sent me a text asking to help him with some last minute small jobs before I left. He picked me up and took us to one of our clients who just happen to have a 2006 Honda Element for sale. On the way there Greg explained that he appreciated that I do not raise my labor rates and that he purchased the Honda Element for me to drive so I would have a safe vehicle. He would take care of the insurance and registration if I did all the mechanical and cosmetic maintenance.  It was one of the nicest things anyone has ever done for me.

Honda Element


The Honda needed fluids, new tires/bumper/windshield, a tow bar and a serious bath. It had been stored in the deep woods for years without a cleaning and had a thick layer of mildew all over it. We spent the day getting all the paper work together and cleaning it.


I left Hawkins, TX  on Friday afternoon and made it to the Northeast Texas boat races by sunset. Lake Crook north of Paris was the site of this years party. The campground was completely full of fancy trailers, campers and boats with massive engines. I heard loud music and followed it to the far corner. When I arrived, there were people dancing and drinking around their ATV’s as a band played. There boats and campers all around and the band was being powered by a portable power station trailer. The gates were closing at 11 so I walked around looking at the boats and then left at 10:45 to continue down the road to Tulsa.

Boat Races


I stopped at a rest area just south of Tulsa around 2am. This morning, July 29, was the Tulsa and OKC Choctaw Pow-wow’s so I went and explored the grounds before continuing on my journey. I get so upset when visiting these large commercialized pow-wow’s that are nothing like the authentic private ceremonies you find deep in Indian country. Hopefully there will be a traditional gathering along my path through Sioux land in the days ahead.


I arrived in Omaha around 4pm and did a quick tour of visits at all my local hangouts. It was nice to catch up with so many of my friends. One particular couple, the Valgora’s, have spent the past 25 years opening their doors to those in need and I always make it a point to visit and remind them how much their efforts are appreciated. Unfortunately on this visit they were at a movie and could not be reached in time.

Many of my friends met up with me at the evening dart tournament so I signed up to compete. I was partnered up with one of my best friends lady friend and we were able to win our way to first place and some nice cash.


After the tournament I continued on my way to a rest stop in Lincoln to get some sleep. The next morning I picked up some food and went to one of the best workout areas in town, Holmes Lake. On this morning the Cornhusker State Game Bike Races were happening so I was surrounded by yoga lovers as I did my routine.

Holmes Lake

I then went to my favorite meditation gardens in the middle of town. Lincoln has one of the largest networks of Gardens in the world event though they only grow 8 months out of the year.


Sunken Gardens

Sunken Gardens 2



I toured some of my favorite hang out spots like the Haymarket, University Campus, Antelope Park and then headed for the State Games Dart Tournament where several more of my friends would be. There are even BMX and Remote Control Vehicle complex’s! (pictured below)



My final destination in Lincoln would be Pioneers Park and the Buddhist Temple for a Sunset meditation. Just two more examples of how many amazing places there are to enjoy in this fabulous city.



I finally concluded this leg of the journey by arriving at my mother’s house in Grand Island for a good nights rest. My brother, his wife and their 1 year old were staying at the house as well while they were waiting for their new house to be ready. It was a nice surprise to be able to spend the entire time with all of them as I repacked for the next leg of the journey through my ancestor’s Indian land en-route to the Black Hills.


(p.2 Black Hills)



*turn on our social media alerts to follow the action live. 360 videos and event highlights are starting around noon Saturday and continue until Sunday night.
Saturday morning 9am: 

Boarded the train for 100 mike journey into Dallas. I could feel the stress from home melting away. A train ride is much simpler and more enjoyable then flying and more scenic than a cruise boat. Each have their benefits but for a short journey, the train is the way to go.
11am – Arrived downtown and boarded city train to Fair Park.

11:45? – Arrived at Dallas Earth Day.


This winter I began researching and comparing dental prices in the East Texas area. I had hoped to find out more about insurance options and figured that the clinics would be forced to push ObamaCare propaganda upon me, however, that has not been the case.

