Causes need more help then HHN alone can provide

Larger sponsors would make things easier but until then this page will list the most URGENT causes we need to raise money for.

Read about all our causes by clicking on the “CAUSES” link under the “URGENT” tab.


HHN Community Center Fundraiser

12/5/17 – We are currently doing a fundraiser to purchase the land and building where we operate our Hawkins Texas Community Center location.

Funding 374







1/11/2017 – Hart Fisher has led a lifetime of dedication to the arts. As a graphic novelist, poet, performance artist and much more, Hart has been taken advantage of by powerful studios and media. He has had much of his work plagiarized and lost millions in royalties.

Currently Hart had medical expenses surpass the limitations of insurance and he is falling behind on bills. Sad to report that his wife passed and he appreciates all our prayers to continue the battle.

With Hart’s dedication to the arts and helpful efforts to others through his HART ATTACK RADIO program, the HHN promotes this urgent cause and its crowd funding efforts.


Please HELP!



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