Here is what I have found so far.

Free Dental Health Clinic


Dentist Info (NE Texas)

Dentistry from the Heart FREE CLINIC

1st Weekend in Feb.

Smith Dental


BETHESDA CLINIC  903.596.8353 x103

info & DWemp

Exam – $40 4 weeks delayed appointments

Canal – TBD after exam. Mine was $420 + $75 filling

emailed 1/25 (informed that all communication is only done in person)

1/26 – Visited and passed initial screening. Scheduled for March 3 xray exam for $40.

3/3 – Exam was well done with full explanations and exact pricing. Two month delay for next appointment but the savings are worth it. Cleanings are $40. Fillings are $25-60 depending on how many layers. They give referrals for reduced rate oral surgeries like removing wisdom teeth.

I was referred to oral surgeon, Dr. Parks. Their exam is $65 plus another $120 for Xrays even though you are already consulted and referred to them by an approved partner. The extraction will then cost up to $375.


Summer 2016 – I got 6 teeth filled.

August – my top wisdom tooth pressed my rear molar out and the pain was too intense to wait to remove the wisdom tooth so I had the molar pulled out.


September – scheduling to have my lower wisdom tooth extracted ASAP to prevent repeat pain.


HAWKINS – 903.769.1606 – Dr. Rosson

Exam – $90

Normal Extraction – $200

Wisdom Extraction – $

Canal – $600

Crown – $900

Openings –  weekly

What Insurance options accepted? NA

Payments – NO



VAN Cornerstone Dental –  903.963.8681 Ben Bunt

Exam – $?

Wisdom Extraction – $200+

Canal – $715+

Crown – NA

Openings –  weekly

What Insurance options are accepted? NA

Payments – NA



Aspen Dental  (Website not working 1/8?)

4164 South Broadway – Tyler – (903) 705-7574

Free first exam and Xray for new patients

25% off coupon on website for service

Exam – $NA

Wisdom Extraction – $NA

Canal – $NA

Crown – $NA

Openings -NA

What Insurance options are accepted?NA

Payments – ?NA

emailed – website troubles 1/8




Gentle Dental Care

3800 Southpark Drive, Suite B – Tyler – (903) 525-6712

Xrays – $1 new patient exam and Xrays ($175 value)

root canal: $TBD after visit

crown: $TBD

emailed – 1/8 (no reply)

called 12/22 – didn’t give any helpful pricing info


Primary Care Clinic

Tyler – 903-533-7400

Services: Rx Help, Sick/Well Visits, Vaccines/Shots, Diabetes, Women’s Health, Physicals, Men’s Health, Dental


See more at:

Exam – $NA

Wisdom Extraction – $NA

Canal – $NA

Crown – $NA

Openings -NA

What Insurance options are accepted? NA

Payments – ?NA


Wellness Point Family Health Gilmer – (903) 758-2610

602 Titus St. Suite 130 – Gilmer

Tuesday and Wednesday: 8am – 5pm

Friday: 8am – 12pm

If you are uninsured or unable to pay for health care but cannot afford insurance or simply don’t know what programs you qualify for, please call today, and Wellness Point will answer your questions and walk you through choosing a program that best suits your needs.


Longview Wellness Center

1107 E. Marshall Ave.



So much is wrong with so many places. I have spent months in many eco villages and other communal areas all around this country and here is what I conclude so far…


When choosing a location to live you must consider the quality of the survival basics such as water, food and shelter.


I only trust rain water I collect for drinking. (Everywhere has been over-ran with chemical pollution and do you really think a bottling company cares about your health?) People dump chemicals into their drains plus more chemicals are added to treat those chemicals plus fluoride etc. Even rain water is tainted in large industrial areas with bad air pollution so I avoid those areas as much as I can.


I avoid all processed foods, grow my own veggies and try to only purchase local farm grain, fruit and dairy products.

I limit my use of energy sources and maintain a solar and wind powered battery bank and I bike or use public transport or carpool as much as possible.


Considering the basics of survival when relocating a home base is what it all comes down to and I encourage everyone to examine everything closely.

Location wise….

The northern 2/3 of the US is too cold to promote a physically healthy lifestyle. The northwest (Idaho, Montana, Seattle, Oregon etc.) is a great environmental and artistic rich culture BUT it is very clear as you look around that a majority of those who live there very long become physically sick early in life. These areas are also the main areas for mining and natural gas drilling problems.

The eastern portion of the country is over populated and constantly facing earthquakes and sink holes caused by the removal of oil, gas and burning coal near the surface so I stay away.

The southern 1/4 of the US (excluding coastal and lake side areas) is too hot during summer. Everyone is active from 5-9am and 8-10pm so getting things done outside like gardening and fitness is very limited. You find most people in doors in gyms or doing their own thing being antisocial until the sun starts to set. These areas are mostly over ran with oil wells and rivers are polluted with farmland chemicals. The exposed oil pollution through Louisiana, southern ARK and TX have caused many problems now but one of the most serious is the mutated mosquito which carries very serious diseases and it is not deterred by normal organic repellent solutions. I witnessed many bites while there and they do not go away quickly like a normal itchy mosquito bite.

The Havasu and southwestern desert area is hot and arid and the lake does not have much for recreation unless you have a kayak, jet ski etc. The lake access points are commercialized with parking fees and park entry permits. There are a few free spots but no one really uses them. Most lakes in the southwest are primarily for drinking water so swimming in a lake is not normal. It is funny, but less traveled people here think swimming is ONLY for POOLS.

It makes me compare the area to the area around Phily. Because of the high population, lakes have been sold to resort developers and most of them require day passes to enjoy. One has to hike rivers to find a decent free swimming spot.

In Havasu and the rest of the desert, there is very little shade and camping and hiking for longer then a day is boring because the scenery is all the same. Most people who live there enjoy motorcross and ATV life. Not much wildlife either. There is very little rainfall for water collection and gardening and water bills are similar to what you are use to paying for electricity in up state New York.

There are not very many paved roads so the fracking is hidden from view. There are very few ground wells for water and I do not know of any reports of well owners experiencing poison/gas in their water. I’ve met GasLand director, Josh Fox and follow his research closely.

He has not reported about AZ cases yet that I have found. The aquifer below AZ is so small that any break in the border allowing methane or other gases in will taint a large portion of the water. My conclusion is that I would not move there.


Enough with the negative… let’s talk positive.

California (from Northern LA to Oregon)
This is a Mediterranean climate. Year round food growing. Bountiful fruit. 50-85 degree constant. Plentiful rain and sun. Low cost of living in eco village areas which can be found all over the coast. Canyon areas are less populated and get a bit chilly after dark but it is only a few minute drive to the nearest warm valley. The area is full of Renewable energy, environmentally conscious people, and the fitness minded.
Central Arkansas
Year round growing weather. Not too hot. Fresh water lakes and rivers with mid level mountains and hot springs. Lots of hiking, caving and camping. Bluegrass friendly music and arts lovers. Lots of festivals. A fair level of fitness minded people. A high level of bugs though. Not as liberal so law enforcement is not as relaxed and there are a few DUMB laws not in favor of food stands and such.
Central Colorado
About the same as Arkansas but only the southern part on the east side of the mountain ridges stays warm most of the year an enjoyable outdoor lifestyle. It is very liberal and our human rights are not violated by law enforcement much.


South Carolina to Miami Keys Florida
Caribbean climate. Not as constant as California Mediterranean. More powerful storms but constant growing and rainfall. Fit people. More relaxed politically but not as earth friendly as California.

The Helping Hands network is setup to match causes in need with help anywhere it is needed. When we struggle to find help, I go and live around the causes for months. Sometimes a sponsor provides everything needed and other times people directly connected to the cause provide everything needed. These projects have given me experience living in nearly all the regions of the US.

When not traveling for short term causes I return to previous causes sites to follow up. I currently enjoy the Ojai California (Northeastern LA) area during the winter where I focus on projects related to the return of industrial hemp. I would like to find a project to help in the Caribbean some winter soon hopefully also.

In the spring/summer I enjoy eastern Nebraska where I focus on renewable energy and community gardening causes. Nebraska has a low crime rate and low cost of living while providing 6 months of outdoor growing and moderate weather. There are plenty of lakes, hiking and camping. There are also street festivals every weekend and a large amount of big name concerts. The main negative of being in Nebraska in the summer is the chemical pollution of the air and water by big corporate farming and the increasing presence of pipelines.

In the fall I enjoy camping in the wild between Tyler Texas and Little Rock Arkansas. The area is similar to Nebraska but has even more wildlife to enjoy. It stays warm most of the fall and the law enforcement is usually welcoming to those who camp. The main negatives are the bugs, the support for big oil due to their financing of community needs, and the lack of recycling. Parks and road sides are covered in liter in this region.

If I had a family, I would prefer the Caribbean or Ojai areas but it would ultimately come down to my mates vote and proximity to family.



LA Blog

Skipped Burning Man to make sure I had everything packed perfect and all of networks business organized. I also took my time because I was having fun with new friends while hoping Allison would want to see me before leaving.

A week later on Sept 12 Christy Hamlin offered to take me to the airport on Saturday the 17th, so I scheduled the cheapest flight with only 1 day in advance. My final night in town, Alli needed to sleep early to get up at 5 for the Tyler Rose Triathalon so I never got to see her again.

We did text back and forth while she was on the way to the race and I was on the way to the airport and we continue to update each other.

On my first flight I sat with a executive for and
She offered to help some of the Network when possible. I then emailed her Opal Lewis’ story.

On my next flight from Phoenix to L.A. I met Jenny. She was coming home a day early because her air show in Reno was canceled when a plane crashed into the crowd. She also told me about Project Health Waters which her dad was a part of.


My buddy Sung was waiting to pick me up and then we rushed straight to a Shhmokewear appearance at a John Lennon musical at the Hayworth Theater.

It was the perfect initiation for Sung into the Shhmokewear family. The production did an amazing job portraying the life of Lennon.

After the musical we stopped by the warehouse Shhmoke is considering moving into which was also the site for the Harvest Cup.

Next, Sung dropped us all off at Shhmokewear’s headquarters so we could go to the Harvest Cup and sell our art all day Sunday soon as we woke up.

The Harvest Cup was an amazing experience. I’m all for respecting and returning to the Industrial hemp standard and the freedom of adults to medicate without regulation but the absence of such booths at the event showed room for improvement.

The vendors were all medicinal focused. The stage had continuous rap artists and the finale was a bikini contest! It gave me a great opportunity to study the key players in the Canabis industry.

The 10 member hipppie Shhmoke team has an amazing chemistry so we started filming to promote a video series for YouTube.

Monday, I took the rail 1.75 hrs. 25 miles from the downtown warehouse district to Sungs in Redondo. I worked with Sung Monday and Tuesday to build customers for his car sales business.

Wednesday I went back downtown to Incorporate Shhmoke with Will. At the end of the night 3 of us went to a freestyle club like the one seen on 8 mile until 3 am. I stayed until TR night building the biz plan then went to the Kaiser Permanente protest for fair health benefits before landing back in Redondo.

Friday, we helped a friend move from Catalina Harbor to San Diego then hit the Boardwalk.

The BooGaloo Club was hoping with a blues band until 11 then shoulder to shoulder honeys as it converted to a happening dance club. The guys from the move, Lee and Brian and Sung, fed me drinks while watching me bust some moves.

We crashed at 2 and then got right back out at 7 to do a group hike of Malibu’s Solstice State Park trails. The drive along Malibu is one of my favorites. You pass Sana Monica Amusement Park then drive PCH along the ocean and pass tons of million dollar celebrity homes. There are several fresh sea food shacks and the Topanga Canyon hippie town along the way to the park.

The trails lead you to the Roberts home remains at the stream in the base of the canyon. You have to look at my pictures and see the full beauty. They had 3 different fire places and 2 were built with stone ovens and stoves for cooking. Everything but the roof was set in stone and a water pump system was set to keeulapiap it wet and fire proof when needed!

After the 7 mile jog over several steep ridges everyone met back up at the nearest sea shack. We got this combination platter that must have come straight from heaven itself. Stuffed breaded shrimp, oysters, tulapia, samon, iced shrimp and potato wedges of pure ambrosia flavor.

We chilled at the pad the rest of the night working.

Sunday Sept. 25th, was the Abbot Kenniy festival in Venice. I strolled the 200+ vendors along with 150000 others and then rolled out my blanket by the stage to promote Shhmokewear while writing. I met with the Venice community association and look forward to promoting the boardwalk on their facebook page.

Will and Alejandra showed up about 4 and we srolled some more and will introduced me to several artists until 9 and then I bused back home.




Joel Reams is a Tyler Texas Wood carver with many published articles on Carving Wood Ship models. J.  REAMS spent his early days as a sailor in the Navy and now has retired from a career as a water purification technician.

Many of his carvings, models and painting are influenced by his wife and days at sea. He has lived in Hawaii and several Islands where surfing took up a lot of his free moments.


?/97 – enter MAG name here?

?/97 –


J. Reams has generously donated over 100 of his finest works to benefit the Helping Hands Charity Network with the value of over $50,000! We are so thankful for his contributions and hope you will purchase one of his items to benefit any of our causes you so chose. See our “WHO WE HELP” and “CAUSES” tab on the blog for all the CAUSE options please.

ALL ITEMS details and pictures can be seen on Picasso and Facebook.


Purchases through the net can be made by transferring the funds to PAYPAL ID:

Purchases in person can be made at the Tyler Studio at:  ???? AND/OR the ARTISTS Palestine/NoonDay Studio (directions and time to be provided by request)

Hello, I am Opal Lewis and my family needs your support to cover our travel expenses to and from medical surgeries.

I lost my Job and am trying to get a job now. The Husband/Father left us and provides no support.

My daughter has been sick for several years and has had numerous surgeries. She has a rare illness called Mens syndrome and Cushings and there are a lot of complications.

We have been to a lot of Doctors and she is now being treated by a brain tumor specialists in Houston. We live 4 hours NORTH in Jacksonville.

We have asked family, friends, and churches but no one is stepping forth with funds at this time. My son, JOE lives with us and he was working, but started having seizures and can no longer work now either.

We feel like the walls are falling in on us. Our daughter has suffered for a long time  and she is in so much pain all the time that she can not do much herself.

I work as much as i can and will do almost anything, so if there is anyone that will help and I can work for them please let me know! I can clean almost anything, cater,do office help, or assisted living type of work.  I can do a lot of things. I also believe that we are to work to please God, so I put 110 percent into whatever I do.

I just want our daughter April and son Joe to get better. Joe is out of his medicine and we can’t buy it right now, so I’m praying he dosen’t have seizures.

Thank you very much to anyone who can help.


Interview QnA with Helping Hands Network

1. what you have tried for funding? (What government programs are you on and what are and are they not doing for you? Media/churches/everyone including Medicare/caid welfare/food bank, unemployment checks etc.)


FOOD STAMPS – as of today we will get food stamps on the 3rd
MEDICAID -3 prescriptions a month,all medical bills
UNEMPLOYMENT – Will start getting unemployment of 125 a week on the 30th

NOT HELPING (get us contact email/phone #s so we can complain to them)

Fellowship church- no funds
Central baptist church -hung up on me
hope-no funds
still need to try food bank
ketknbc-no answer
kltv-said they dont do stories like this
family -no funds
internet-a lot said they will pray

2. Why are you coming up short? (Why you have expenses beyond your means)

I lost my Job and am trying to get a job now.  My son JOE, started having seizures and can no longer work now either. The husband/father does not help us.

3. Please explain the health details?

My daughter has been sick for several years and has had numerous surgeries. She has a rare illness called Mens syndrome and Cushings and there are a lot of complications.

We have been to a lot of Doctors and she is now being treated by a brain tumor specialists in Houston. We live 4 hours NORTH in Tyler.

4. What have family and friends already done and not done?

We have asked family, friends, and churches but no one is stepping forth with funds at this time.

UNTIL 9/1 when people started listening.Read this wonderful update from funding team leaders Joe Lovell and Allison Jones in East Texas.

Hey guys! I just wanted to give everyone an update on my friend Opal and her daughter April. I also wanted to say THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART for donating and praying.
To date, April and Opal have been in Houston this week for testing and the doctors have decided they need to remove the tumor in April’s brain. While it is not malignant, it is pressing on the brain and causing problems. However, the doctors do believe a tumor on her pancreas IS malignant and are running more tests.
April and Opal are staying at the Salvation Army downtown, and while it is not the best place in the world, God is protecting them and they are doing well.
On the way to Houston, their alternator went out (but was fixed) and while they have been in Houston, they lost the tread on one of their tires and ended up needing three new tires.
Needless to say, this situation has not been stress-free and they continue to face some tough challenges ahead, but GOD IS GOOD and HE is protecting them.
And for the best news so far, my friend Joe and I, with the help of our amazing friends and family, and some we don’t even know, we have been able to raise over $1200 so far!!!!!!!!! This is more than I was even hoping for and have been so amazed by everyone’s generosity. Even friends I haven’t seen in 15-20 years have stepped forward to help. I can’t say thank you enough….you will never know how much it has meant to this family to know that there are still people in this world who are giving, loving people to others in need.
As I said, this family has a long road ahead and we are hoping to continue to go above and beyond to make the process a little better for them. Donations are still appreciated, and please pray pray pray for a miracle for April!

Checks payable to: Joe Lovell for April Lewis Fund. Chase Bank account # 978581049. Routing # 111000614 or mail to Allison Jones 16691 Lafourche Dr. Tyler, TX 75703


9/15/11 – today April is having a biopsy done on her pancreas ,She will be having Brain surgery Monday,need all ur prayers,thank u -Opal

9/19/11 – Tumor encroaching the carotid artery.  Close call but April is out of surgery (thank GOD) and is in ICU. One battle won today but not out of the woods yet. Please keep praying!!!


HELP Opal Lewis get to her families medical surgeries by donating at:

Checks payable to: Joe Lovell for April Lewis Fund. Chase Bank account # 978581049. Routing # 111000614 or mail to Allison Jones 16691 Lafourche Dr. Tyler, TX 75703

FOLLOW this story and many more like it on our Facebook Fan Page at:

Gilmer Church Review

I started the morning at a 9am First Baptist Service followed by Adult Bible Study. The congregation was kind and welcoming but lacking in ethnic variety. This community has a segregation problem which is far to common in the Northeast Texas region. The members do a great job of organizing and directing guests to their desired areas of worship. The sermon and service is traditional and the lack of congregation participation puts you to sleep. The choir left no complaints nor reason to boast. The Gilmer 1st Baptist was running a leadership training from 3p-7p that night so I wrote awhile at the McD’s to catch the begining of it.

From 10:50a-1:15p I “partied with the lord” and about 50 of Gilmer’s finest at the Moses methodist Chappel. This was just my kind of worshipping fun land! From the early moments of parking outside you could hear the energy of the choir warming up. This African American mixed southern congreagation came ready to jump for joy! The Moses Chappel has everything from full out crowd participation to 3 yearolds singing in the front lines of the choir. There is no sheet music as everyone just follows the conductor who travels 70 miles from Arkansas to lead the celebration.

There were multiple sections of the service where members participated by reading announcements, guest introductions, prayer requests and mini sermons. Even a first time visitor such as myself was invited up to preach if desired. I took about 5 minutes and talked about our Helping Hands Network’s efforts then upon my completion the choir and drums started rejoicing as the pastor proceeded into the message of the day. Rev. Forrest L. Curry warmed up like Martin Luther King Jr. and mid sermon was jumping around and sharing the mic with the members like Stephen Tyler. As the sermon wound back down 1.5 hours into party, we were invited up front to lead prayer requests. I usually bottle my emotions and hide my needs for prayer from the public but on this day, with this energetic congregation surrounding me with their love; I broke down and cried and spoke about my 20 year failure to find true love in my life.

I don’t know why the lord temps me with so many short term relationships and partial committments in my life. There is always something that I can not do good enough or fast enough to hold on to those who become infatuated with me and my religously devoted life.

After everyone was done holding hands and hugging and praying, the choir rehearsed for the next week as people found their way out. By the time everyone was out, it was nearly 1:15pm!  The only thing that did not go as usual for this type of community service was a lack of a joint dinner. My previous encounters with similar deep south groups ends with a community picnic or house dinner announcement. Regardless, if you are looking for a real party with Jesus and God, this is one place of worship you want to pass through on a Sunday.

To end the days events, I went and experienced the first hour of the Baptist leadership conference before heading to the lake for a swim.


Today there are about 20,000 urban Indians in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, and the majority of the other Indians in Texas are living and working in urban environments, although most counties number a few American Indians among their citizens.

American Indian culture is celebrated in many different powwows and other festivals. The powwows are gatherings where participants dance to the beat of drums accompanied by chants.

Chandler, the site of the Battle of the Neches, has an annual Duwali Hoop the last weekend in September. It includes Indian food, archery competition and tours of historic Native American locations.

More than 5,000 meet every year at the Texas Red Nations Powwow in Dallas. The event is held in November.

Grand Prairie stages the National Championship Powwow at Traders Village in early September.

In Crowley, south of Fort Worth, the annual Texas Kiowa Tia-Pia powwow is held in early May.

The Inter-Tribal Council of Houston has its annual powwow in May.

Laredo is the site of an annual powwow the last Sunday in May.

San Antonio plays host to a powwow in July.

In Corpus Christi, the Coastal Bend Council of Native Americans holds its annual powwow in the early fall.

The Texas A&M University Native American Student Association sponsors a powwow at the College Station campus each February.

In November, the Austin Independent School District sponsors a celebration the first Saturday of November.

The Alabama-Coushatta Indian Reservation between Livingston and Woodville stages an annual powwow the first weekend in June.

Other cultural events around the state include the St. Anthony Festival in El Paso. The Tiguas, for whom the Ysleta del Sur Pueblo was established in 1681 and one of the oldest ethnic groups in Texas, honor their patron saint with ceremonies, authentic dances and ethnic foods.

Visitors are also welcome at the Tigua and Alabama-Coushatta reservations all year.

Palo Duro Canyon State Park near Canyon is the site of the Kwahadi Indian Summer Ceremonials in early October.

In Post, the annual Indian ceremony for crops is in late March. A Plains Indian dance is performed at sunrise the day after the first day of spring. The wind’s direction at sunrise determines success of the coming year. There is a traditional ceremony and early-morning breakfast.

Indian arts and crafts are celebrated at two North Texas events each year. Downtown Dallas is the site of the annual American Indian ArtFestival & Market in October.

And in Fort Worth, the Museum of Science and History hosts the annual Shared Worlds: Native American Day each October.

written by Robert Plocheck for the Texas Almanac 1998–1999.


LA Events: